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Steals of the Week: Christmas Decorations!

It’s already the end of the year, which could be argued is the best time of the year. Holiday music, laughter, baking, family-time are just a few of the things that make this season great. For this installment of PennySaverUSA’s Steals of the Week, we’re going to highlight some of the best Holiday/Christmas finds that you can get on PennySaverUSA.com. We’ll focus on tress and decorations for today, and give you our picks for gift ideas in our next post.

If you’re looking to save money on your holiday decorations for this holiday season, one of the best places to look are online classifieds, and why not start with PennySaverUSA.com!
Here are some steals that we found, while perusing the online classifieds:





These are just a few of the Christmas/Holiday-themed items we found. There are many more, so start searching the online classifieds on PennySaverUSA.com to find what you’re looking for in your area.

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What type of garage sale hunter are you? Take the Quiz!

The hunt – it calls to you. The chance to run into hidden antiques, vintage clothes, or other garage sale goodies gives you the thrill to wake up in time for garage sailing. Or maybe you’re more of the leisurely type that stops every once in awhile? Find out what skill level you are at when it comes to the ultimate hunt, finding garage sale treasures.

1)      What time do you leave your house to go garage sale hunting?

  1. Early morning
  2. Mid-morning
  3. Afternoon

2)      What do you typically bring on the hunt?

  1. Cash, map, bag for items, and a list of items you’re looking for
  2. Cash
  3. Whatever is in your wallet

3)      How do you find garage sales?

  1. Look in the Pennysaver, search PennySaverUSA.com online classifieds, and the local newspaper
  2. Search the classifieds and drive around looking for signs
  3. Driving by sales on the way to weekend plans

4)      When was the last time you found something worthwhile at a garage sale?

  1. A few weeks ago
  2. A few months back
  3. A year or longer

5)      You’d consider yourself a…

  1. Pro Haggler
  2. So-so Haggler
  3. Non-existent Haggler

6)      Your garage sale outfit usually consists of…

  1. Comfy clothes and closed-toe shoes
  2. Jeans and a t-shirt
  3. Flip-flops and shorts

7)      A garage seller says “no” to your first offer. You?

  1. Start looking for items to bundle with the one you want
  2. Pay the price the seller wants
  3. Move on without batting an eye

Mostly 1′s….You’re a Pro Hunter

Are you a Pro Garage Sale Hunter? Let Us Know with a Comment Below.

You head out early to get first dibs on everything, and you’re packed like an ATM in case you find a gold mine. There has been countless times you’ve found items worth bragging about. You even prepare ahead of time by looking at the Pennysaver classifieds. You haggle till you’re out of breath, and you dress the part — comfy and cool. The art of bundling? Piece of cake! You always walk away with what you want and a few things you can repurpose into gifts for some lucky family members. You are the most pro of garage sale hunters out there.

Mostly 2′s…You’re a Garage Sale Dabbler

Dedicating every weekend to garage sale hunting? Puh-lease! You dedicate a week here and there to go garage sailing. And over the years, you’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade. For one, mid-morning is still a great time to find treasures, cause you prioritize your beauty sleep above garage sales. You know to look at the PennySaverUSA.com online classifieds before heading out, but you’re still tempted to keep driving around to find spontaneous sales. Every few months, you’ll find something unbelievable and get refocused, but the winner’s high runs out pretty quick. Yup, you’re a gar


Visit our Garage Sale Tips Center.

age sale dabbler.

Mostly 3′s…You’re Clueless (about Garage Sales)

Okay, so garage sales are not your thing. That’s okay, we’re sure you have other admirable traits. But when it comes to garage sales, you stop occasionally when you see a sign, you aren’t always carrying the right amount of money to buy, and you’re wearing what you’re wearing on the way to your bigger weekend plans. Once in a blue moon,

you’ll find something, not the most valuable, but the most meaningful to you. And if you have to leave it behind, you’re not regretting the buy at all. You’re clueless about garage sales.

