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Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these great freebies!

Prepare for a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart with these awesome 2015 Free Friday freebies brought to you by PennySaver USA!



FREE Large 1-topping Pizza at Papa John’s: For a limited time, get a free Large 1-topping pizza at Papa John’s with the purchase of any large pizza. Visit papajohns.com for more details.

Get a FREE Ham Classic sandwich from Honey Baked Ham, when you join their Honey Baked Ham Rewards program.

Get a FREE can of Monster Energy Drink or a FREE Monster cup! Share their Facebook page with your friends and get this freebie!

Valentine’s Day

Get a FREE personalized Valentine’s Day card from Cherishables. You only pay 99 cents shipping.

Get FREE photo prints from Snapfish! Create an account and upload a photo, and get 55 free 4×6 prints.


FREE Kids Craft at Lakeshore Learning: On Saturday, January 24th from 11am to 3pm, children ages 3 and up can create their own free My Friends Photo Board at Lakeshore Learning Centers.

FREE Junior Chef Classes at Williams-Sonoma: on Saturday, January 31st at 10am, children ages 9 through 13, can participate in the free Junior Chef Class at Williams-Sonoma, where they’ll learn how to make No-Bake Valentine’s Treats!

FREE Events at Barnes & Noble: Visit barnesandnoble.com to check out the free storytimes and events!

FREE Sample of Zarbee’s Immune Support Gummies: ’Like’ the Zarbee’s Facebook Page and fill out the form to receive your free sample of Zarbee’s Immune Support Gummies. There are two different options to select from, one for ages 2+, and one for ages 12+.


FREE Technique Classes at Williams-Sonoma: On Sunday, January 25th, stop by your local Williams-Sonoma location for a free technique class to learn how to make great Game Day Treats!

FREE Events at Barnes & Noble: Visit barnesandnoble.com to check out the free events in your area!


FREE brand name makeup samples when you sign up at Fetch Deals!

Get a FREE 4 Piece Gift from Julep: Provide your email address and get a free welcome box of beauty products.

FREE 2-Week Supply of Origins Plantscription Set: Visit origins.com, and enter your email address to find out how to redeem your offer in-store for a free 2-Week Supply of Origins Plantscription skincare.

FREE Sample of Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturizer: Visit philosophy.com and complete the form to receive your free sample of Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. Offer valid while supplies last.


PennySaverUSA.com’s Free Friday is a collection of third party promotions, offers and freebies that we’ve assembled from the web and elsewhere (the “Promotions”). The merchants and the products/services identified in the Promotions are not affiliated with PennySaver USA Publishing LLC, or any of its affiliates (“PennySaverUSA.com”). The inclusion of a Promotion in Free Friday should not be construed as an endorsement of PennySaverUSA.com or its products/services by such merchants. Free Friday and the Promotions are provided “As Is.” PennySaverUSA.com makes no representations or warranties whatsoever regarding the Promotions or the products/services included therein, including but not limited to whether the Promotions will be honored, have expired, are accurate or error free and disclaims all implied warranties to the extent applicable.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for MenValentine’s Day is almost here! Don’t forget about your special guy this Valentine’s Day. It might be easy to get caught up in wondering what he’s getting you, that you forget to get him something. PennySaver is here to lend a helping hand. We’ve highlighted a few gift ideas that are sure to make him feel extra special this Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to make his gift yourself, then check out our Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  • Personalized M&M’s

    Everyone knows women love to get chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but what about guys? They like chocolate too. They may not want a frilly pink box with chocolate truffles, but they’ll definitely enjoy and appreciate some delicious personalized M&M’s.

  • Multitool/Swiss Army Knife

    Guys love getting things that are multi-purpose. That’s why they love Swiss Army knives and multitools because they serve more than one purpose. If he doesn’t already have a Swiss Army Knife, consider getting him this Leatherman Freestyle Multitool from L.L. Bean. It’s made of stainless steel, and has a knife, wire cutters and combined needlenose and standard pliers. If you want to get him something that can go on his keychain, get the Columbia River Knife and Tool from Amazon.com.

