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Announcing the Winners of our Success Story Contest!

The long awaited moment is here… it’s finally time to announce the winners of our PennySaverUSA Succes Story Contest!

We want to thank everyone who submitted an entry. All of the submissions were amazing, ad we enjoyed reading each one, which made it incredibly difficult to choose just four entries to win. Thanks again for being loyal readers and users of  both online and in print!

It was difficult, but here are the three ‘Honorable Mention’ winners:

“I have a 6 year old son, who was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. When he first got diagnosed, he was in the hospital for over a month which was one of the longest months ever in our life. During his stay at the hospital they had all kinds of electronic games systems, table board games and other things to keep the children busy. There was this one electronic game system that my son loved so much, which happened to be the WII system. Due to the financial hardship I was facing having to drive back and fourth from the hospital to my house (I do have other young children under the age of 10) I was not able to purchase a brand new one for him, so I was searching and searching for one everywhere and didn’t find anything. So I decided to look in the PennySaver which at first I didn’t have any luck, but a few days before he was released from the hospital to come home, I looked through the PennySaver and I found one that was right on my budget. Before he got released from the hospital me and my husband hooked it up in his room for him, so when he got home he would be surprised. The day he got home from the hospital he was very excited and happy. I was happy that I found one for him because it takes his mind off of the chemo treatments.”
-Amanda P. from Highland, CA

“I placed an online ad on Friday morning selling my pure breed yellow Labradors I had seven pups for sale. That Friday afternoon I decided to takeadvantage of the three weeks for the price of two for the printed ad and I submitted my ad before the Friday deadline. Thanks to the online ad I sold one on Saturday, two on Sunday(Superbowl Sunday that is), one on Monday. By the time the printed ad came out on Wednesday I only had three of my Labrador puppies for sale. Wednesday came along and I started getting phone calls and text messages like crazy, by 2pm I had sold the remaining three puppies. I must have received over 20 calls and texts on Wednesday, I only wished I had more puppies. On Thursday I called PennySaver’s customer service to cancel the ad for the following weeks. The representative said they would refund the one week fee, I suggested they keep it as a donation for the great service they provide, I was told they don’t do that, and my money was refunded. Thank You PENNYSAVERUSA!”
-Andres D. from Apple Valley, CA

“When in doubt, turn to the local PENNYSaver!!!!!!!!!! As old as the PennySaver may be it works when you use it. I have had much luck in selling my items and the people that bought them truly loved all I had to sell. Times are tough, and the money wasn’t coming in like in the past, and I had to move 3 times, so I resorted to sell items with the PennySaver. The staff and crew were extremely understanding and the ‘free ads’ helped me in an awesome way.The phone call at times helps as well, assuring my ad will be there. I get a lot of calls

during the time span, and most folks aren’t flakes! One particular gentleman saw an ad and he was very excited to come on by to see it, and when he did, wow, he was like a kid!, he couldn’t wait to get it home to use it. I really trust the PennySaverUSA and will keep sharing my items to sell as well as items to look and purchase. To tell you all, I have never been disappointed in either direction. It’s like a yard sale combined in a book.”
-John B. from Temple City, CA

Winners of our Success Story Contest!

Thanks Amanda, Andres and John for your success stories. They brought tears to our eyes and smiles on our faces! Congratulations on being our

‘Honorable Mention’ winners!

Time to announce our grand prize winner…

This entry made our entire judging panel laugh, and brought to our attention a great new catch phrase!

“About 8 years ago my husband and I separated. I placed an ad to sell his sports card collection and I used the headline “Hubby is gone”. Within 2 hours I had them sold. The next day my husband saw the ad, recognized the number, and called. At first he was angry but, when I told him how much they sold for and how quickly I sold them, he was impressed. We eventually worked things out and reunited. Still to this day he will laugh and say “Don’t make her mad or she’ll put an ad in the Pennysaver”.”
-Leslie H. from Barstow, CA

Thanks for your entertaining success story Leslie and Congratulations on being our grand prize winner!

