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Make Money Monday: Empty Your Attics and Closets to Sell Your Old Decorations

After an extensive amount of time, holiday decorations can begin to lose their appeal. This doesn’t mean that the decoration wasn’t cherished or enjoyed. As time evolves, so does your tastes. What you once thought was a welcome addition to your home decor is now taking up space in the closet. What can you do with these old holiday and seasonal decorations other than tossing them in the trash? Why not post an online classified ad and sell the decorations to another individual who shares your previous sense of style?

Why Online Classified Ads Instead of Local?

Sell your old decorationsAlthough local classified ads can cover a wide range of people, it pales in comparison to posting a classified ad on the Internet. Instead of a few hundred or so that may view your ad, millions have potential to see it online. You could cover a possible global market to anyone looking for your particular holiday decorations for sale.

Selling your old decorations at a yard sale can possibly unload your goods over a weekend, but some items could bring in far more money by selling them online. What a lot of people don’t realize is the collection value that many holiday and seasonal decorations have. What may be taking up space in one person’s point of view, could easily be a collectible item to another.


A way to find these decoration collectors is to sell old decorations online. Items that are in good to mint conditions could be worth more than you would have thought. In some cases, the value is far beyond what the item was purchased for. You could be sitting on a small fortune as it collects dust in your attic.

For example, you could have a single porcelain miniature holiday house that would complete someone’s collection. You could have a box full of Halloween decorations that a young family could start with. The only way you will know if your decorations are worth something to someone is to detailing what you have to sell.

Old Doesn’t Mean Useless

As long as something is in usable condition, there really is no reason to dump it in the trash. The Internet is full of people who could be looking for your specific items. Millions of users browse the Internet on a daily basis looking for all kinds of random items. As many have seen, a simple auction or classified posting could net an unbelievable amount of money.

Sell Your Old DecorationsFor instance, people are always looking for the Coca-cola Polar Bear memorabilia. Something you picked up at a yard sale for less than $5 could net far more than that to the right collector. However, not everything is a collector’s item. The point is, you don’t know until you try.

Regardless of method, selling your old holiday decorations could help a family or surprise a collector. Why not turn that collection of home decor into something worthwhile? Post an online classified ad today and see what can become of it.

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Make Money Monday: PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest

For this special installment of Make Money Monday, we want to give you a special opportunity to make some money. We’ve just launched our newest contest, the PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest, and it’s a chance for our loyal readers to win up to $250!

PennySaverUSA in print and online are all about connecting buyers and sellers. We want to know that every ad is as successful for the buyer as it is the seller. For our PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest, we want to learn all about the success you’ve had with the PennySaverUSA brand.

Make Money Monday: PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest

Sold your baby's crib on PennySaverUSA? Found your first car? We want to hear about it all!

Send us a short essay (250 words or less) by 10/29/2012 about a successful transaction you’ve had using PennySaverUSA print or online, and you’ll be entered in our contest for a chance to win $250. Our judges will review all of our entries and judge on content, originality, and clarity (save our eyes and spellcheck).

There will be 4 winners, one grand prize winner will receive $250, and 3 “Honorable Mentions” will each receive a prize of $50.

You can submit your entry through our contest page on PennySaverUSA.com or through our Facebook Contest Tab.

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Make Money Monday: Get a job

It’s time for another edition of Make Money Monday – the feature where we try to help you get a job.

This week we will highlight five of the major employment categories on the PennySaverUSA.com classifieds. After all, the best way to kick-start your effort to get a job is by looking at professions with the most demand.

job search

Get a job by scanning the PennySaverUSA.com classifieds.

The automotive industry is rebounding and that is reflected in the number of automotive openings on PennySaverUSA.com. Get a job in a variety of different roles, from mechanic to office manager.

One field that never lacks for openings is sales. There are lots of opportunities in sales on PennySaverUSA.com and it’s a good place to look if you want to get a job.

The financial services sector has taken a bit of a hit in recent years, but many openings still remain. Get a job in this broad industry today by checking out the PennySaverUSA classifieds.

Beauty care never wanes – or at least it seems that way. Scan the dozens of openings in the PennySaverUSA.com classifieds to get a job in this burgeoning field.

Another steady area to search if you want to get a job is customer service. Peruse the slew of openings in the PennySaverUSA.com classifieds.

We wish you all the best in your attempts to get a job and let us know in the comments if you are hiring, so we can highlight your opening.

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Make Money Monday: Find work at PennySaverUSA

In this edition of Make Money Monday, our weekly blog about what it takes to find work in this tough marketplace, we focus on the jobs currently available with us here at PennySaverUSA!

There are a variety of openings with PennySaverUSA throughout Southern California, Northern California and Florida and we would love if you could find work with us.

work for PennySaverUSA

Find work with PennySaverUSA.

A vast majority of the openings are in sales, so if you have any expertise in that area, please don’t hesitate to apply. All told, 25 different offices have opening in sales, and seven of those are new positions.

Don’t worry, though, if sales aren’t your thing, there are still several other openings, so your hopes to find work with PennySaverUSA aren’t dashed.