  • Personalized Luxury Robe

    If your guy likes to lounge around in comfort, then he’s going to love a luxury fleece robe for Valentine’s Day! He can look stylish and feel comfortable while going about his normal routines. Get a personalized robe at PersonalizationMall.com.

  • Cigar Sampler

    If your guy likes cigars, then what better than a Cigar Smapler! Thompson Cigar is America’s oldest mail order cigar company, and they have a World Class Sampler with 20 great smokes from the 3 best cigar producing regions in the world.

  • Craft Beer Home Brew Kit

    If beer is his poison of choice, surprise him with his own Craft Beer Home Brew Kit! Beer of the Month memberships are great too, but nothing is more satisfying than something you did yourself. So let him enjoy the fruits of his labor with a Home Brew Kit from RedEnvelope.com.

  • Money Clips/Wallets

    He may already have a wallet or money clip, but if they’re worn out, then it’s time to get rid of the old and give him something new. You can get money clips engraved at ThingsRemembered.com, and a wallet from his favorite brand.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re not sure what to get for that special lady in your life, then you’re in the right place. PennySaver is here to help you out. We’re going to give you some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that special lady in your life, that can appeal to a variety of budgets. If you’re not looking for a store-bought gift, and prefer to make the gift yourself, check out our Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  • Locket Key Ring

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for WomenWomen don’t really wear locket necklaces anymore, but the gift of a locket with a photo that she can carry with her everywhere makes for a great gift. A locket Key Ring is the perfect solution, because she can place it on her existing keychain of house and car keys, something that she always has with her. You can get a personalized locket keychain at PersonaliztionMall.com


  • Personalized M&M’s

    It’s no surprise, girls love to get chocolates on Valentine’s Day (unless they’re allergic or lactose=intolerant). Why not surprise her with some personalized M&M’s! You can personalize the delicious candies with your own romantic words, and/or a cute photo. So what’re you waiting for? Turn your sweet nothings into sweet somethings with some delicious personalized M&M’s.

  • Personalized Wall Art

    If you’re looking to gift something different than a photo of the two of you, then opt for a framed print of the word “Love” or “Soulmate”, personalized with your names. It’s a great addition to any home, and is a welcome change compared to the usual framed photos of happy couples. You can get a Love Print or Soulmate print at PersonalCreations.com.

  • Personalized Photo Frames

    If you do want a traditional photo gift, then get her a beautiful personalized frame to hold the photo of the two of you. These are great for her to have at her desk at home, or at the office! You can get personalized frames at PersonalCreations.com or Personalization Mall.com.

  • Jewelry

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women: JewelryAnother Valentine’s Day staple is jewelry. You can never go wrong with gifting her a piece of bling. This works for every budget, because you can keep it anywhere from under $50 to over $1,000. You can visit your local jewelry store locations, or you can shop online and get great deals at sites like BlueNile.com or Overstock.com.

  • ‘Couples Key Dates’ Art

    What does a woman want more than anything else? To know that you listen, remember and care. Show her that you do all of these by getting her a wall art canvas or throw pillow, personalized with the key dates of your relationship. You can choose what dates you want to highlight. Maybe the first date? First kiss? First Baby? Proposal? Wedding day? It’s completely up to you. This is a great sentimental and chic gift that any woman would cherish. You can get this great gift at RedEnvelope.com.

  • Flowers

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women: FlowersAnother never-fail gift is a bouquet of flowers. Yes, they may not last forever, but just the fact that you remembered it was Valentine’s Day, and took the time to order and have them sent is a gift in itself. Roses are great, but make it even more personalized by sending her favorite flowers. You can order them through your local florist or from sites like FTD.com or 1800Flowers.com.