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, you can learn valuable advice from our garage sale pros. Be sure and check out our Garage Sale Tips; we’ll bring you up to pro status quick.

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Join @PennySaverUSA for our first Tweet2Win Twitter party on Feb. 22

Mark it down! PennySaverUSA is hosting its first Twitter Party with co-host Free Sample Momma on GW’s birthday — Wednesday, February 22 at 4 PM (PST). The theme is vintage Americana.

You are all invited to join @PennySaverUSA and @freesamplemomma over on Twitter to learn how to use PennySaverUSA.com to find and post garage sales and buy and sell your vintage patriotic items.

Party Details

  • Where: Twitter
  • When: GW’s Birthday (Wednesday, February 22, 7PM EST)
  • Who: Join host @PennySaverUSA and co-host @freesamplemomma
  • Hashtag: #pennysaverUSA

There will be five gift cards provided by PennySaverUSA with a sixth grand prize gift card (a $50 Amazon card!). In order to be eligible for the prizes, please follow @PennySaverUSA and @freesamplemomma or join our email list by clicking on this link.

Every 10 minutes (six total times) throughout the hour, a trivia question will be asked about American history. Everyone who answers the question correctly and has RSVPed will be entered into a drawing to win one of the gift card prizes. Please RSVP by leaving your Twitter handle in the comments below.

Can’t wait to see you there! Be sure to log into PennySaverUSA.com today so you can buy and sell your classic American items!

Open to all United States residents. One prize per winner. No purchase necessary.

All prize winners must complete a form with mailing details within 48 hours of the party. The form will be DMed if you win a prize.

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Pet of the Week: Sunny seeking a place to call home

Northern California in the house! PennySaverUSA’s latest Pet of the Week comes from the Manteca Animal Shelter and is appropriately named Sunny.


Wouldn't waking up to that cute face every day make you smile?

Why is that appropriate, you ask? Well, because of his sunny disposition, of course. Plus, his fur just happens to be yellow.

He’s a Lab that was a stray and was recently brought into the shelter. His friendly nature belies the tough times he’s been through, however, and makes him worthy of Pet of the Week status.

Sunny loves to play and would be a joy to bring into any home. Trust us; your world will be a sunnier place with Sunny living in it.

Please reference ID# 59990 when asking about Sunny and remember to check PennySaverUSA online classifieds for all your animal hospital needs.

Manteca Animal Shelter

Location: 115 E Wetmore St., Manteca CA 95337

Contact: 209-456-8270

Please tweet a big hearty thanks to @Lunachique for providing this week’s user-submitted Pet of the Week story. Make sure to tweet @PennySaverUSA if you have a pet adoption story of your own you’d like us to feature. Here’s @Lunachique’s story:


I finally found the perfect bed!

We thought we’d get a dog but were unsure of what kind of dog to get due to having a condo and two cats already.

I heard that male cats can be very much like dogs so we went to Petfinder and found the gloriously handsome Bond.

He was so darn cute!

He was in a little hammock and his brother had chewed off his whiskers.  When he opened his eyes they were huge and gold!

Now he has the glossiest fur, seven inch whiskers, and is the most doglike cat ever.

Everyone who comes over wants to take him home, but he’s never leaving our side!

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Add the love to your classified ad with Valentine’s icons

PennySaverUSA.com is your home for online classifieds, and we want to help you be as successful as possible when it comes to selling your old stuff.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new Valentine’s paid icons! They cost only $2.50 and are a fantastic way of helping your ads stand out from the rest and get the most possible attention.

Think of it this way: Putting a Valentine’s icon on your ad increases the chances significantly that a potential buyer will be struck by cupid’s arrow and fall in love with your item.

There are two Valentine’s icons to choose from as you can see below:Valentine's iconsValentine's icon

  1. Valentine’s cupcake
  2. Floating hearts

What makes this announcement even more exciting, however, is that we not only have Valentine’s paid icons, we also have a special limited time package offer.