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Enter our “So You Think Your Pet’s Cute? Contest” for a Chance to Win $250

Your cat spends hours primping in the mirror. Your dog melts hearts with one look of her puppy eyes. And your goldfish thinks he’s the hottest thing to grace a bowl.

Prove that your pet is what cute dreams are made of and enter our “So You Think Your Pet’s Cute? Contest”

So You Think Your Pet's the Cutest? Enter Now!

Prove that your pet is what cute dreams are made of and enter our 'So You Think Your Pet's Cute? Contest'. The pet with the most votes will reign cute supreme and win $250!

How to Enter
Submit a photo of your pet through the contest application on the PennySaverUSA.com Facebook page. Multiple pet submissions are allowed, there is no limit per household. You may enter photos of multiple pets (as long as they are your own and not of the same pet more than once). Photos submitted through Facebook comments or wall posts will not be accepted. The contest submission period begins June 20th and ends June 27th

How to Vote
Vote for your favorite entry through the contest application on the PennySaverUSA.com Facebook page. You can vote for multiple photos daily. Only one vote per photo will be counted. The photo with the most votes will be the winner. The voting period begins June 28th and ends July 3rd.

The pet with the most votes will reign cute supreme and win $250 to spend on all the catnip, treats, and fish food they like.

So does your pet have what it takes to boast they’re the cutest of them all? Enter to find out.

For more details, please read our contest rules.

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Penny’s Scrapbook is Ready for Your Viewing Pleasure

Last online contest, we asked friends and fans to submit their favorite memories with the PennySaver for the last 50 years. Boy, did we get some doozies!

From stories about finding love to…well, I don’t want to spoil it! We enjoyed reading each story and taking a look at each picture. From your submissions, we’ve put together a scrapbook dedicated to all the great memories everyone has shared.

Enjoy PennysaverUSA's Scrapbook of the last 50 years

Click here to view PennysaverUSA's 50th Anniversary Scrapbook

We invite you to take a peek into the wonderful world of PennySaver and get to know the fans who got us to where we are today. 50 years wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated and loyal fanbase. So here’s to you!

Enjoy our scrapbook.

And if you had too many PennySaver memories to just submit one, share your favorite memory on Facebook with us. We’re always here listening and talking. Sometimes we talk too much, but that’s why you love us.

Rating 4.33 out of 5

Enter Penny’s Scrapbook contest for a chance to win up to 500 dollars

PennySaverUSA.com‘s previous contest (Predict-A-Cover) was all about looking into the future, but with our monthly contest for May we’re honoring the past.

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary has us thinking about our unique history. We’ve chosen the “Penny’s Scrapbook” contest as a way to show our appreciation to our loyal fans.Penny's Scrapbook Contest

There are two ways to enter the “Penny’s Scrapbook” contest and we encourage you to enter both ways.

  1. Submit a photo or clip of an old PennySaver cover, ad or something you found in the PennySaver (e.g., that puppy you adopted)
  2. Submit a story (250-word limit) of a PennySaver memory you have

A random drawing will be held from among everyone who submits a story or photo and one lucky winner will receive a $250 cash prize! There will also be a bonus $250 cash prize for the person who enters the oldest clip from a PennySaver (it must have the date on the printed page), meaning you could win a total of $500.

That’s a whole lot of prize fun!

The best part of all — once we have collected all of the entries, we will use them to create a virtual scrapbook with 50 years worth of memories on Facebook and Pinterest!

We promise to make you proud with an incredible scrapbook. Let the clipping begin!

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Announcing PennySaverUSA’s Predict-A-Cover Winners!

People’s Choice Winner ($150 prize)Entry #8

We didn’t need a DeLorean to find out what our PennySaver cover will look like 50 years from now. All we needed was our wonderful fans to predict the 2062 cover for the PennySaver by repinning their favorite cover from our 9 entries. And we must say, we slightly scratched our heads at the outcome, but obviously everyone knows something we don’t.

