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Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Decide What to Do With Used Items

Those extra daylight hours shining a spotlight onto the nooks and crannies of your home are just the motivation you need to clear out the clutter built up over a long winter. PennySaverUSA’s here with spring cleaning tips that will make the decision on what to do with your used items a breeze.

Now, let’s play Trash, Donate, or Sell!

spring cleaning tips used items

If the answer is sell, click on the image to place a free ad for your used items on PennySaverUSA.com.


  • Anything broken that you don’t plan on repairing
  • Extremely worn out used items that you don’t use anymore, e.g., clothes
  • Used items you haven’t used in over a year with no sentimental or retail value
  • Outdated used items that have no resale value (e.g., those old Richard Simmon’s tapes)
  • Used items that are missing pieces required for use (e.g., board games and kitchen appliances)


  • Anything that you haven’t used in over a year that doesn’t have a high resale value, but could be used by someone else
  • Anything that you’d rather someone in need benefit from than sell
    >> Clothes, appliances, school supplies, overstock canned goods
  • Anything that has sentimental value, but that you would rather have enjoyed again by someone else
    >> Children’s toys, maternity clothes, school books

Drop any of these items off at your local donation center like Goodwill or Salvation Army and enjoy the reward of helping someone in need.


  • Anything that you haven’t used in over a year with high retail value
    >> Gifts you never found a use for or duplicate appliances
  • Clothes that aren’t worn out, but don’t look good on you or fit
  • Books you’ve read, but won’t reread
  • Things in boxes that you’ve never opened                     
    Children’s toys
  • Anything that you’ve replaced with a higher quality item
    >> Kitchen appliances, lighting, furniture

If you’re looking at reselling clothing, a great place to check out is Buffalo Exchange, where you can trade in your clothes for cash or store credit.  For higher dollar used items, like appliances and furniture, place a free classified ad on PennySaverUSA.com, or post a free garage sale ad to offload everything at once.

Whoah, you’ve just given yourself a ton of extra space by following our spring cleaning tips. Now it’s time for the fun part: Redecorating!

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Steals of the Week: Discount items to help you host Thanksgiving

Steals of the Week went on a brief hiatus, but it is back this week and better than ever, with discount items to help you host an amazing Thanksgiving without breaking the bank.

Before you even begin to think about the actual Thanksgiving feast, it’s important to make sure your place is tidy and clean. One of the best ways to do that is with a steam cleaner. The first of our Steals of the Week used items is the VAPamore MR-100 steam cleaning system from a seller in New Port Richey, Fla. It is being offered for only $200 and comes in the original box.

steam cleaner

Now that you have your home cleaned up, it’s necessary to make the dining room a bit spiffier. A chandelier should do the trick. There is a Tommy Bahama Chandelier Hanging Ceiling Light available for the very reasonable price of $250 in Delray Beach, Fla.


With your house looking fresh and stylish, it’s about time to focus on the actual Thanksgiving feast. This next Steals of the Week entry is designed to help you do that. A seller in Carmichael, CA is willing to part with a brand new NuWave Infrared Convection Oven (1,500 watts) for just $139.99 or the best offer. While that’s a good price already, we suggest negotiating it even lower as there should be some room for the seller to come down.

convection oven

The last piece of the puzzle for having an amazing Thanksgiving is the table setting, thus our final two Steals of the Week discount items. There is a gorgeous dish set for sale in Garden Grove, CA for only $10. It includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, cup and saucer for four people (a total of 20 items).

dish set

Ordinary napkins just don’t get the job done if you want to have an amazing Thanksgiving, you need linen ones. A seller in Los Angeles, CA is here to help. For only $10, you can get six brand new embroidered Linen Tea Napkins from Sundew Linens.

linen napkins

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Steals of the Week: Used items to make your life simpler

In case you didn’t know, it’s “Simplify your life week” this week. To help support the cause, we’ve decided to devote Steals of the Week to used items that will help simplify your life.

On with the Steals of the Week show:

If you haven’t made the jump to a Smartphone yet (and according to an informal Facebook poll we took recently many of you haven’t), now is the time. There might never have been any used items that will simplify your life more than an iPhone. The fact you can get this iPhone3G with charger and box for just $70 in Citrus Heights, CA is truly Steals of the Week worthy.


Tending to the garden is just not simple, nor fun, without the right tools. It doesn’t matter if they are used items or new, you must have the proper stuff to simplify your landscaping life. That’s what makes this Black & Decker Electric Edger so vital. It’s available for only $55 (or best offer) in Tampa, Fla – a Steals of the Week quality value.


There’s really no other way to put it: When it comes to cooking there are no used items that help simplify your life more than a microwave. It truly was a magical invention. That you can get one for just $35 in Oak Park, CA, Amana no less,  is a testament to PennySaverUSA.com sellers and Steals of the Week.


Having jewelry is great, but without anywhere nice for it to go, it just complicates things, instead of simplifying your life. That’s what makes jewelry boxes such great used items to purchase. Especially when they cost just $10, like this one in Anaheim, CA.

jewelry box

Closing out the Steals of the Week intended to make your life simpler is a food processor from Cuisinart. What makes this one so great is that even though it’s not from the store, the seller from Citrus Heights, CA claims it’s not among used items, because it’s brand new in the box! For $125, you can’t beat that.

food processor

Hopefully we were able to make your life a little simpler with this edition of Steals of the Week. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Steals of the Week!

It’s that time again, friends: Steals of the Week Wednesday! On any given day on PennySaverUSA.com, you can search through thousands of items for sale, and today we certainly do have a hodge-podge of what you can find. Check it!

We keep revisiting our Mad Men-era antiques in Steals of the Week, don’t we? This retro maple table actually pre-dates the era which Mad Men takes place though, it’s from the 1950s. It is located in Burbank, CA and is 2 feet across and 2 feet tall and going for $125.00 or best offer.  What a way to give a really retro feeling to your home decoration!

Electronics prices get a little crazy at times, so it’s time to go used!  Check out this 32-inch Dynex LCD HD Television located in Panorama City, CA that is going for only $225! The owner has only had it for 2 months, so it is brand new, just like it is right out of the box. What a steal!

We really were excited when we came across this rare, original 1980 Pac-Man arcade game in Los Angeles that is going for $699. Pac-Man was a favorite among the Web Team here at PennySaver and we would love to have this in the office to play on our lunch break. (Hint, hint, boss: ) The owner mentioned that it’s 30 years old, and we all suddenly felt old too!

Need to buy some used appliances? We might have a quick solution for you! We found this excellent working WhirlPool Ultimate Care II Washer and Ultimate Care II Dryer in Los Angeles for $225. That could come in handy!

Have you come across any great steals lately? Let us know and comment below! (That rhymes? Poets and we didn’t know its!)

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