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Spring Cleaning: How to tackle the one thing you’ve been dreading all winter

Spring Cleaning: How to tackle the one thing you’ve been dreading all winter

The most difficult part of this daunting task is picking a starting point. There are a few things to keep in mind, you want to start from the top down, from small spaces to larger spaces.

Let’s start with your storage closets and cabinet space. Especially since this is where you will be putting a lot of stuff from winter into storage.

  • Clear it out! Hopefully, you’ve been de-cluttering the junk from your closet while they’re still good. Either resell it while it’s still in good condition or give it away to the Salvation Army.
  • Dust the walls, shelf space, top of the closet… scrub everything and vacuum it up before putting your stuff back inside.

Move into each bedroom.

  • Organize your stuff into wash, throw away, and organize and take them out of the room.
  • Dust everything from the top down, then all the way around.
  • Move your bed to one side and vacuum it. Move it back and vacuum other side.
  • Replace bedding, pillows, blankets, etc.
  • Re-organize all the other stuff in your bedroom.

Move into the living area.

  • Remove all pillows, throws, curtains, and other washable items.
  • Dust everything and don’t be lazy! Pick up your electronics, DVDs, and dust all over.
  • Move furniture to one side and vacuum. Move it back and vacuum the other side.
  • You can also vacuum your couch with a soft brush and use a leather cleaner if you can.
  • Replace clean furniture accents.
  • Re-organize other stuff in your living room like DVDs, books, picture frames, etc.

It’s not so hard once you get into the routine of just picking stuff up, throwing out stuff you don’t need, cleaning stuff you want to keep and returning them into their new spot.

Spring is also a great time for garage sales. You can participate in a neighborhood yard sale which will attract more buyers. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure. Just make sure you are getting rid of the stuff by reducing prices at the last 2 hours and donating items so you’re not bringing in stuff you don’t want and can’t get rid of.

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