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Steals of the Week: Mother’s Day gift ideas

This Steals of the Week installment has a distinct Mother’s Day 2012 flavor. Each of the following items is available on PennySaverUSA.com and would make a killer Mother’s Day gift to the right mom.

The Active Mom

If your mom is the type who loves going on bike rides and getting her heart rate going then this Steals of the Week item is perfect. It’s a Ladies Giant Sedona Bike in excellent condition for sale in Annapolis, MD for only $200. That price is definitely a bargain.


The Decorator

There is always space for gorgeous Geo. Z. Lufton Lighthouses in any home, especially one with a mom who loves decorating. Even more enticing is that these pieces of art from a seller in Saint Petersburg, Fla. will set you back just $35 (or $45 for limited edition models), leaving plenty of room to take your mom out to dinner.


The Homemaker

Seeing those same dishes day after day, month after month, year after year, grows tiresome for anyone. Your mom deserves to switch things up with some Steals of the Week quality vintage dishes from Noritake. The entire 75-piece set is in outstanding condition according to the Riverside, CA seller and is available for just $450 (or best offer).


The Stylish Mom

Vintage is in. Let’s repeat – VINTAGE IS IN. But it has to look good and be of high quality. This Steals of the Week item gets a check-mark in both categories. Made by Ann Daniels, it’s a 14-karat gold watch with 24 of 26 diamonds still in place. While the San Bernadino, CA seller admits the watch doesn’t work, that just gives you leverage to negotiate down from the $600 price tag.


The Playful Mom

Sometimes gag gifts can be the most memorable. Well, the following Steals of the Week item is probably among the biggest gag gifts you could ever purchase. This giant vintage stuffed bear is 54-inches tall and in super condition. It’s being offered for $100 in San Jose, CA.


Who needs the mall for Mother’s Day gift ideas, when you have PennySaverUSA.com’s Steals of the Week?

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Steals of the Week: Very cool vintage items

The PennySaverUSA.com community never ceases to amaze us. Some of the vintage items for sale on PennySaverUSA.com are, to put it plainly, AWESOME.

This edition of Steals of the Week spotlights five of the vintage items we found to be the most awesome. Check it out:

Admittedly, our philosophy at PennySaverUSA.com (“how can we save the most money and get the most free stuff”) is not exactly text book material, but we still appreciate vintage items featuring Rodin’s “The Thinker”. A seller in Bakersfield, CA is offering two bronze bookends from the 1930s with a replica of “The Thinker” contained within each for just $60 (or best offer).


Seeing as how PennySaverUSA.com’s headquarters are located in Orange County, we can’t help but be suckers for orange vintage items. This stunning Vintage Orange Royal Haeger Pottery Vase has breathtaking beauty and is available for $250 (or best offer) in Elkridge, MD.


While not quite as pretty as the vase, the next Steals of the Week vintage item has its own charms. It’s a cute brown desk located in Pasadena, CA. The seller is willing to part with it for $100 and is looking to unload it quickly.


Next among our Steals of the Week vintage items is a real treat for all the music lovers out there. A seller in Punta Gorda, FL has vintage receivers and speakers for sale. It even comes with a turntable and an eight track! It will set you back just $40 (or best offer) to own this piece of music history.


We reserved the last spot in Steals of the Week for a vintage 1941 Kenmore Imperial Sewing Machine & Cabinet. This iconic American instrument costs only $65 (or best offer) and is located in St. Petersburg, FL.


Follow us on Pinterest and take a look at our Vintage Living board for more cool vintage items.

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Free, Fresh Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Today we are pleased to have our friend Vanessa of the blog Thrift Core sharing her frugal spring cleaning tips. Vanessa is a full time copywriter and web marketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift.

thrifted items1

Visit ThriftCore by clicking the image above.

She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core. She’s plotting with artist friends to open a combination Cafe and Vintage Shop in Jacksonville, Florida.

Robots, dinosaurs, and kitsch send her into a sublime vintage seizure of joy. (A vintage-gasm.)

