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Save Money Monday: Frugal Thanksgiving ideas

PennySaverUSA is proud to present the latest installment of Save Money Monday dedicated to frugal Thanksgiving ideas.

By any measure, Thanksgiving is a glorious holiday. It involves eating fabulous food, spending quality time with family and watching football. How can you beat that?

free thanksgiving e-book

Frugal Thanksgiving ideas include a free e-cookbook.

Perhaps the holiday’s only downfall is the cost required in cooking such a feast. Enter Save Money Monday’s frugal Thanksgiving ideas.

The Save Money Monday key to having an amazing feast on a budget is to go in with a plan. Figure out exactly what you want to make, which recipes you want to use and how many servings you need to prepare. This will enable you to strategically map out where to find the best deals for each item and ingredient.

It might seem obvious, but it can actually be somewhat tricky just deciding what to make for Thanksgiving. Turkey is a no-brainer, but what about stuffing? Is a ham necessary? Pecan pie, pumpkin pie or both? First you must answer those questions, before you even begin to think about using frugal Thanksgiving ideas to keep your feast under budget.

Once you’ve decided the menu, it’s time to figure out which recipes you want to use. Rather than buying a cook book, simply find an e-book online. MrFood.com is currently offering a free Thanksgiving e-Cookbook that should do the trick.

Now that you have all of your recipes, you are ready to implement our frugal Thanksgiving ideas:

  1. Make a list of all the items you need to purchase for your recipes.
  2. Go through your pantry to see which items you already have that can be used for your recipes.
  3. Do a web search for a coupon blogger in your area (some good ones are Southern Cali Saver in SoCal, Coupon Mamacita in Florida and The Frugal Find in Northern Cali) and take a look at their coupon matchups.
  4. Peruse PennySaverUSA.com’s online coupons section and try to find coupons for your grocery list.
  5. Scour your local PennySaver and your local newspaper for more sales and coupons you can use for your list.
  6. Enjoy an awesome Thanksgiving feast, while smiling at your bank statement!
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Enter PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest

Congratulations to the first winner of our Thanksgiveaways contest: Renee L.!

October’s Halloween Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest was a blast, but it’s time to look forward to November and Thanksgiving. As such, we’re pleased to announce PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest.

We had a vote on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page asking our fans what kind of online contest they preferred and a random drawing won out. We listened to our fans and are pleased to present PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest.

penny the pig thanksgiving table

Enter PennySaverUSA's Thanksgiveaways online contest.

In order to enter our Thanksgiveaways online contest, simply visit our contest page and follow the instructions.

You gain entries into the raffle by performing certain actions. For example, you get one entry for Liking PennySaverUSA’s Facebook page, another for Liking MOGASA’s Facebook page, another for following PennySaverUSA on Twitter and so on.

There will be a total of four prizes handed out in the form of grocery store gift cards. The first winner will be chosen this Friday (November, 11), the second winner will be selected on Tuesday (November, 15), the third winner on Tuesday (November, 22) and the final winner on Tuesday (November, 29).

The first three winners will receive $50 gift cards and the fourth winner will receive $100 gift card.

Every time a winner is announced, they will go on Penny the Pig’s Thanksgiving table and be placed among the corresponding food item with a value. See the image above.

Please leave any questions you have in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them. Here are the official rules.

Good luck in the Thanksgiveaways online contest and thanks so much for being a PennySaverUSA and MOGASA fan!

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Whole Foods Market: Coupons for Earth Month!

For the organic enthusiasts, check out this excellent selection of printable coupons!

Some high value ones include:

  • $1 off Organic Peanut Butter
  • $1.50 off any TWO (2) Nature’s Path Organic Granola Bars or Hot Oatmeal
  • $1 off Organic Valley Yogurt

Print these coupons on the Whole Foods website! And find even more coupons in their in-store guide where you can get other ideas for budget-friendly organic meals!

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