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Tips for Placing a Garage Sale Classified Ad

Tips for Placing a Garage Sale Classified AdThey say baseball is is America’s favorite past time, but everyone knows that’s not true. America’s favorite past time is garage sales! Every year as soon as the first breezes of Spring begin to blow, before the first blooms begin to show their faces, they begin popping up everywhere, bringing millions of people out to search for bargains and antiques, baby clothes and Tupperware, and millions of others setting up sales to rid their homes of all the unwanted stuff that they probably bought at a, well, a garage sale. Like the seasons of the year, it’s an endless cycle.

If you’re going to be on the selling end this year and setting up your own sale you should know that there may not be any wrong way to do it exactly, but there are better ways. One of the first things to think about is of course getting people to come to your sale. And one of the best ways to do that is to post a free garage sale ad on PennySaverUSA.com. Many bargain hunters use the classifieds to find garage sales in their area and devise a plan of attack. Written well, a garage sale classified ad can be a very effective method of getting eager buyers to your door step. Here are a few things to consider when taking out an ad.

  • Include good directions. Nothing is more frustrating to a garage sale hunter to see only an address listed in an ad. Unless you live on a major street most people probably won’t know where the little drive in your subdivision is. Directions should be clear and easy to understand but also concise. Start out with a major intersection or well known landmark close to your home and write as though you were telling a friend how to get there, but again keep it brief and uncomplicated.
  • Make sure the date of the sale is at the beginning and stands out, and include what hours you plan on being open for business. You’re going to have early birds showing up no matter what but that’s just a part of the garage sale reality. It’s also a good idea to include a rain date if you have one.
  • Include a brief description of what types of items you’ll be selling. This doesn’t have to be long, but it should be as diverse as possible and directed at the widest range of interests, and written in a general way. If all you have are clothes, say so and what kind, no sense having folks show up looking for tools if you don’t have any.
  • Pictures aren’t really necessary for a garage sale classified ad. Everyone knows what a garage sale looks like. For most people looking for sales in the classifieds, it’s a “just the facts please ma’am” mentality.

A garage sale classified ad, written clearly and concisely with all the important details included can be the best way to insure you’ll have a successful, and profitable, garage sale experience.

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Tips for Getting Rid of Your Old Furniture

Nothing can spoil the joy and excitement of receiving new furniture like the thought of what you will do with the old furniture. Unless you have oodles of space, it’s a decision that you’re going to have to make prior to receiving your new furniture. Not to worry. There are actually plenty of ways that you can make room for your new furniture or simply to make some room.

If you must get rid of the old furniture, for whatever reason, you basically have two choices:

Selling Your Old Furniture

One of the oldest methods of selling used furniture that remains effective today is to post a classified ad in your local paper. With the overwhelming access to and use of electronic media, the method has changed a bit. Now, it would probably work to your advantage to place an online classified ad. You can even >place a free ad on PennySaverUSA.com. Still use your local classifieds paper, but if they offer an online version, place an ad in both.

Sell your old furniture
Another popular way to sell your old furniture is to have a garage sale. You can be as elaborate as you wish. You can arrange the used furniture items you want to sell in your garage and simply open the garage on the day of the sale. Many people prefer to move the items to the driveway. While you don’t have to place an online ad announcing your garage sale, it is a good idea. Place a free classified ad to promote your garage sale.

Giving Your Old Furniture Away

Of course, you can always give your old furniture away. This option may work best for you if you have a natural aversion to anything associated with “selling” or you prefer other means of unloading your used furniture.

The Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, and Vietnam Veterans of America are very popular non-profit organizations that accept used furniture donations. If you search your local area, you are sure to find others. Although you are donating the used furniture, it is a good idea to make it presentable. Charitable donations are typically deductible (check the IRS website for details). If you want to deduct your donation, be sure to request a receipt.

Another method of giving away your used furniture is to simply place it in your driveway with a sign that states something similar to “Free Furniture.” If people are interested, they will figure out a way of transporting the furniture to where they want it.

In the end, there are several ways to get rid of your used furniture fast. Which ever method you try, you are sure to discover truth to the old saying that “One man’s loss is another man’s treasure.”

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Garage Sale Checklist – Am I Ready to Hold a Garage Sale?

Holding a garage sale is a great way to bring in extra cash, especially if you have an abundance of unwanted stuff hanging around your house. But before you put out the signs and place a free ad on PennySaverUSA.com, you need to ask yourself these questions to determine if you are prepared for a successful garage sale.


Click the image to see our tips for creating garage sale signs.

