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Votes Are All In for the Cutest Pets Contest!

The mobile phone voting for the Cutest Pets Contest is officially over, and we are calculating who the $250 winner is as we speak! In all, we received 1,687 votes via Mobile Phone Texts. It was very exciting for us to see so many people involved and voting, keep it up!

While we determine the winner of the online contest, take a look at the honorable mentions in the video! So Cute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_-KGnFqxt8

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Pet Finalists: A Closer Look

Our voting is well underway for the Cutest Pet Contest, and today we want to feature a few brief bios to tell you a little bit more about a few of our contestants. Click here to see all of the finalists and vote via text!

This is Boomer, a 6 year old male French Bulldog. Boomer loves to go on long car rides and spends a great deal of his time practicing his bone chewing technique. He also loves his toy/best friend, Mr. Biggles the Bunny; they go together like peas and carrots, as Forrest would say! His owner says, “Boomer has never met a stranger. Everyone is greeted like a long lost friend.”

Boomer, with Mr. Biggles close beside.Text PET8 to 48696 to Vote for Boomer!

Meet Nina, the 5-month-old female, long-haired Calico Kitten. Nina is very young and playful. She enjoys playing with her mouse-shaped ball and she’s grown quite accustom to afternoon napping. Her current snack of choice is a Pounce Seafood Moist Treat.

I am Nina. Hear me roar. Text PET4 to Vote for Nina!

Our 3rd contestant today is Pandora, the 10-week-old female Chihuahua. Pandora loves to play with her little orange ball and her favorite activity is giving kisses to her owner. She already chewing on a tiny rawhide bone, so she’s on her way to adulthood!

"shhhh....I think I know where they keep the treats. Follow me..."Text Pet6 to Vote for Pandora!

Our next contestant is a 3-year-old Pomeranian Poodle (also known as a Pomapoo or Poopom) named Ziggy. He doesn’t always require glasses, just when reading. Ziggy enjoys a good bike ride from time to time, as well as playing fetch. His favorite toys are bouncy balls and a small dog plush dog toy named Bingo that he’s had since he was a puppy. Ziggy’s favorite treat is duck jerky!

Mom! Yard Sale! Look! Text PET3 to Vote for Ziggy!

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Cutest Pets Contest News and Video Montage!


Exciting news about our Cutest Pet Contest for September! We are being flooded with Cute Pets Pictures for our Contest, and we have decided to let YOU vote for who wins!

In the video posted below, we show you a little montage of the first 1/3 of the entries: As you can see, we’re getting lot of pictures and they are 100% cute! Due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to get some help in deciding the winner. We will be narrowing the field down to 10 finalists and then letting all you PennySavers out there vote for your favorite by Texting your vote via your mobile phone. Full details are coming very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our first round of entries in the PSUSA Video below!

Rating 3.00 out of 5