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Save Money Monday: DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive, and doesn’t only have to be about store-bought gifts. PennySaver has compiled some DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas just for you, in the event that you didn’t have time to shop for something, are on trying to spend Valentine’s Day on a budget, or just prefer to gift something that you made yourself.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Create an ‘I Love You’ Book

    DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas like 'I Love You' booksTime to unleash your crafty and creative side! The ideas for this gift can be endless. All you need to do is create a book telling your significant other how much you love them. It can be small, it can be comically large, it’s completely up to your imagination. Here are some great examples to get you inspired.

  • Coupon Books

    Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas like Coupon books.You might remember doing these as a kid. Creating coupon books for your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, redeemable for you doing the dishes, or other household chores. The same gift would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift as you get older. You can still keep the coupons for the occasional hand with the household chores, but you can add coupons redeemable for foot massages, homemade dinner, car-wash, or even a kids-free day coupon! Some cute examples are:

    • Elegant Coupon Book using free printable templates, cardstock, and other office/craft supplies you probably already have at home.
    • Non-Corny Valentine’s Day Coupon book from Kind Over Matter
    • Packaged Coupon Book that’s abstract, and different from the usual coupon book format. This one’s more structured, and reminiscent of a fold-out wallet.
    • Vintage Coupon Book for the vintage-lover in your life.
    • Ticket-themed Coupon Book from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night. You can download the coupons with text already printed on them, or blank to add your own coupon text. They look similar to theater/movie tickets, and you can paste them on card stock to personalize them further.
  • Love Notes in a Jar

    This one is pretty self explanatory, and not much to it. If you already have empty jars laying around you can use those, or purchase some mason jars or small jars at your local craft store. You can create thin strips of notes, or larger notes, notes in circles or notes in square, folded or flat. You can hand-write them or have them printed. The possibilities are endless, but the outcome is the same. You have a beautiful jar full of love notes and sweet sayings for that special person in your life that they can enjoy at home or at work.

  • Scrapbook of Dates

    If you collect or still have receipts or movie stubs from your dates, then this is the perfect DIY gift idea for you. Create a scrapbook of sorts, or a stub diary for your sweetie. Highlight the special moments you shared, and include cute anecdotes of the times you spent together.

Buying gifts are great, but nothing shows how thoughtful you are, more than dedicating time to making something yourself, and your wallet will also be happier!

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Save Money Monday: Valentine’s Day ideas for singles on a budget

Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day has to be a drag. In this edition of Save Money Monday, PennySaverUSA provides four affordable options for singles to have fun on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day on a budget

Single on Valentine's Day? Don't worry, have some friends over and play some games!

1. Have some friends over for a game night.

There are so many fun party-oriented board games out there right now to choose from that you are bound to find one that suits your taste. You can go old school and bring out Twister, challenge your brainy friends with a game of Trivial Pursuit or play a more modern game such as Cranium. The possibilities are endless. And the best part of it all – even if you don’t have any board games, they are readily available for purchase on PennySaverUSA.com for great prices.

2. Go out to eat with some friends at your favorite local hangout.

While all the couples are dropping extra cash at fancy, romantic restaurants that have special Valentine’s Day menus with jacked up prices, you and your single buddies can take the occasion to visit the neighborhood pizzeria, burger joint or taco stand and down some good old-fashioned comfort food. Make sure to check PennySaverUSA.com’s restaurant listings to get coupons and save money.

3. Get your athletic gear on and burn some calories.

There’s no sense in wallowing in self pity, instead release all that energy and get a good work-out in. Whether you want to go on a run, play basketball with some friends, hit the punching bag, take out the bike for a ride or just pump some iron, there is nothing to lift your spirits – at very little cost – like exercising and getting that adrenaline pumping. Scan PennySaverUSA.com classifieds for used sporting goods.

4. Visit your family.

Sure, Valentine’s Day might be geared towards love of the romantic sort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the occasion to show your other loved ones you care. See what your parents, siblings, aunts/uncles or cousins are up to and spend some time with them. Nothing soothes the soul like being around close friends and family.

