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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for MenValentine’s Day is almost here! Don’t forget about your special guy this Valentine’s Day. It might be easy to get caught up in wondering what he’s getting you, that you forget to get him something. PennySaver is here to lend a helping hand. We’ve highlighted a few gift ideas that are sure to make him feel extra special this Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning to make his gift yourself, then check out our Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  • Personalized M&M’s

    Everyone knows women love to get chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but what about guys? They like chocolate too. They may not want a frilly pink box with chocolate truffles, but they’ll definitely enjoy and appreciate some delicious personalized M&M’s.

  • Multitool/Swiss Army Knife

    Guys love getting things that are multi-purpose. That’s why they love Swiss Army knives and multitools because they serve more than one purpose. If he doesn’t already have a Swiss Army Knife, consider getting him this Leatherman Freestyle Multitool from L.L. Bean. It’s made of stainless steel, and has a knife, wire cutters and combined needlenose and standard pliers. If you want to get him something that can go on his keychain, get the Columbia River Knife and Tool from Amazon.com.

  • Personalized Luxury Robe

    If your guy likes to lounge around in comfort, then he’s going to love a luxury fleece robe for Valentine’s Day! He can look stylish and feel comfortable while going about his normal routines. Get a personalized robe at PersonalizationMall.com.

  • Cigar Sampler

    If your guy likes cigars, then what better than a Cigar Smapler! Thompson Cigar is America’s oldest mail order cigar company, and they have a World Class Sampler with 20 great smokes from the 3 best cigar producing regions in the world.

  • Craft Beer Home Brew Kit

    If beer is his poison of choice, surprise him with his own Craft Beer Home Brew Kit! Beer of the Month memberships are great too, but nothing is more satisfying than something you did yourself. So let him enjoy the fruits of his labor with a Home Brew Kit from RedEnvelope.com.

  • Money Clips/Wallets

    He may already have a wallet or money clip, but if they’re worn out, then it’s time to get rid of the old and give him something new. You can get money clips engraved at ThingsRemembered.com, and a wallet from his favorite brand.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re not sure what to get for that special lady in your life, then you’re in the right place. PennySaver is here to help you out. We’re going to give you some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that special lady in your life, that can appeal to a variety of budgets. If you’re not looking for a store-bought gift, and prefer to make the gift yourself, check out our Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  • Locket Key Ring

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for WomenWomen don’t really wear locket necklaces anymore, but the gift of a locket with a photo that she can carry with her everywhere makes for a great gift. A locket Key Ring is the perfect solution, because she can place it on her existing keychain of house and car keys, something that she always has with her. You can get a personalized locket keychain at PersonaliztionMall.com


  • Personalized M&M’s

    It’s no surprise, girls love to get chocolates on Valentine’s Day (unless they’re allergic or lactose=intolerant). Why not surprise her with some personalized M&M’s! You can personalize the delicious candies with your own romantic words, and/or a cute photo. So what’re you waiting for? Turn your sweet nothings into sweet somethings with some delicious personalized M&M’s.

  • Personalized Wall Art

    If you’re looking to gift something different than a photo of the two of you, then opt for a framed print of the word “Love” or “Soulmate”, personalized with your names. It’s a great addition to any home, and is a welcome change compared to the usual framed photos of happy couples. You can get a Love Print or Soulmate print at PersonalCreations.com.

  • Personalized Photo Frames

    If you do want a traditional photo gift, then get her a beautiful personalized frame to hold the photo of the two of you. These are great for her to have at her desk at home, or at the office! You can get personalized frames at PersonalCreations.com or Personalization Mall.com.

  • Jewelry

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women: JewelryAnother Valentine’s Day staple is jewelry. You can never go wrong with gifting her a piece of bling. This works for every budget, because you can keep it anywhere from under $50 to over $1,000. You can visit your local jewelry store locations, or you can shop online and get great deals at sites like BlueNile.com or Overstock.com.

  • ‘Couples Key Dates’ Art

    What does a woman want more than anything else? To know that you listen, remember and care. Show her that you do all of these by getting her a wall art canvas or throw pillow, personalized with the key dates of your relationship. You can choose what dates you want to highlight. Maybe the first date? First kiss? First Baby? Proposal? Wedding day? It’s completely up to you. This is a great sentimental and chic gift that any woman would cherish. You can get this great gift at RedEnvelope.com.

