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Steals of the Week!

It’s that time again, Folks: Steals of the Week! We comb through the PennySaverUSA.com classified ads for the crazy deals on items posted from all over the county. We came up with some real doozies this week, read on!

Check out this Burton Snowboard on sale in San Diego, CA,that is going for only $65! It comes with Burton bindings that are 150mm. The bindings are Medium–Men’s boots 8 to 11 or Women’s boots 9 to 11. If you’re in that area, you can’t pass up that deal!

That future BMXer in your family might really appreciate this 12″ Hyper Motobike BMX Boy’s Bike! The owner says that it’s barely been used and looks great. It’s located in Corona, CA and is going for only $50!

With the New Year coming, why not invest in getting into shape? The Cardio-Cruiser might be a great way to get started! It’s located in Hayward, CA and is going for only $100!

Have you always wanted a big-screen tv but have never been able to afford one? Here is your chance! This 50″ Sharp television is located in Lawndale, CA and is going for only $99.00!

Have you found any steals lately? Comment below!

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Steals of the Week: Chickens, Guitars, Treadmilling with the Stars!

It’s that time again, Folks: Steals of the Week! Every week about this time we find out the latest and greatest finds on PennySaverUSA.com! We have quite a smorgasbord of savings and cool finds for you this week, so let’s hop to it, Daddy-O!

There are so many little cooking toys that would be nice to have, and one that this reporter always wanted was a rotisserie! What a great way to cook for a dinner party! This one comes with loading stand, gloves and baskets for fish, etc. This one is located in Saint Petersburg, FL and is going for ONLY $50!

For our guitar players out there in PennySaverLand, we found a great little Fender amp that is just waiting for you to tear into! This is a really great amp for practice or stage. It’s located in Reseda, CA and is going for only $125. Crazy!

To work off some of that holiday cheer from the dinner table, a really great investment might be a treadmill. But $75 for a perfectly working Pro-Form treadmill isn’t an investment, it’s a STEAL! This one is located in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Check out this 54 inch Magnavox HD Television! Usually a tv like this would be going for a few thousand dollars, but you could get this one for if you’re in Tampa, FL for only $125. Wowza!

Have you found any crazy steals on PennySaverUSA.com? Let us know by commenting below!

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Gift Ideas on PennySaverUSA.com!

Are you looking for ideas on what to buy for a husband or wife, cousin, nephew, aunt, uncle or anyone else in the immediate fam? (Yep, that’s a What About Bob reference) Why not let PennySaverUSA.com help you out a bit? We’d be glad to! Come take a gander at our Christmas Gift Ideas section!

We separate the department into Gifts for Men, Women and Kids, and also have Christmas Decorations, Holiday Helpers and a Holiday Boutique. Choose between wallets, watches, ties and gadgets like iPhones, gaming consoles and mp3 players in the men’s section.

In the women’s section, you can look through ads for purses, jewelry, clothes, massages and wine gift sets.

For the kids, we have the Boys, Girls, Babies and Toddler sections where you can browse through gaming consoles, toys, dolls, stuffed animals or everything under the sun that might be an exciting gift for the young ones to open on Christmas!

Be sure to come to PennySaverUSA.com for gifts for any of that special someone in your life!

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