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Free Friday: Freebies for Valentine’s Day

Our series for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day on a budget continues with a special Valentine’s edition of Free Friday. After all, there is no better way to stick to a budget than by getting free stuff!

We open Free Friday with an offer from Quizno’s. The popular sandwich chain is spreading its own brand of Valentine’s love with an online coupon for a free cookie! Bear in mind, the coupon is only redeemable on Valentine’s Day and no purchase is required.


Who doesn't love free bagels on Free Friday?

While not as much of an aphrodisiac as a chocolate cookie, bagels can be quite romantic in their own right … especially, when they are free. If you like the Facebook page of Bruegger’s Bagels and sign up for their email list, they will email you a coupon for a free bagel.

Some might say that Quaker Oatmeal Squares are not exactly the most Valentinesy of freebies. We would politely disagree. They are hearty – and healthy – and have a decadence that almost no other cereal can match (how’s that for using fancy Food network language to convince you this one wasn’t a reach!). Plus, it helps they are free if you like the Quaker Oatmeal Squares Facebook page.

Few things are sexier than homemade baked goods. Surprise your Valentine with a tasty treat by downloading a free New Taste of Tradition Recipe Book from Sun-Maid.

With dessert out of the way, it’s time for the big Valentine’s kiss! But you don’t want to have chocolate stuck on your teeth when you go in for the smooch do you? That’s why it’s important to take advantage of this Free Friday offer for free toothpaste from Arm & Hammer.

Snoring is such a not-so-sweet sorrow, particularly on Valentine’s Day. Nothing will kill the mood faster than dozing off for a few seconds while your Valentine brushes his/her teeth and starting to snore. Avoid that calamity by getting a free sample of BreatheRight.


Use a free $25 flower voucher towards a purchase.

As great as all the previous freebies have been, none of them have really been Valentine’s gift worthy. That’s about to change. Luxury skincare brands Murad and Clarins have impressive gift with purchase offers available just in time for Valentines. Murad is giving away a free Hydrating Toner with any resurgence purchase. Clarins, meanwhile, is giving away a free 5-pc gift PLUS beautiful pouch with any order of $75 or more if you use the code VALENTINE at checkout.

John Frieda, on the other hand, is not even requiring a purchase for its freebie. Just for completing a short survey, they will send you a free sample of Frizz-Ease Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner AND Extra-Strength Serum.

This special Valentine’s edition of Free Friday ends with an exclusive one-day offer for our San Diego readers. Get $25 worth of Valentine’s Day flowers for free from our daily deal site SaverTime.com good for Nostalgia D Glorious Conqueror in Flower Design.

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Steals of the Week: Valentine’s gift ideas

Still searching for that perfect Valentine’s gift? You’re in luck! Steals of the Week is dedicated to Valentine’s gift ideas. PennySaverUSA found five great Valentine’s gift ideas at amazing prices. Take a look:

Everyone buys fresh roses for Valentine’s Day. It has become so common that it’s cliché. This is your chance to be a little different and get your Valentine a 24k Gold Dipped Forever Rose for only $50. The seller, from Port Lucie Fla., says each one is completely handcrafted from real roses. That’s certainly a Steals of the Week caliber price.


Charms are always a good choice when it comes to Valentine’s gift ideas, but it can be difficult to pick out just the right one. Thanks to this Steals of the Week entry, that’s not an issue. A seller in Tampa, Fla. has a dozen striking charms available for just $25 each.


Say you chose the safe route and bought your Valentine flowers, but now you need an eye-catching vase to put them in. Well, a seller in Rancho Cordova, CA is here to help with the next Steals of the Week featured item. For $50 you can get the hand blown glass tall vase pictured below.


