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Don’t Blow Your Tax Refund – Do One of These Smarter Things Instead

Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax RefundEverybody loves getting a tax refund. But before you go out and spend the whole thing, stop to consider some other, wiser things you could do with it. The suggestions below from PennySaver USA may not be as exciting as getting the latest tech gadget or some brand new clothes, but they will pay dividends for years to come.

Pay Down Debt

Large balances and high interest rates cost you big bucks and may end up damaging your credit. Use your refund to pay down your debt, especially if you are having problems making payments on time. You could save hundreds to thousands in interest and improve your ability to get good loan rates in the future.

Save It

Deposit your refund in a an income-bearing account, such as a money market account or a certificate of deposit, or buy savings bonds with it. A couple of years of saving your income tax refunds this way will create a solid nest egg. If you’ve nothing saved for retirement, this is the perfect opportunity to open an IRA.

Invest in Home Improvements

A mortgage is the biggest investment many people will make. Use your income tax refund to make improvements that will protect or increase the value of your home. It’s a better alternative than borrowing to make improvements or letting the value of your property slip. Energy-efficient upgrades improve your home’s value and save you money over time by reducing heating and cooling costs. Search the home improvement classified ad listings on PennySaverUSA.com.

Use It for Education

Consider using your refund to finance tuition for a certification or professional conference that will improve your employment skills and career opportunities, which in turn increases your earning potential. Or if you have a child or grandchild, consider depositing it in an education fund. Some states offer taxpayer credit for contributing to a 529 plan that helps someone go to college.

Start a Business

If you’ve always dreamed of opening your own business, now may be the time. Apply your refund to startup costs. If you need additional funds, apply for a loan through the Small Business Administration. Or, if you receive regular income from a structured settlement, sell your future payments for a lump sum of cash now.

Get Insurance

If there is some type of insurance you want or need but haven’t been able to afford, use your income tax refund to get it. Life insurance, flood insurance and renter’s insurance protect your family and property and provide peace of mind. If you spend it on expensive shoes or a down payment on a new car, you’ll get some enjoyment, but insurance will protect you and your assets.

Book Your Vacation

Use your refund to book your summer vacation. Buy airline tickets and make hotel reservations now, and then bank the rest for spending money. If you already have a vacation fund, add your refund to it, so you can spend time on a tropical beach without going into debt. Start your search now and browse through vacation rentals on PennySaverUSA.com!

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Steals of the Week: National Wedding Month Bargains!

In case you didn’t know, in addition to being Black History Month, February is also National Weddings Month. Probably has something to do with Valentine’s Day being in February. So to celebrate the month of Love and Weddings, for this installment of Steals of the Week, we’re going to bring you some wedding-related items that can be found in our online classified ads on PennySaverUSA.com.

Steals of the Week: Wedding Dress bargains!Do you know anyone who has ever worn their wedding dress again after their wedding day? Chances are probably not, unless of course they got remarried and chose to wear the exact same dress a second time around. For most women, their wedding dress will be tucked away in a closet or end up in a storage unit collecting dust. Wedding dresses can run pretty expensive, so why not just sell it after you’ve worn it, and use that cash toward building your future with your new beau? Any bride out there who’s looking for a deal would love to get a discounted wedding dress that’s in great condition and has only been worn once.

This seller has the right idea, she’s selling her wedding dress, including the wrap and detached train for $300. If you plan on selling your wedding dress online, check out our tips for 3 easy steps on How to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online.

Steals of the Week: Flower Girl DressesSame theory applies to the flower girl dresses. The little princesses look cut ein the dress throwing petals down the aisle, and then the dress is never worn again. This listing is for an adorable Ivory Taffeta a-Line Flower Girl Dress with a Detachable Sash for only $25! That’s definitely a bargain!

Steals of the Week: Wedding Gift Bargains!Found yourself in the predicament of not knowing what to get for the happy couple, and there’s nothing on the registry you can afford? Don’t stress out. Look to online classified ads for some great modern, or vintage finds. Fine China is a traditional Wedding gift, but could be very pricey. Here’s a listing for Lenox Fine China that you can buy in sets, or individually.

