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Save Money Monday: Have fun for less

It’s about darn time PennySaverUSA dedicated a Save Money Monday post to having FUN. After focusing on items like taxes, grocery coupons and pet care in recent entries, this one is designed to help you get the most entertainment bang for your buck.

Even with all the amazing technology available these days, nothing quite replaces the experience of going to the movies. It’s one of those fun activities that is simply timeless.

Of course, movie theaters also realize this and the price of movie tickets has continued to rise over the last few years.


Get 2 movie tickets + a large popcorn for only $15 from OCSavertime.c

That’s where Save Money Monday comes in. PennySaverUSA’s new daily deal site OCSavertime.com has an exceptional deal today for UltraStar Cinemas. For only $15, you get two tickets, a large popcorn and a free popcorn refill.

UltraStar Cinemas has locations throughout Southern California and are known for their luxurious touches like high-back reclining chairs.

As if the price and comforts weren’t enough, Yelpers love the place. It has four stars on the review site and gets comment after comment about how the theaters are so nice.

While it’s certainly very important to maintain a healthy diet, there is always room for a treat (or two) here and there. Having fun, after all, is much easier when eating comfort food. PennySaverUSA.com is the best source for restaurant coupons. Whether you prefer pizza, burgers, Chinese food or buffets, PennySaverUSA.com has coupons for it all.

Now that we’ve covered movies and food this Save Money Monday, it’s time to address the third key piece to having fun – games!

Some people prefer board games, while others love video or card games, but just about everybody can agree that games are fun. Luckily, PennySaverUSA.com has all three for sale at a discounted rate through our online classifieds.

Please leave us a comment with other Save Money Monday ideas you have for having fun.

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PennySaver Mentioned on True Blood!

Yesterday was zombies, today vampires… If a werewolf has anything to do with our Friday, we’ll know something very strange is going down!

Just in case you’ve been watching the new season of the HBO vampire series, True Blood, you might have heard the PennySaver come up in conversation! The vamp fans here at PennySaver rejoiced, although our resident zombie fan did feel a bit cheated.  (And yes, calling them vamps is a reference to the immortal movie, Lost Boys,  starring the future Jack Bauer as a teenage vampire, before he joined the CTU. ) In the series, the fictional Louisiana town has a local Pennysaver and, in the season 3 episode, ’9 Crimes,’ Sam places an ad for a waitress in the Pennysaver.  We think this is so great!

Keep an eye and ear out for PennySaver pop culture references!

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Redbox: Free Movie Rental on St. Patrick’s Day – Wednesday 3/17

Redbox: Free Movie Rental on St. Patrick’s Day – Wednesday 3/17

Become a fan of Redbox on Facebook and get a code for a free rental on Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day.

Rating 3.00 out of 5