Put your hand up if you remember the Care Bears. Come on, you know you do. Now’s your opportunity to shower your Valentine with some old-school love by getting this blast-from-the-past 25th anniversary Care Bear stuffed animal from another seller in Rancho Cordova, CA. It will set you back just $25 – far less than it would cost you to buy one from a collector.


Chocolates are a great go-to Valentine’s gift idea, but if you really want to impress your Valentine, you should unpack the chocolates and put them into this beautiful Princess House – Pavillion. Berry Pedestal Bowl. The seller claims it is new and in the box and is willing to part with it for $80. The only requirement is that you pick it up from home in Mira Loma, CA.


We hope you enjoyed our Steals of the Week Valentine’s gift ideas and welcome you to add any of your own in the comments below.

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Add the love to your classified ad with Valentine’s icons

PennySaverUSA.com is your home for online classifieds, and we want to help you be as successful as possible when it comes to selling your old stuff.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new Valentine’s paid icons! They cost only $2.50 and are a fantastic way of helping your ads stand out from the rest and get the most possible attention.

Think of it this way: Putting a Valentine’s icon on your ad increases the chances significantly that a potential buyer will be struck by cupid’s arrow and fall in love with your item.

There are two Valentine’s icons to choose from as you can see below:Valentine's iconsValentine's icon

  1. Valentine’s cupcake
  2. Floating hearts

What makes this announcement even more exciting, however, is that we not only have Valentine’s paid icons, we also have a special limited time package offer.

You can now get premium ad placement that pushes your ad to the top of the listings for the category it is listed in AND the Valentine’s icon to the right for just $18! To put in perspective how incredible that value is, premium ad placement by itself is normally $20.Valentine's icons

Happy selling and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at PennySaverUSA.

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MOGASA’s Shopping Tips for Finding Valentine’s Gifts at Garage Sales

PennySaverUSA’s garage sale mobile app MOGASA will provide a guest blog post each Tuesday. Enjoy …


Vintage items like this owl from our blogger partner Thrift Core make good Valentine's gifts.

Romance and garage sales? You don’t often hear these phrases paired together, but MOGASA wants to change that because we believe thrifty can be thoughtful. Find a gift this year that will truly speak to your Valentine’s heart when you give something uniquely theirs that you found at a garage sale. MOGASA’s handy shopping tips will make romance come easy.

Getting Started

The week before you shop, look for neighborhood signs, ads in your PennySaver, and posts on the free MOGASA mobile garage sale app and pick a number of sales to visit. (Hint: MOGASA allows you to create easy driving maps to the sales you’re exploring.) For garage sales, the saying “The Early Bird Gets the Worm” holds true, so plan to hit the trails around 6AM to find the best stuff.

What to Shop for

There are a lot common items that you’ll see at almost every sale, and with a little love, they can be transformed into the perfect Valentine’s gift. Here are our top five picks.


To the right person, old books can, in fact, be sexy.

  1. Vintage jewelry – Often found in full boxes at estate sales. All these need is a little cleaning (Silver for Sale has great tips), and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece the recipient will treasure forever.
  2. Picture frames – There’s always a beautiful picture frame or two hiding in a yard sale. Dust it off, and then check out Funky Junk Interior’s 83 tips for unconventional picture frame uses. Or, just put a sweet picture in it.
  3. Porcelain or ceramic figurines – Have a friend who loves owls, rabbits, or the elusive unicorn? You can bet you’ll find one of these at a garage sale along your route, and our friend at Thrift Core has an excellent tutorial for transforming figurines from retro to chic in a few short minutes.
  4. Books – Avid reader on your list? Look no further than the book pile at your local yard sale. There’s sure to be a good James Patterson in there, and Joanne Palmisano author of Salvage Secrets has a great tutorial for creating a sweet reader’s gift basket with thrifted books.
  5. Vases – You can save on a beautiful flower arrangement when you pick up the vase at a yard sale. We bet every sale you visit will have one. Once you’ve chosen the vase that speaks to your heart, save even more when you get her favorite long stems at your local farmer’s market.

