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The Best Lawn Care Guide for Penny-Pinching Homeowners

Save money with these lawn care tips from the PennySaver.Do you have one of those ongoing-yet-unspoken contests each year with your neighbor? You know the one: You compete to see whose lawn is the greenest, whose flowers bloom brightest, and whose yard is the best on the block. No matter the unofficial title at stake, you don’t want to spend a fortune on lawn care this summer.

These lawn care tips from the PennySaver will help you grow a lush, beautiful lawn without breaking the bank:

Use Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the process of planting trees, bushes, plants and shrubs that are native to your region. According to FoxBusiness.com, xeriscaping can save you a significant chunk of money, because the rain and moisture that is produced naturally in your area is usually enough to keep this native landscaping hydrated. When you add non-native plants to your landscape design, they may require more water, because they are used to another climate where it rains more frequently.

Add Shade Trees

According to BankRate.com, planting big, beautiful shade trees helps protect your grass from the sun and offers you additional benefits at the same time. Trees planted on the west and east sides of your home help protect your house from the glaring rays of the sun and help keep your home cooler in summer. This not only saves you money on watering your lawn, but also cuts down your utility bills each month.

Invest in a Multipurpose Tool

Buy a good multipurpose tool to help you take care of your lawn, rather than one tool for each specific function. It’s usually worth the initial expense; one or two decent multipurpose tools can take care of your entire landscaping needs. String trimmers, for example, can be used to cut grass, trim near objects, keep bushes pruned and hack back overgrown weeds. When accompanied by landscaping attachments, string trimmers become one of the most valuable multipurpose tools a homeowner can have.

Apply One Dose of Fertilizer

Fertilize your lawn just once in the spring, and leave your grass a little bit longer when you cut it. According to personal finance blogger Edward Antrobus, this not only promotes healthy growth, but it helps to save you money as well. Using a time-release fertilizer in the spring helps ensure that you only have to spend the money on this treatment once per year. Longer blades of grass require less water, so you don’t have to spend so much money and time hydrating your lawn.

The best part about these money-saving tips is, they don’t require you to compromise on the quality of your lawn. You can still have the greenest lawn on the block, but you will also have enough extra cash in your wallet to throw the best barbecues—with the most delicious steaks, the juiciest fresh fruit and most succulent corn on the cob. Now that you’re winning the beautiful lawn competition, it’s time to see who can throw the best neighborhood parties this summer.

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