Spring hath sprung! It’s the time of year when we crave a fresh start in the house. As a thrifty soul, I never head to the retail stores for a fresh start at home, and nor should you! Here are my easy, thrifty ideas for decorating your home:

Always ask before you buy

  • People are always purging, it’s the spring cleaning way. If you’re looking for a particular item like an area rug, bookshelf, or chair, ask friends and family if they have one to spare first. PennySaverUSA’s “free” section always has something to spare, too!

Check out the curbsides

  • Keep an eye on the curbs this time of year. People throw away so much good furniture- sometimes it’ll need a fresh coat of paint to fit in, sometimes a piece will be ready to go.

Display Your Collections

  • Don’t keep your collections in boxes in the attic or out of the way. They say so much about your personality and make your home unique. Whether you have toys, baseball cards, or a collection of vintage owls, group your collections together and display them for impact.

Unexpected Displays

  • I love it when people hang unexpected things- favorite throws or blankets, favorite records, drift wood or sea shells from favorite beaches, it’s another fresh way to make a home personal.

Use What You Have

  • Sometimes you already have what you thought you needed. Rearrange your furniture, check the attic or the garage, move pieces from one room to another. Flip through design magazines and websites if you feel stuck.

These are my super frugal recommendations for a fresh look for spring. You don’t have to be this much of a penny-pincher, though! You can thrift or invest in a fresh coat of paint. Whatever you do, think outside the box and have fun!

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Steals of the Week: Cool Collectibles

PennySaverUSA recently joined Pinterest and we could immediately see why this awesome social site has become such a hit in such a short period of time. Start following us now.

We’ve created a variety of boards, but one of our favorites is entitled “Cool Collectibles”. Our search for cool collectibles never ends, and we’ve decided to spotlight five cool collectibles in this edition of Steals of the Week.

Perhaps the most collectible American brand of all time is Coca-Cola, so when we came across a dime Coca-Cola vending machine on PennySaverUSA.com, we had to include it in Steals of the Week. It’s on sale in Potts Camp, Mississippi for $800 (or best offer) and the seller says the compressor works.


Silver is one of those materials that tend to hold up especially well over time. That’s definitely the case with this stunning Vintage Silver Platered Tea Set by Henley Community. Its price tag is a tad high at $300, but the seller in Rancho Cordova, CA is willing to accept the best offer.


In the IKEA world we live in, it can be difficult to find charming vintage furniture. That’s what makes this vintage desk such a cool collectible. It’s available in Van Nuys, CA for just $85 and appears to be in excellent condition. That’s a serious Steals of the Week quality value.


We highlighted a silver item, so it’s only fair that we give gold its fair shake in Steals of the Week. This gold tone vintage lipstick compact is quite the cool collectible. It was made by Max Factor and costs only $35. The seller is located in Bakersfield, CA.


It’s only fitting that we would conclude Steals of the Week with a cool collectible that you won’t soon forget. This GateMaster Keepsake Cremation Urn is incredibly eye-catching and can be had for $306. The seller is located in Chula Vista, CA, but is only willing to accept payment via paypal. If you want a piece that will be a guaranteed conversation starter, this is the one.


Rating 3.00 out of 5

Steals of the Week: A variety of vintage items

Steals of the Week has featured some really cool vintage items in the past few weeks, but this latest slate has staffers around the PennySaverUSA offices buzzing.

The sheer variety of vintage items in this Steals of the Week edition is what makes it so appealing.

First up is a really unique vintage item for sale in Bakersfield, CA. It is a Universal Food Chopper No. 2 from the Landers, Fray and Clark Company. Once a wildly successful maker of kitchen appliances, Landers went out of business in 1965. What makes this item so interesting is that it comes in the box with the instructions. That’s quite rare. It can be had for $40 and makes for a really cool piece to put in your kitchen.


Milk Glass rocks. There is really no other way to put it. A vintage Milk Glass sugar and creamer set for $55? That beyond rocks! Make your offer today to a seller in Bakersfield, CA.