Several offices, including Mira Loma, CA; Vista, CA; Rancho Cordova, CA and Tampa, FL; have openings in production.

Perhaps the best location for which to find work at PennySaverUSA is in Brea, CA. That office not only has sales and production openings, but web and admin positions are also available.

We want everyone who wants a job to be able to find work. Please leave us a comment if you are interested in any of the vacant positions with PennySaverUSA. And don’t forget to check out our jobs listings for thousands of openings with other companies from around the country.

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Make Money Monday: Find a job using PennySaverUSA.com jobs classifieds

The calendar continues to move from month to month and the unemployment numbers just don’t seem to be getting any better. Don’t give up hope, though. There are ways to successfully find a job.

Chief among them is by scanning the PennySaverUSA.com jobs classifieds. We have thousands of listings available that will help you find a job, and they run the gamut of different professions.

find a job

Use PennySaverUSA.com jobs classifieds to find a job.

From nursing jobs to automotive jobs to restaurant jobs; PennySaverUSA.com jobs classifieds provide a variety of options for those who want to find a job.

Even better, two of the states most profoundly affected by the economic downturn of the past five years, California and Florida, have over 5,000 combined listings.

There are also openings for people in different situations. For example, if you have limited time, but want to make some extra cash on the side, you can check our work at home jobs or part time jobs listings. If you are an established professional in a white collar field, you can peruse our management jobs or business opportunities listings. And if you are seeking a start in a trade, visit our trades or construction jobs listings.

With something for everyone present in the PennySaverUSA.com jobs classifieds, it is clear that the best way to find a job is by starting with a search of our web site.

Good luck in your job hunt this Make Money Monday!

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Make Money Monday: Find summer jobs

Whether you are a recent graduate, out of school for the summer or already have a job and need some supplemental income; now is the time to find summer jobs.

PennySaverUSA.com has dedicated this edition of Make Money Monday to help you find summer jobs.


Delivery jobs make outstanding summer jobs.

Daycare and preschools are typically in need of help this time of year and are a great source of summer jobs. There are a number of daycare and preschool openings right now on PennySaverUSA.com.

Another tried and true option for summer jobs is to become a driver or delivery person. There are dozens of jobs available nationwide right now on PennySaverUSA.com for drivers and delivery services.

The restaurant sector is also ripe with summer jobs and once again PennySaverUSA.com is a great place to look. Check out the restaurant jobs listings.

Because they are so flexible, work at home jobs also make perfect summer jobs. Scan the PennySaverUSA.com classifieds to see the thousands of work at home jobs openings.

If you would like to find even more opportunities for summer jobs, you should check out the site NowHired.com. It is an excellent online directory for job listings.

Those are just some ideas for summer jobs. Please share any additional tips for finding summer jobs you may have in our comments and we wish you all the best in your search.

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Make Money Monday: How to change a career

Changing careers can be extremely scary, but in this day and age, it’s often a necessity. With technology and globalism fundamentally altering the economy, many careers have become or are becoming obsolete, while other careers are expanding rapidly. In this edition of Make Money Monday, PennySaverUSA.com explores how to change a career.

If you are among the millions that has been unemployed and struggled to get a job since the recession hit, you can probably relate to the difficulties of winding up stuck on a career path to nowhere. It’s vital to be flexible and learn how to change a career.

icdc college

ICDC is a good example of a career institute.

One of the most effective ways to enter a new career is to acquire training in your newly targeted field. Careers in health care, engineering and information technology (three of the industries doing the most hiring), are possible through education. To find institutes and learning centers for these fields, check out PennySaverUSA.com classifieds.

While a certificate or degree in a fast-growing field certainly gives you a leg up, it’s still not necessarily enough to beat out a crowded candidate base. You must master the art of self-promotion. Highlight the successes from your old career and make sure to get some great references. Even if your previous experience doesn’t have anything to do with the career you are now entering into, you can frame things you’ve done in such a way that relates to your new career. Just remember, don’t overdo the self-promotion or you risk looking insincere and fake.

Another useful strategy for changing a career is to get a part-time job, volunteering gig or internship in your targeted field. For example, if you want to get a position in health care, volunteer for a blood drive or pursue a part-time administrative job, so you can soak up the atmosphere and get tips from the pros. Likewise, if you want to get into information technology, try and go for an internship, and build up your contacts.

Work at home jobs are also a tool for how to change a career. It enables you to plug the unemployment gap in your resume and acquire some skills you can put towards your new career.

Don’t let unemployment get you down. Follow these steps on how to change a career and get a job!

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Make Money Monday: Helping recent grads get a job

In this week’s Make Money Monday feature for job seekers, PennySaverUSA.com focuses on helping recent and soon-to-be graduates get a job.

While the job market is improving, this is still a tough time for anyone to get a job, especially those just beginning their careers. That said, there are some things you can do to improve your chances and here are some how-to tips on what it takes to get a job as a new graduate.

Perhaps the most important step new grads can take to get a job is starting their search early. Sites like nowhired.com have some good job listings, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the PennySaverUSA.com job listings.

job listings

New grads should start scanning job listings right away.