You can now get premium ad placement that pushes your ad to the top of the listings for the category it is listed in AND the Valentine’s icon to the right for just $18! To put in perspective how incredible that value is, premium ad placement by itself is normally $20.Valentine's icons

Happy selling and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at PennySaverUSA.

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Steals of the Week: Kid stuff

The last Steals of the Week installment of 2011 is dedicated to all the parents or soon-to-be parents of young children out there. The focus is on discounted kid stuff.

Traditionally, we highlight five PennySaverUSA online classifieds ads in Steals of the Week, but this time around we are going to blend three amazing offers for kid stuff from our daily deal site SaverTime.com, with two online classified ads.

Leading off Steals of the Week is a truly unique and memorable SaverTime offer from a company in Tustin, CA. Bundle of Joy 3D-4D Ultrasound Services is offering a package deal that includes a 45-minute ultrasound session, 10 black and white 2D photos, 6 3D color pictures, gender determination (if you wish), baby heartbeat listening, a CD with up to 80 pictures in 2D & 3D, and 30-minute DVD set to music for only $100. That’s a 50% off discount from the regular price!


The next Steals of the Week kid stuff entry is also via SaverTime and comes from a company called Rockabye. For only $35, you can get a $100 gift certificate to use towards any of the 15 different adorable children’s rockers they have for sale. Even better: This is an online deal, so it’s available to anyone nationwide.


SaverTime’s third Steals of the Week kid stuff offer is provided by Bungalow Bebe Inc. With this SaverTime deal, you can get $60 worth of organic cotton children’s clothing for only $30. Your baby deserves only the finest materials, after all. This deal is also available nationwide.


We now transition back to PennySaverUSA online classifieds for our final two Steals of the Week kid stuff items. The first one is an Eddie Bauer Travel System  stroller and car seat set for sale in Sun City, CA for only $100 (or best offer). The seller claims it is very clean and was barely used.


Steals of the Week concludes with none other than an oversized Elmo doll. It’s soft, plush, authentic and adorable says the seller from Palmdale, CA and it can be had for only $20!


Have you seen any awesome Steals of the Week recently? Please let us know in the comments.

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Get a five dollar credit from our new daily deals site SaverTime.com

PennySaverUSA is known for its online classifieds, online coupons and online contests, but did you know we now have online daily deals?

SaverTime.com launched a few months ago in several markets throughout California and it is growing rapidly.

Get a $5 credit from SaverTime.com.

Get a $5 credit from SaverTime.com

As an added incentive to join SaverTime.com and start receiving daily deal emails with up to 90% discounts on restaurants, entertainment and more, we are giving new subscribers a $5 credit (don’t take forever to use it as it expires Dec. 18)!

And what’s more … we’ve gone national. We still have amazing deals for the pizzeria, the barber and the gym down the street throughout all of our California markets, but we now also have great weekly national deals. This week’s national deal is $25 for $50 worth of flower arrangements from the Enchanted Florist.

If you sign up for SaverTime.com today and get your $5 credit, you can get $50 worth of flower arrangements for only $20. That’s a deal you don’t want to pass up with the holidays fast approaching.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your $5 credit today!

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Last-minute ideas for Halloween costumes

With Halloween only five days away, time is running out to find Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations for this year.

halloween costumes

Get Halloween costumes on PennySaverUSA.com

The staff here at PennySaverUSA is here to help. We’ve come up with a slew of Halloween costume ideas for you to consider. And of course, all of them are very inexpensive and can be done on a budget. Take a look at the suggestions:

  • Han Solo and Princess Leia (for a couple), but reverse the roles, so the man dresses up like Leia and the woman dresses up as Hans.
  • Characters from your favorite TV show. Some options include Mad Men, Jersey Shore or The Walking Dead.
  • This idea was taken from someone, but was kind of clever and very thrifty.  They were dressed all in black with real frizzy hair and had an assortment of clothing attached to them (hankies, a sock here and there,  undies, along with lint, string and some dryer sheets).  The costume was……………”Static Cling”.
  • Cover yourself in a large trash bag with a bunch of balloons,  make a sticker and be a bag of jelly beans.
  • A “picnic table”. Just get a red and white tablecloth and then hot glue some plastic food, a basket, some napkins, an empty soda can and plastic ants.
  • For a couple – Both people dress in black, but the woman puts a giant white “Z” on her black t-shirt.  The man then wears a giant white bra over his black t-shirt. Together, you are a “Zebra”.
  • For kids – one can go as ketchup and the other as mustard. A third can go as a hot dog.
  • Buy a classic men’s top hat (look for one in our Halloween online classifieds section) and an old tuxedo jacket with long tails.  Take a foam core board covered with fancy napkins, a childrens tea set and some pastires and glue it to the top of the top hat. Call yourself “The Mad Hatters Tea Party”.

Hopefully those ideas will assist you in finding that perfect Halloween costume. Check our Halloween online classifieds section for more ideas, and make sure to enter our Halloween Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest for a chance to win up to $300.

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Save Money Monday: Halloween costumes and decorations on a budget

Halloween is just around the corner. Two weeks from today, it will be time for costumes, candy and scary movies. This edition of Save Money Monday is dedicated to helping you get Halloween costumes and decorations on a budget.

The key to top-notch affordable Halloween costumes is often face paint.

Our friends over at Just Married With Coupons have an excellent recipe for making face paint at home to save even more money, or you can get it at any local party supply store.


Check out PennySaverUSA.com's Halloween section.

PennySaverUSA staffer Elizabeth came up with one of the better zombie Halloween costumes you’ll ever see just by using some killer face paint. See the photo at the right. The whole get-up cost her less than $10.

Another way to Save Money Monday on Halloween costumes and decorations is by purchasing used items. The perfect place to do that is through PennySaverUSA.com’s Halloween online classifieds section or by going garage sale hunting using PennySaverUSA’s new mobile garage sale app MOGASA on your iPhone (download it now).

If you prefer the new stuff, but don’t want to spend a fortune, there are plenty of online discount stores like Costume Kingdom or Halloween Express that sell Halloween costumes and decorations.

Perhaps the easiest way to plan phenomenal Halloween costumes and decorations is simply to use things you already own. Those old sheets you don’t know what to do with? They could make a riveting ghost. That scrap paper you have lying around? It could make some awesome decorations.

Once you’ve got your Halloween costumes all set, don’t forget to enter our Co$tume Bash for Cash online photo contest for a chance to win $300!

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PennySaverUSA.com has special section for buying and selling Halloween costumes

halloween costumes

Buy and sell Halloween costumes on PennySaverUSA.com.

Online classifieds are a phenomenal source for buying and selling Halloween costumes and decorations. To make that process even easier for you, PennySaverUSA.com has developed a special Halloween landing page, specifically for buying and selling Halloween costumes and decorations.

One of the most fun occasions of the year is dressing up in your Halloween costume and either attending a party or taking your child trick or treating. The problem is that it’s no fun to dress in the same costume year after year and it’s so expensive to annually buy a new one at the store.

PennySaverUSA.com solves those issues. You can sell your old Halloween costumes and use the money you make to buy yourself a new one all on our online classifieds Halloween landing page.

It’s a win-win situation. That person who was searching for the exact vampire costume you wore last year can buy it from you, enabling you to then buy that new Captain America costume you’ve had your eye on.

halloween decorations

Get your Halloween decorations from our online classifieds.

While Halloween costumes are a blast, there is more to the holiday than just getting dressed up. Getting your house or apartment full of decorations can be just as much fun. Having trick-or-treaters drop by in amazement as the see the detail you put into your decorations is always satisfying. PennySaverUSA.com also has a Halloween decorations online classifieds section intended to help you make your place as spooktackular as possible.

And don’t forget … we also currently have Halloween paid icons available for just $2.50, so that even your online classifieds ads look sharp. You wouldn’t want to put up an ad for one of the awesome Halloween costumes you are selling and not include a snazzy Halloween icon, after all!

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