  • Flowers

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women: FlowersAnother never-fail gift is a bouquet of flowers. Yes, they may not last forever, but just the fact that you remembered it was Valentine’s Day, and took the time to order and have them sent is a gift in itself. Roses are great, but make it even more personalized by sending her favorite flowers. You can order them through your local florist or from sites like FTD.com or 1800Flowers.com.

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Save Money Monday: DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive, and doesn’t only have to be about store-bought gifts. PennySaver has compiled some DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas just for you, in the event that you didn’t have time to shop for something, are on trying to spend Valentine’s Day on a budget, or just prefer to gift something that you made yourself.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Create an ‘I Love You’ Book

    DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas like 'I Love You' booksTime to unleash your crafty and creative side! The ideas for this gift can be endless. All you need to do is create a book telling your significant other how much you love them. It can be small, it can be comically large, it’s completely up to your imagination. Here are some great examples to get you inspired.

  • Coupon Books

    Valentine's Day DIY Gift Ideas like Coupon books.You might remember doing these as a kid. Creating coupon books for your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, redeemable for you doing the dishes, or other household chores. The same gift would also make a great Valentine’s Day gift as you get older. You can still keep the coupons for the occasional hand with the household chores, but you can add coupons redeemable for foot massages, homemade dinner, car-wash, or even a kids-free day coupon! Some cute examples are:

    • Elegant Coupon Book using free printable templates, cardstock, and other office/craft supplies you probably already have at home.
    • Non-Corny Valentine’s Day Coupon book from Kind Over Matter
    • Packaged Coupon Book that’s abstract, and different from the usual coupon book format. This one’s more structured, and reminiscent of a fold-out wallet.
    • Vintage Coupon Book for the vintage-lover in your life.
    • Ticket-themed Coupon Book from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night. You can download the coupons with text already printed on them, or blank to add your own coupon text. They look similar to theater/movie tickets, and you can paste them on card stock to personalize them further.
  • Love Notes in a Jar

    This one is pretty self explanatory, and not much to it. If you already have empty jars laying around you can use those, or purchase some mason jars or small jars at your local craft store. You can create thin strips of notes, or larger notes, notes in circles or notes in square, folded or flat. You can hand-write them or have them printed. The possibilities are endless, but the outcome is the same. You have a beautiful jar full of love notes and sweet sayings for that special person in your life that they can enjoy at home or at work.

  • Scrapbook of Dates

    If you collect or still have receipts or movie stubs from your dates, then this is the perfect DIY gift idea for you. Create a scrapbook of sorts, or a stub diary for your sweetie. Highlight the special moments you shared, and include cute anecdotes of the times you spent together.

Buying gifts are great, but nothing shows how thoughtful you are, more than dedicating time to making something yourself, and your wallet will also be happier!

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Top Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Alright, it’s that time again. Time to scramble. Christmas is next Tuesday, and you probably still have some gifts to get. No worries, we’ve got you covered. PennySaverUSA is providing you with a list of the Top Last Minute Gift Ideas. Whether you need a gift for a coworker, family member, neighbor or mailman, there’s something on the list for everyone.

Top Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Box of Chocolates or Cookies

    You can never go wrong with a delicious box of chocolates or cookies. They range from low-end prices to higher-end, so depending on your budget, there’s a box that will fit what you’re looking for. Better yet, most of them come “pre-gift-wrapped” for the Holidays, so all you really need to do is buy it and slap a gift tag on it.

  • Last-Minute Gift Ideas

  • Drinkware

    Everyone uses cups, whether they’re plastic tumblers for water or coffee mugs for those on the go. Drinkware can be appreciated by anyone receiving the gift. They can be found at stores everywhere like Target, Walmart and coffee shops like Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

  • Scarves

    Scarves make great last-minute gifts, because you don’t need to know a specific size. They’re great for both men and women, and can be used for stylish purposes or functionality. They also come in a wide range of prices depending on material. So if you’re really looking to impress, go with silk or cashmere.