Like maybe that the PennySaver and PennySaverUSA.com will be run by super-smart kids who enjoy old-school drawing rather than iPads? Or maybe that the President of PennysaverUSA.com will be a cartoon, and we’ll all be cartoons instead of humans? Or lastly, maybe the penny dominates over the $100 bill and becomes the most valuable currency? Hey, it could happen.

Let’s all give a round of applause to our People’s Choice award winner who captured the Pinterest hearts … Entry No. 8 with 22 repins/votes (duplicates were subtracted from the total.

PennySaverUSA Pick ($100 prize)Entry No. 1

The judging for the PennySaverUSA Pick was quite challenging as well. All 9 entries had their strong points and the creativity displayed was very impressive.

In the end, the judges had to make a tough call and they chose …

Entry No. 1!

With his or her red cherry convertible (we’ll all be driving one!) and one-of-a-kind logo that sparkles, it gained the edge. Congratulations!

And we have to give a warm pat on the back to our PennysaverUSA.com friends who gave a total of 45 votes overall. One thing’s for sure, even in the year 2062, we’ll have lots of friends to hang out with.

If you haven’t joined the pinning party yet, we highly recommend you check us out on Pinterest and follow our boards. We pin photos for everyone, from cute pets, to holiday fun, to amazing stories. Plus, Pinterest goes nicely with a cup of early morning coffee. Leave a comment below if you’d like an invite to Pinterest.

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Vote for the Predict-A-Cover contest winner

What do you think the PennySaverUSA cover will look like 50 years from now? Some of our fans think we’ll all be driving hover cars, paying $50 for pizza, and printing our food!

Be a part of history in the making and vote for your favorite by repining on our Pinterest board here.

Sign up for Pinterest

Click above to request an invitation to join Pinterest.

PennySaverUSA.com’s Predict-A-Cover contest has now reached the voting period.

The contest required entrants to design what they think the PennySaver cover will look like in 50 years and submit a photo of their design.

We chose this contest because we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year and were struck by how much the cover has changed over the past 50 years.

There were nine total entries that once again demonstrated how much incredible talent is possessed by the PennySaver readers.

Two prize winners will be awarded. There will the the “PennySaver Pick”, which a staff panel of judges deems to be the best cover and there will be the “People’s Choice”, which will be chosen by you – the readers!

Given the futuristic nature of this contest, we felt it would be most appropriate to have the voting take place via the newest and hottest social media platform out there – Pinterest!

In order to vote, simply visit our Pinterest board titled “Predict-A-Cover entries” and repin your favorite cover.

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, it’s quite easy. Just leave us a comment requesting an invitation.

Voting goes from Tuesday, May 1 through Sunday, May 6, so please make sure to vote and let all your friends know to cast their votes as well!

Good luck to everyone whose cover is being voted upon.

Predict-A-Cover entries

Click above to see all the Predict-A-Cover entries.

Rating 4.00 out of 5

Final chance to enter the Craftmas online contest

Twas the eve before Craftmas eve and Penny the Pig’s face was filled with glee … PennySaverUSA’s online contest had so many incredible entries for him to see!

The quality of the submissions has truly made the PennySaverUSA staff proud and in awe of the amazing talent displayed by our readers.


Visit the PennySaverUSA Facebook page to see all the entries.

So far, over 150 entries have been collected and the task of picking the winner will be extremely difficult. But we only expect the job of the judges to get harder over the next two days. That’s because the Craftmas online contest doesn’t end until Dec. 29!

Yep, you heard right, you have until Dec. 29 to submit a photo of your holiday craft. The prize for the winner is $250 – unless you have downloaded our free mobile garage sale app MOGASA on your iPhone or Android. If you are a MOGASA user, you will receive a $300 cash prize.

With the competition so tough right now, your best bet is to make a very unique holiday craft. Not to say that the multitude of wreaths, snowmen and gingerbread houses we’ve received aren’t awesome, because they are, but the more original the idea, the more it will stand out.

Don’t forget to post your seasonal craft photo on the PennySaverUSA Facebook wall and view all the entries on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page photos tab.

Rating 2.00 out of 5

Enter PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest

Congratulations to the first winner of our Thanksgiveaways contest: Renee L.!