We promised variety and it is time to deliver. The first two items might have been kitchen related, but this next Steals of the Week vintage item is more of a living room decoration. It’s a pair of antique mechanical dolls dressed up in adorable old-fashioned outfits. It’s available in Spring Hill, FL for only $75.


Steals of the Week just wouldn’t be complete without a Welcome Back Kotter puzzle. Yes, you read that correctly: a Welcome Back Kotter puzzle. How sweet is that? You can celebrate one of America’s greatest television shows ever by paying a seller in Moreno Valley, CA $60 (or best offer).


For those with a bit more cash to spend, we present to you our final Steals of the Week vintage item: A beautiful antique hutch for sale in Temecula, CA. It’s being sold for $450 (or best offer). Not a bad price for such a detailed and well-conditioned item.


Selling any vintage items you’d like to see spotlighted in Steals of the Week? Let us know in the comments!

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Steals of the Week: Vintage items at a great price

There are some really exceptional vintage items spotlighted in PennySaverUSA’s latest Steals of the Week installment. Have a look:

Something about this vintage item really tickled our fancy. It’s a pencil sharpener unlike any other we’ve seen. It’s in the shape of an Amish Horse & Buggy and is approximately 3 ½-inches long. It can be had for a Steals of the Week quality price of just $15 from a seller in Bakersfield.

pencil sharpener

As anyone who watches Pawn Stars, American Pickers or Storage Wars knows, it’s often the chest that ends up being more valuable than what is inside it. Well, that’s good in this particular instance, because this one’s empty, but that’s besides the point. It’s an absolutely gorgeous case and is available for only $150 from a seller in Riverside, CA.


PennySaverUSA headquarters are located in Southern California just a few minutes away from Disneyland, so we can’t help but be suckers for any Disney merchandise. This really cute Minnie Mouse phone looks to be in perfect condition and will cost you only $25. Get your offer in soon, though, because we may make a run for it ourselves.


Thanks to fellow by the name of Andy Warhol, few American brands produce as many collectible vintage items as Campbell’s. Enter the next Steals of the Week entry. It’s a vintage Campbell’s soup mug from 1989 and is on sale in Oak Grove, MO for $6.50.


Viva Las Vegas! The final Steals of the Week vintage item is for sale in Sin City for a very reasonable price of $500 (or best offer). It’s a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock model 610992 and is in great shape with no missing parts, according to the seller. The seller is willing to ship it to another state for an additional $250 in shipping and handling.


We hope you enjoyed our latest Steals of the Week vintage items post. Please leave a comment below if you have any vintage items for sale you’d like us to highlight in a future Steals of the Week.

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Steals of the Week: Vintage items

With shows like American Pickers, Pawn Stars and American Restoration among cable television’s most-watched shows, it is clear that vintage items are all the rage. As such, we’ve decided to dedicate the latest Steals of the Week to vintage items.

The first Steals of the Week vintage item harkens back to a different era in American television when fictional characters captured viewers’ attention as opposed to documentaries and reality programming. A seller in Riverside, CA is offering a Three Stooges Statue for $200. Even better – all proceed benefit Golda’s House Animal Rescue.


Long before tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops; there was the typewriter. This iconic machine is truly vintage and the Remington Model Ten is available for just $99 (or best offer) from a seller in Arcadia, CA.


Our next Steals of the Week vintage item is for sale in Pomona, CA and dates back to 1937! It’s a WmRogers 1937 Memory Pattern SilvrPlt Flatware set with the original wood case. It includes 57 pieces and can be had for just $100.


Few vintage items are hotter than classic Coca-Cola merchandise. A seller in Edgewater, MD is willing to part with his 1940s Coca-Cola 48-inch button sign for $350 and his 36-inch button sign tin for only $250.


Closing out Steals of the Week vintage items is a slightly newer piece. A Sacramento seller is pricing a 1992 Euro Disney Opening Plate at only $10 (or best offer). The seller says it is a limited edition of 5,000 and is numbered 2154. To put this cost in perspective, similar dishes are going for 3 to 4 times more on other online sites.


Have any vintage items you are interested in selling? Let us know and we might feature it on Steals of the Week!

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