  • Gift Cards

    The ultimate last-minute gift will always be gift cards. You can purchase gift cards in store up until Christmas Eve, and eGift Cards online through Christmas day. You can get retail store gift cards or restaurant gift cards. You really can’t go wrong wit either option.

  • Edible Arrangements or Flower Bouquets

    If you have to get a gift for someone who lives far away, send them a bouquet of flowers or an edible arrangement. They’re festive, and can be used as centerpieces for holiday parties!

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Steals of the Week: Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

Shopping for the men in your life can be very difficult sometimes. Whether it be a son, father, brother, boyfriend, husband, uncle, nephew or friend, sometimes you just don’t know what to get. We’re going to try and lend a hand in the “gift ideas for men” department, with this week’s installment of PennySaverUSA‘s Steals of the Week.

We’ve used the PennySaverUSA.com online classifieds as our inspiration during our search for Holiday gift ideas for men. Here’s what we recommend:

Men’s Clothing Accessories

One of the easiest things to get for any guy in your life are clothing accessories. You don’t need to know a specific size, and they will have a use for it at some point in their life.

Accessories are a great gift idea for men

  • Money Clips
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie Clips
  • Collar Stays

Cuff links are a great gift idea for menThere are always variations to choose from, designs, type of metal, but you can usually make the right decision based on someone’s personality. If they’re not too flashy, maybe stick with something classic like these Antique Silver cylinder Flip Cufflinks. If they’re a sports fanatic, then it’s a safe bet to go with something emblazoned with their favorite sports team’s logo on it like this Oakland Raiders 3-Piece Gift Set or Ole Miss University Rebels Money Clip

Sports-themed Gear & Accessories

Tech accessories and sports-themed gear make great gift ideasPiggy-backing on our recommendation earlier, sports teams-related gear and items are always a hit (if they don’t already have it). Along with clothing accessories, tech accessories are also great gift ideas. If the guy in your life is an iPhone-addict, then get them an iPhone case that has their favorite team on it. Choose from a wide variety of NFL Team iPhone Cases from this seller on PennySaverUSA.com. If they’re not the tech person, then a hat is always a safe alternative. If you don’t know their hat size, then get an adjustable hat that has the snap-back and they can adjust the hat to fit the size of their head.

Video Games

Video games have evolved over the years, but their addictive qualities are the same. If someone you know is a video game junkie, then you can never go wrong getting them a video game. If they don’t already have the newest and most coveted video game, then you’re going to earn a tremendous amount of brownie points if you’re the one that gifts them the hottest game of the season/year. Just do your research before hand, and get

Video games and gaming consoles are great gift idea for menthe game for the correct gaming console that they have. If they’re not already hooked on video games, you can be the enabler in this situation, and get them an entire gaming console for the Holidays! Just be prepared to not talk to or see that person for a few days, since they’re entire days will be consumed with playing with their new toy. There are a lot of deals on consoles during the Holiday Season, and you can even find some in your local classifieds, like this deal on the Sony Playstation 3 Bundle.

These are just a few last-minute “general” gift ideas if you’re at a complete block on what to get for the guys in your life.

What are some “general” gift ideas for men that you recommend?

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Garage Sale Tips: Shopping for Mother’s Day 2012 gifts

It seems like every year when Mother’s Day rolls around the media pushes us to spend big: diamonds, fancy restaurants, and high-dollar perfumes. But you don’t have to burn a hole in your budget to give an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift that the moms in your life will cherish. Your neighborhood garage sales and estate sales are just the place to find unique, one-of-a-kind gifts, and mom will appreciate you being smart with your money.

Before you go shopping, make sure you’ve read our Weekend Shopping Guide for garage sale tips to help you get the most out of your experience. Once you’re up to speed, all you need to know is what type of mom you’re shopping for, and what yard sale items match her interests.

Gifts for the Gardening Mom

Unique planters, teacups, or vintage bowls – all of these can be found for $5 or less at garage sales. Put a little soil in them and a miniature plant (think succulents or violas), and you’ve got a gift that will wow. For inspiration, head to Epheriell Designs who made a beautiful teacup succulent garden.

Mother's Day gifts

Succulents like cacti can make great Mother's Day gifts.