October’s Halloween Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest was a blast, but it’s time to look forward to November and Thanksgiving. As such, we’re pleased to announce PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest.

We had a vote on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page asking our fans what kind of online contest they preferred and a random drawing won out. We listened to our fans and are pleased to present PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest.

penny the pig thanksgiving table

Enter PennySaverUSA's Thanksgiveaways online contest.

In order to enter our Thanksgiveaways online contest, simply visit our contest page and follow the instructions.

You gain entries into the raffle by performing certain actions. For example, you get one entry for Liking PennySaverUSA’s Facebook page, another for Liking MOGASA’s Facebook page, another for following PennySaverUSA on Twitter and so on.

There will be a total of four prizes handed out in the form of grocery store gift cards. The first winner will be chosen this Friday (November, 11), the second winner will be selected on Tuesday (November, 15), the third winner on Tuesday (November, 22) and the final winner on Tuesday (November, 29).

The first three winners will receive $50 gift cards and the fourth winner will receive $100 gift card.

Every time a winner is announced, they will go on Penny the Pig’s Thanksgiving table and be placed among the corresponding food item with a value. See the image above.

Please leave any questions you have in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them. Here are the official rules.

Good luck in the Thanksgiveaways online contest and thanks so much for being a PennySaverUSA and MOGASA fan!

Rating 4.50 out of 5

Announcing the winner of our Costume Bash for Cash online contest

the robot

The robot was our Little Monster winner with 602 votes.

PennySaverUSA’s Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest was a rousing success, with almost 400 total entries and thousands of votes cast.

We made the last-minute decision to let our fans pick the winner among all the entries, as opposed to cutting it down to three finalists ourselves. There were so many great submissions to this online contest; we didn’t want to leave anyone out from the possibility of winning.

Given which two costumes ended up winning, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The people have spoken and we are very pleased to announce that the robot took first place in the Little Monster’s category and the zombie took first place in the Ghastly Grown-Ups category!

Please leave a nice comment below congratulating each of our winners.

There had been some feedback in previous months that we should have an online contest in which every entry has a chance to win by public vote. We take all of our reader’s suggestions to heart and ultimately decided that with so many great entries this was the perfect online contest to try out public voting.

Several readers were disappointed that we made this decision at the last-minute and we apologize for making the late switch in the rules. We also learned a lot during our first public voting online contest and got a lot of constructive feedback that we will use to improve future online contests.

the zombie

The Zombie was our Ghastly Grown-Up winner with 327 votes.

Variety is very important to us, and we will continue to use different methods to determine the winners of our monthly online contest. With that said, please take part in our Facebook poll to let us know which method you prefer for picking contest winners.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. We’ll never forget some of the amazing costumes we had the pleasure of seeing.

Stay tuned, as we have our November online contest announcement coming very soon.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Online contest leader board: Robot and Joker are out to an early lead

The interaction for our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest has been incredible! The votes have come in fast and furious, and some entries are starting to separate from the pack.

That said, there is still the rest of today and all day tomorrow for your entry to catch up, so don’t fret if you entered and aren’t in the top five.

Unfortunately, we had to allow only one vote per IP address (computer network) to prevent unfair voting practices.


Vote for your favorite entry in our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest.

We will not do all of our contests by voting, but we have received many requests for a voting contest over the past few months and are thrilled with the excitement it has generated.

On to the current leader board:

The Little Monsters category has so many sensational entries that it’s hard to vote for just one, but five have risen to the top halfway through our voting period. The lead currently belongs to a really cool looking robot, but a lady bug, a bunny rabbit, a peacock and a rock star are right on that robot’s heels.

The Ghastly Grown-Ups category also features some amazing entries, but the voters have given an early edge to the Joker. The creepy villain from Batman better not get comfortable, though. Lady Luck is making a push and catching up quickly, and a mummy, a mermaid and Neytiri from Avatar aren’t far behind.

Please cast your vote for your favorite costume here and leave us a friendly comment supporting your favorite entry. We love positive and happy comments!

Rating 4.33 out of 5