1) Do I have enough stuff for a sale? – Let’s face it; a few bags of old clothes does not a great garage sale make. Make sure you have stockpiled enough items to fill up a couple of tables and blankets. Too few items and your sale will look picked over, but if your yard is overflowing, you’ll have cars lining up your street.

2) Am I ready to part with these items? – Make sure you are familiar and ready to get rid of everything in your garage sale stockpile. The last thing you want is someone to fall in love with an item that you weren’t ready to sell.

3) Are these items suited for a garage sale? – Some things sell better online or at pawn shops than they would at a garage sale. Trying to unload a large appliance or valuable instrument? You’re not going to get the price you want at a garage sale. Lots of smaller value items like books, toys, and clothes? You’re made in the shade.

4) Do I have a good variety of items to sell? – How often have you stopped at a sale that’s all clothes? We’re guessing never. Make sure you have a wide variety of items for sale to catch everyone’s eyes who drive by. A sale with books, furniture, art, toys, and more is going to draw a wider audience.

5) Do I know the prices I want for my goods? – Unless you want to spend your entire day haggling (some people do), you need to price each item in your sale. You can still negotiate, but price tags will help prevent unreasonable offers. Check out our handy pricing guide for help determining each item’s value, and then head over to our friend Apron Thrift Girl’s blog for some pretty printable price tags.

Itching for more great garage sale tips? Check out our latest blog entries or join our seller’s tips email newsletter list.

Good luck at your next sale!

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Selling Guide: Should I sell my items at a garage sale, online or to a pawn shop?

Over the next two weeks, PennySaverUSA’s blog will become garage sale central with in-depth garage sale tips for sellers and buyers. Before we go any further, though, we suggest you go over the basics:

With the basics out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff. This initial post covers which items you should sell at a garage sale.

While any items are capable of being sold at a garage sale, certain items are more suited to being sold online or to a pawn or vintage shop.

Here is a quick guide to help you determine where you should sell your old items:

Garage Sale

  • Items with a value of $5 or less – It’s not worth the hassle of placing an online ad or visiting a pawn shop for an item with such little value. These are perfect for garage sales.
  • Items with sentimental value to you – That’s the beauty of a garage sale – you can look the buyer in the eye. If it’s important to you that an item you’re selling is cared for, sell it at your garage sale. You can control who buys the item, unlike online or at a pawn shop.

People love buying books at garage sales

  • Items in need of a restoration or cleaning – These types of items are unlikely to sell online and most vintage stores or pawn shops will not be interested. Shoppers at your garage sale, however, might see the beauty in the item and be willing to purchase it.
  • Clothes – Clothes are an easy sell at a garage sale. Whatever clothes are left over after the garage sale, you can then put for sale online or take to a vintage clothing store to see if there is any interest. If not, you are better off just donating or holding on to it.
  • Books – You might be surprised by how many people visit garage sales shopping for old books. They are much more likely to sell at your garage sale than online or at a vintage/pawn shop.
  • Art – That hideous purple and orange polka dot vase your aunt gave you for your birthday five years ago might actually be considered gorgeous to someone else. Artistic items are often impulse buys and are perfect for garage sales.


  • Collectibles with a cult following – Think merchandise with band logos, Star Wars stuff or old oil cans. Pretty much anything that has a rabid fan base. If you aren’t sure, do some research first. You are certain to find an eager buyer online, while at your garage sale, there is no guarantee anyone will visit that is a fan of those collectibles.


    Click the image to place your free ad.

  • Valuables – It’s tough to get fair market value for items at a garage sale, because most shoppers are thrifty and there to get a deal. You are better off selling valuable items online, especially if you don’t need the money right away.
  • Big Appliances – People don’t typically go to garage sales expecting to go home with a washer and dryer or gas range. Vintage or pawn shops are also very unlikely to be interested in these items. Your best bet is to sell them online at PennySaverUSA.com.
  • Vehicles – Garage sales are not really meant for selling vehicles and it’s unlikely a pawn shop will give you fair value. Selling vehicles online is the most sensible option.

Vintage/Pawn Shops

  • Items you are selling on the down low – Say there is something that a friend or relative gave you, that you want to sell, but don’t want to risk them finding out. A vintage or pawn shop, especially one in a different town, might be your safest option.
pawn shops

Click the image to find local pawn shops on PennySaverUSA.com.