Also, don’t give up if you don’t find exactly the position you are seeking. PennySaverUSA.com employee Helen Chiu graduated in 2010 and was able to get a job with us shortly thereafter. She said, “You may notice that there aren’t too many entry-level jobs posted or advertised. You can still research the companies that are hiring and visit their own jobs board, like the one for PennySaverUSA.com.”

Once you have found a few places and positions in which you would like to get a job, you have to work on your resume and prepare yourself for the application process.

“I consulted my mentors (career & academic) for resume help and general interview advice. It helped me gain confidence and not come off as completely inexperienced,” Chiu said.

“Take advantage of office time with teaching assistants, college counselors, and even your professors so you can get comfortable talking about yourself in an interview situation.”

If you are worried about your lack of professional experience, just play up your internship and club experience (and get an internship or join a club, if you’ve never done either). Employers will be impressed by your contributions and commitment, regardless if the position you were in was paid.

Another vital tip to remember when trying to get a job as a recent grad is to stay focused on all the details. Potential employers want to know you are ready to be a professional and understand the proper etiquette. By mastering the subtleties, like researching a company’s history and structure prior to an interview and following up with a thank you note following an interview, you will separate you from the pack and signal to an employer that you are ready to join their team.

Finally, don’t be afraid to apply for positions that are not directly related to your major. Chiu admitted her current job with PennySaverUSA.com didn’t match up exactly to her area of study, but it didn’t prevent her from being able to get a job here.

Enjoy your memorable graduation moment and good luck when it comes time to get a job!

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Make Money Monday: Get a job using PennySaverUSA.com

In this week’s Make Money Monday feature, PennySaverUSA.com goes back to the basics: Helping you get a job!

Our free classifieds are a great place to go if you want to get a job. We have a variety of listings for several different categories.

get a job

PennySaverUSA.com is here to help you get a job.

If you are interested in sales jobs, we have hundreds of openings listed on our site from employers around the country. Same with those who want to get a job as a delivery person or driver.

Customer service is another field in which you can get a job by searching through tons of openings on PennySaverUSA.com.

Should you prefer to get a job in security or the entertainment industry, you have also come to the right place. Heck, we even have job listings en espanol in case you aren’t real comfortable with English.

For those who want to get a job working with their hands, we’ve also got you covered. Just check out our jobs listings in the trades or construction and begin applying.

No matter what career you are pursuing, PennySaverUSA.com is here to assist you get a job. We want your job hunt to be successful and that’s the reason for our weekly Make Money Monday feature focused on jobs.

Please give us any tips or pointers you have about what it takes to get a job in our comments.

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Make Money Monday: Finding a job requires a good résumé

Finding a job you want is hard enough, but that’s only the beginning. Once you’ve targeted an opening, you must create a good resume that will help you get an interview.

Well, not only can you use PennySaverUSA.com to help you in finding a job, we are also here to help you with your résumé.

finding a job

In order to get to this point when finding a job, you must have a good résumé.

No matter how experienced or qualified you are, a lousy résumé can eliminate you from consideration before you get a chance to prove yourself. That said, having an outstanding resume still does not guarantee you will receive a call back, but it certainly gives you an advantage.

By following these simple steps, you can craft a resume worthy of a response:

1.  Keep your contact information current.

PennySaverUSA Human Resources Manager Nancy Haupenthal says providing an incorrect phone number or email address is the quickest way to get eliminated from consideration. Employers receive so many resumes these days and have so many applicants for each job; the odds of them tracking you down if your resume has the wrong contact information are low.

2.  Use spell-checker and have someone you trust proofread your résumé.

Haupenthal admitted she is “amazed and shocked” by the misspelled words she sees in resumes. She says it indicates a lack of care and attention and will promptly move on to the next résumé if she notices multiple misspellings. And she isn’t alone. According to the book Top Notch Executive Resumes, misspellings annoy hiring managers more than just about anything else. Not something you want to do when finding a job.

3.  Make your resume easy to read and creative.

It is extremely important to make sure your résumé is formatted in such a way that is easy to read. Using thin margins a tiny font or pretty much anything that makes a résumé hard on the eyes is often cause for immediate rejection. Haupenthal also recommends being unique with your objective statement and bio. Avoid overly bland and formulaic messaging.

4.  Be honest and accurate.

While it might seem to be beneficial to lie or mislead on your résumé in order to make yourself look better, it typically comes back to bite you. Haupenthal says one of the most frustrating issues she encounters is when she brings in an applicant for an interview, and finds the resume was inaccurate. Not only will this prevent you from getting the job, it can also harm your reputation. The last thing you need when finding a job is to tarnish your name among hiring managers.

5.  Pick the right experiences to highlight.

Ideally, résumés would be one page long, but with job-hopping so common these days, two pages is fine. You do not want to go beyond two, however. In order to keep it the right length, you will want to be discerning in which experiences you highlight. If you had a job 15 years ago that has no bearing on your current career goals, it might not be necessary to include. Also don’t be afraid to include non-traditional employment such as volunteering jobs, if relevant.

Do your best to follow those steps, and you should be on your way to having a great resume and finding a job. If you have any more questions, please leave them in our comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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