Wedding gifts that are personalized are also great to receive. You can get a Toasting Glass Set for only $14.99. Don’t want to get them glassware, then get them something they can display in their home that represents their love. This great Canvas Print can be personalized for the newlyweds for $44.99!

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Valentine’s Day Icons Have Arrived!

PennySaverUSA.com is your home for online classifieds, and we want to provide you with all of the resources you need to make your ad as successful as it can be.

We’re happy to announce that our Valentine’s Day icons are back for a limited time! They’re a great opportunity to show some love to your ad, while simultaneously helping your ad to stand apart from the rest and garner more attention.

Adding a special Valentine’s Day icon to your ad will increase the chance of a potential buyer noticing what you have posted.

There are 3 Icon options available:

    Valentine's Day Cupcake Icon for your online classified ad.Valentine's Day Cupid Heart Icon for your online classified ad.

  • A delicious Valentine’s Day Cupcake Icon
  • The Attractive Valentine’s Day Cupid Heart Icon
  • Lovely Set of Valentine’s Day Hearts Icon

Valentine's Day Heart Icon Premium Package for your online classified ad.
And one Premium Package available:

  • Lovely Set of Valentine’s Day Hearts Premium Package

The cute icons will draw attention to any ad it’s on, but the premium package will go a step further. With the premium package, not only do you get the icon, but you also get a border and ‘featured’ placement at the top of our classifieds listings.

Happy selling and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day from all of us here at the PennySaverUSA.comPennySaver team!

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Save Money Monday: Get into the Holiday Spirit with PennySaverUSA.com

The Holiday season is in full swing, and PennySaverUSA.com wants to help spread the joy. We’re happy to announce our special limited time holiday icons and packages that you can add to spruce up your online classified ads placed on PennySaverUSA.com

You can choose to just add a single Holiday icon to your online classified ad, or you can get the premium package, which includes an icon, border and premium listing.

For the single icons, you can choose from a Santa icon, snowman icon, or Christmas tree icon, each priced at $5 (pictured below).

Santa Icon for your online classified adSnowman icon for your online classified adChristmas tree icon for your online classified ad

If you want to opt for the premium package, in addition to premium placement, you get a red border around your ad, and a sleigh icon in the corner (pictured below). The price on the premium package ranges from $22 – $52.

Add a premium holiday package to your online classified ad

If you were planning on placing a classified ad in the next few weeks, give into temptation, and add a cute icon or package to your online classified ad, and give it that extra oomph!

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Use Paid Enhancements To Spice Up Your Ad!

Did you know that you can add enhancements to your Ad on PennySaverUSA.com to help make it stick out from the rest? Check out our new Ad Enhancements that range from FREE to just a few bucks!

Placing an Ad on PennySaverUSA is always a surefire way to sell your item or service, but sometimes you need a little boost. We are now offering Paid and Free Enhancements that you can use to help your ad to stick out and/or to be pushed to the top of the search results. For $20,  our Premium Listing option displays your ad above your competitors’ on relevant search results and category listings. Increased visibility can help you get a faster sale!

Is your business having a Thanksgiving sale? You can use the Thanksgiving Promotion Package to promote your ad to the top of the page of search results and deck it out with a Thanksgiving Icon and Orange border, all for only $12!

On the free side, look at what enhancements we have for you:

  • NEW icon to promote your non-used item
  • NEW PRICES icon to get your best deals noticed
  • NEW LOCATION icon if your business is moving
  • WE’RE HIRING icon to make sure people know you have open jobs
  • GOOD WITH COUPON icon to promote your coupon offer
  • PRICE NEGOTIABLE icon to use if you’re willing to discuss the price
  • NEVER WORN icon to indicate it’s never been used
  • CLEARANCE icon to tell potential buyers that everything must go!
  • 1 DAY ONLY icon for 24-hour events or sale
  • Orange Frame to help your ad to stand out from the rest

After you complete the Place a Free Ad form, it will give you the option to continue on to the Ad Enhancement page. It’s a great way to guarantee that your ad will be seen!

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