**Super shopper’s hint** Write out everyone you need to buy for and some highlights about what makes them unique, e.g., favorite color blue, loves owls, collects old records, this will make tracking down the perfect gift much easier.

We hope we’ve helped you create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Leave us a comment with what you’re giving your sweetheart for Valentine’s.  Happy treasure hunting!

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Save Money Monday: Plan the perfect Valentine’s Day on a budget

PennySaverUSA has a very special Save Money Monday for you this week. We’re here to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s day on a budget. You can thank us later.

Checklist of items you’ll need:

Valentine's Day tips

A perfect example of a chocolate box, flowers and a note.

Eggs$1-$3 depending on store price and if you have coupons
King’s Hawaiian Rolls$1-$3 depending on store price and if you have coupons
Less than $5
A bouquet of flowers
$5-$10 at most grocery stores or pharmacies
Free-$5 if you buy it at a thrift shop
A small box of chocolates$5 or less depending on store price and type of chocolates
A notepad$1
Your valentine’s favorite fish fillet $5-$10 depending on store price, type of fish
Lemon$.50 or less
Candle — $1-$5
Heart-shaped cookie cutter$1
Salad$5 or less depending on store price and sales
Romantic DVDFree -$5 depending on rental price and coupons

Total cost: $25-$50 depending on your budget

Plan of attack:

Step 1: Buy all of the checklist items.

Step 2: Place the bouquet of flowers and vase either in her car or near the front door (depending if she drives to work) and write three hand-written notes the night before that you will strategically place in certain spots throughout the day.

  • The first note should say something to the effect of “Enjoy this home-cooked breakfast courtesy of your lovely Valentine”.
  • The second note should say something to the effect of “have a great day with this little scented surprise”.
  • The third not should say something to the effect of “Thanks for being such an amazing Valentine, enjoy this little treat on me”.

Step 2: Wake up really early, plant the first two notes, make breakfast and either make fresh-squeezed orange juice (if you have a juicer) or just buy some orange juice from the store. The first note should be deftly placed under her pillow or on her nightstand while she is sleeping. If she drives to work, the second note should be placed on her car dashboard or if she stays home or walks to work, the note should be placed on the front door. A simple breakfast of eggs, King’s Hawaiian rolls (trust us, if you haven’t tried them, they’re the best) and orange juice should be ready in the kitchen and waiting, so when she wakes up and reads her note, you are prepared to bring it to her in bed.

Step 3: Get home early and start cooking. The beauty of fish is that it cooks pretty quickly and is very easy to prepare. Once again, if you are a confident cook, make it as fancy as you want. If not, here are some quick and easy steps for making fish:

Valentine's Day tips

One candle is key for setting the mood.

  • Put a little butter and olive oil in a sauce pan.
  • Place the pan on low-medium heat on the stove
  • Rinse the piece of fish in some water and sprinkle it with salt and pepper
  • Put the salmon into the sauce pan
  • Squeeze a bit of the lemon juice on top of the salmon as it cooks
  • ***Once the salmon has been cooking for a few minutes, it should be nice and tender. That’s when you get the heart-shaped cookie cutter out (make sure it’s the right size for a piece of salmon) and carefully use it to cut the piece of salmon into a heart! Even if she isn’t blown away by the flavor of the salmon, you’ll surely wow her with your creative touch.***

Step 4: Either make a little salad or buy one from the store and put it on the plate with the salmon. Set it on the table, light the candle and put all the lights off.

Step 5: Hand her the final note with one hand and once she has read it, the small box of chocolates with the other for a final dessert.

Step 6: After you have enjoyed a tasty dinner and chocolates, offer to watch whatever romantic movie your Valentine wants to watch (or if your Valentine dislikes romantic movies, let her choose another type of movie)

Step 7. The rest of the night is up to you!

Rating 3.00 out of 5