  • Items you have to move fast – Sometimes, often due to unforeseen circumstances, it becomes important that you get rid of an item immediately. Planning a garage sale takes time, as does finding a buyer online. In this scenario, a vintage or pawn shop is the best alternative.
  • Items you want back later – People sometimes forget that pawn shops don’t just buy items, they also loan money with interest based on the value of items. If you need some money, but don’t want to sell your item, pawning is a good choice.
  • Jewelry with no significance to you – You won’t get full value selling jewelry to a vintage or pawn shop, but if you are in need of some quick cash and have no emotional attachment to the item, it’s the fastest and easiest method.
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New and improved PennySaverUSA.com makes it easier to place a free ad

A lot has happened over the past few months for PennySaverUSA.com users, including a new form to place a free ad for sellers.

Not only is the place a free ad form much cleaner and easier on the eyes, it’s also more user friendly.


Go to the top right corner of PennySaverUSA.com and place a free ad!

You select a category, write a title and description, select a zip code and set a price all on the first page, which is labeled “Ad Details”. On that page is an option to add a photo or video to your ad. This is highly advisable to prospective sellers, because people will be much more likely to view your ad and subsequently purchase your item, if it has a photo and/or video.

You can also designate whether you are an individual “Private Party” sell or are selling on behalf of a business, and register or sign-in to PennySaverUSA.com all on the first page (you must register and sign-in to place an ad). All of these fields are now clearly delineated and easier to navigate.

The category, title and description fields are required, as well as picking an end date for the ad to expire. A really cool feature is that you can now make a coupon available with your ad by checking off the “coupon available” box.

Once you get to the second page, you have the ability to make your ad stand out with one of our paid enhancements. This function was always available, but was harder to find. Now you can clearly see which icons are available for purchase (typically at a $1 price) and you can check-box to get a premium listing that places your ad at the top of categories for $20. You can also now see exactly what your ad will look like in the ad preview to the right of the enhancements page.

The third and final page in new ad placement is called the “summary” page. Once again it is a much simpler page to look at and allows you one more chance to spruce up your ad by purchasing an ad enhancement. It also has the number for our customer support team and gives you all the details on your ad. Once you click the “Finish” button, your ad is done and in the process of being published to PennySaverUSA.com online classifieds!

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment area and good luck selling!

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Use Paid Enhancements To Spice Up Your Ad!

Did you know that you can add enhancements to your Ad on PennySaverUSA.com to help make it stick out from the rest? Check out our new Ad Enhancements that range from FREE to just a few bucks!

Placing an Ad on PennySaverUSA is always a surefire way to sell your item or service, but sometimes you need a little boost. We are now offering Paid and Free Enhancements that you can use to help your ad to stick out and/or to be pushed to the top of the search results. For $20,  our Premium Listing option displays your ad above your competitors’ on relevant search results and category listings. Increased visibility can help you get a faster sale!

Is your business having a Thanksgiving sale? You can use the Thanksgiving Promotion Package to promote your ad to the top of the page of search results and deck it out with a Thanksgiving Icon and Orange border, all for only $12!

On the free side, look at what enhancements we have for you:

  • NEW icon to promote your non-used item
  • NEW PRICES icon to get your best deals noticed
  • NEW LOCATION icon if your business is moving
  • WE’RE HIRING icon to make sure people know you have open jobs
  • GOOD WITH COUPON icon to promote your coupon offer
  • PRICE NEGOTIABLE icon to use if you’re willing to discuss the price
  • NEVER WORN icon to indicate it’s never been used
  • CLEARANCE icon to tell potential buyers that everything must go!
  • 1 DAY ONLY icon for 24-hour events or sale
  • Orange Frame to help your ad to stand out from the rest

After you complete the Place a Free Ad form, it will give you the option to continue on to the Ad Enhancement page. It’s a great way to guarantee that your ad will be seen!

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Free Greeting in the PennySaver for Veterans Day

PennySaver is offering a free greeting in honor of Veterans Day 2010 that will appear in the PennySaver publication during the week of Nov. 10 for all of our California customers.

From now until Nov. 4th, we will be accepting your greeting for free of up to 15 words with a black headline.

We are providing three separate ways in which you can leave a message for a loved one or friend who has sacrificed for their country:

1. Call:  (800) 995-3333 or  Fax: (760) 599-1505. The form to fill out and fax can be found by clicking HERE.

2. Twitter: Tweet #pennyshout with your 5-digit zip code and message. (CA only)

3. Mail: Fill out this form and mail to: Attn: Veteran’s Greeting/Private Party, 1300 Specialty Drive Vista, CA 92081.

You can also enhance your greeting with a blue headline with symbol for $6 or a blue shaded box with a black headline for $10. ——————>

Please limit your ads to 2 per household.

Pay tribute to those in your life who you want to honor on Veterans Day.

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