Antique spoons – Antique spoons are easy to transform into adorable garden markers. Artsy VaVa has an easy DIY tutorial for creating whimsical herb garden spoon markers. Anyone would love this garden gift.

Lawn buddies – There’s always a cute figurine or two hiding out at a garage sale. Find out her favorite animal and keep your eyes peeled. There’s sure to be a porcelain or brass critter who’d love to call her lawn home.

Gifts for the Bookworm Mom

The obvious, books – Make a list of your mom’s favorite authors and scour the tables of your local yard sale. Books can usually be scored for $1 – $2.

Unique bookmarks – Many garage sales will have items that could be turned into beautiful bookmarks (think buttons, charms, and jewelry) at the sale. Head to Good Life Eats for inspirational DIY bookmark ideas before you go shopping.

Once you’ve rounded up some good reads and reading accessories, assemble them in a beautiful book gift basket with some of mom’s favorite teas and snacks. You’ll win the favorite kid award for sure.

Gifts for the Fashionista Mom

Jewelry – Head to estate sales or garage sales that explicitly state they have jewelry for sale. You should be able to find good bargains ranging from $1 – $10 at most sales. While the big box stores and high price tags might seem impressive, a garage sale jewelry gift is one of a kind and can be a real beauty once cleaned up. Who knows, you may even stumble on a valuable treasure.

Scarves and shawls – These can also be found at many estate sales. Keep an eye out for boxes filled with colorful silks, and you’re likely to find a vintage scarf or shawl hiding in there that would look beautiful on mom. All you need to do is give it a gentle hand wash and iron, and it will be ready for gifting.

These are just a few ideas. There are plenty of treasures to be had at garage sales. Know some gift ideas that we missed? Tell us with a comment, or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day, and many successful garage sale treasure hunts!

The PennySaverUSA Team

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Gift ideas for President Obama on his 50th birthday

Today marks Barack Obama’s 50th birthday and PennySaverUSA wanted to share some gift ideas for the President of the United States of America.

Our first gift ideas suggestion for President Obama is a massage! What with that nasty debt debate and then today’s stock market crash, it’s a tough time to man the Oval Office. Thankfully on his next trip to Orange County, he can get 50% off a massage at Body Therapy Center with this SaverTime daily deal.

With gold so incredibly expensive right now and President Obama looking for ways to save money, our next gift ideas suggestion is for a personalized sterling silver pendant! This daily deal is also from SaverTime and even comes with free shipping, so you wouldn’t have to pay to get it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

original pizza

President Obama deserves a nice big pizza for his birthday.

Nothing says party like pizza. Hence our next gift ideas suggestion for President Obama. On his next trip to the Sunshine State (Florida), PennySaverUSA would be glad to treat him to an awesome pie at Original Pizza II. Even better, they have great online coupons which would help cut down the expenses!

Our last gift ideas suggestion for President Obama’s 50th birthday is a cell phone app. The United States is the “Land of the free” after all, so we are giving him something that’s free! It’s called MOGASA, and it’s PennySaverUSA’s new cell phone app that helps you find, post and review garage sales (download it for iPhone or Android).

If you have more gift ideas for President Obama’s 50th, please leave them in the comments.

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Gift Ideas on PennySaverUSA.com!

Are you looking for ideas on what to buy for a husband or wife, cousin, nephew, aunt, uncle or anyone else in the immediate fam? (Yep, that’s a What About Bob reference) Why not let PennySaverUSA.com help you out a bit? We’d be glad to! Come take a gander at our Christmas Gift Ideas section!

We separate the department into Gifts for Men, Women and Kids, and also have Christmas Decorations, Holiday Helpers and a Holiday Boutique. Choose between wallets, watches, ties and gadgets like iPhones, gaming consoles and mp3 players in the men’s section.

In the women’s section, you can look through ads for purses, jewelry, clothes, massages and wine gift sets.

For the kids, we have the Boys, Girls, Babies and Toddler sections where you can browse through gaming consoles, toys, dolls, stuffed animals or everything under the sun that might be an exciting gift for the young ones to open on Christmas!

Be sure to come to PennySaverUSA.com for gifts for any of that special someone in your life!

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