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Clean house with PennySaverUSA.com coupons

With the arrival of spring comes the annual tradition of spring cleaning. In other words, it’s time to clean house!

Whether it be tending to the garden that you’ve ignored over the winter months, tidying up the living areas, rearranging the closet or upgrading with some new furniture or appliances; there is a lot to be done and it can get very expensive.

Clean house

PennySaverUSA.com has coupons to help you clean house.

That’s where PennySaverUSA.com’s coupon section comes in handy. Vendors on our site are offering discounts on a variety of goods and services to help you clean house.

Let’s attack the outside of your house first. You haven’t really touched the yard for the past few months and you need to give it some attention. Well, you’re in luck, because we have several good coupons on landscaping services and garden tools.

Once you get that taken care of, the daunting task of moving inside to clean house is up next. No need to worry. We have quite a few outstanding coupons for house cleaning services.

Now you need to update your wardrobe and upgrade the house with some new furniture and appliances. We’ve got your covered in those areas as well. Here are some clothing coupons to help you out and here some more coupons on furniture and appliances.

You probably never knew working to get a clean house could be so cheap and fun did you?

Have fun spring cleaning and if you need some tips, Sarah Aguirre’s Housekeeping Guide provides helpful suggestions.

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PennySaver Memories

PennySaver Memories

I go “yarding” with my girlfriends every Saturday morning and we use the PennySaver to obtain all the houses and addresses for our garage sales. We have met the nicest people along the way and have gotten some real “finds” over the years and there is a story that goes along with each and every one of our purchases. It is our “girl” time together and we thank the PennySaver for listing all the Garage Sales every week! -Farmingdale, NY

I have purchased many items through the Pennysaver including vehicles, furniture, sporting equipment, toys, maternity and kids clothes and lots of baby items. However, I’d have to say that my most memorable item obtained through the PennySaver would be my Golden Retriever dog, Tucker. I bought him through the Pennysaver as a puppy 13 years ago and still have him today. He is a wonderful family dog. My son adores him and calls him the “best dog ever.” They are best buddies and do everything together. We love him so much and wish he’d be able to stay with us forever! -Acton, CA

My favorite PennySaver memory was last year when there used to be “The Never-ending Contest” and I would enter to win each week with no success…until one day I checked my mailbox and discovered I had won four free tickets to the Sacramento Zoo! I was so excited and I took my wife and three children to the Sacramento Zoo. My kids had a great time! Thank you, Pennysaver! -Sacramento, CA

I LOVE going through the PennySaver, especially the Lost & Found ads. One week I noticed that someone had lost a Miniature Pinscher in Sylmar. I remembered seeing a “found” sign while out on a run for a dog fitting the description. I drove to where I had seen the sign and called the number, and they still had the dog. I told them about the ad for the lost dog, gave them the number and asked them to call me back if it was the same dog. I did in fact get a call back, but not from them,  but from the owner of the dog. It turned out to be the same dog, and the owner wanted to thank me for taking the time to get the “lost” and the “found” in touch with each other. Because of that experience, I ALWAYS pay attention to Lost & Found flyers and ads, because you just never know. -Sylmar, CA

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Shop Classifieds For Cyber Monday On PennySaverUSA!

If you are shopping online today, looking for great Cyber Monday deals, come by PennySaverUSA.com to check out all of the crazy bargains right here in our Gift Idea and merchandise sections!

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, where regular brick and mortar stores traditionally have crazy deals to start out the holiday shopping season. The following Monday (TODAY!) is known as Cyber Monday, due to the trend of shoppers looking for deals and doing a lot of shopping on e-commerce websites when they get back to their work or home computers after the Thanksgiving break.

PennySaverUSA is great place to find Cyber Monday deals because every day is a sale! We have our Unique Gift Ideas section that is custom-built to help you find that perfect gift for yourself, your friends or your family.  In addition to this, you can click into our Merchandise section to choose from electronics, furniture, appliances, sporting goods, antiques, musical gear, computers, jewelry and thousands of other ads at any given moment.

Take a minute to find yourself a great deal at PennySaverUSA.com this Cyber Monday!

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Steals of the Week: Used Furniture!

Every week about this time, we look all over PennySaverUSA.com for all of the crazy online deals that are added daily to our online classifieds. This week, we found an over-abundance of great deals on used furniture that we thought that you should see!

This beautiful, light color wood dining room table in Fontana, CA comes with 6 padded chairs and leaf. It’s an absolute steal for $150. You just can’t pass that up!

The price on this Santa Ana, CA combo is mind-boggling! It’s a solid oak, four chair table in good condition with matching hutch, all in  good condition. Their asking price for each is $100, But if you take both, they will drop price to $150!

Check out this La-Z-Boy full-size couch with built-in recliners in Aurora, IL. It has 3 sections/cushions and both ends recline. It’s used, but in great shape! The owners say that you can come pick it up, or that they will deliver if in the area! And all this for only $140!

Check out this table and two chair package. This is perfect for an apartment with one or two occupants. It’s a steal at $60 and is located in North Hollywood, CA.

Have you seen any Steals of the Week? Comment below!

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More PennySaver Memories

As many of you know, especially our California readers, PennySaver is a brand that has been a part of millions of lives for 48 years and is in over 700 local editions and mailed to 95% of the residents in California. And because of this, there are a great deal of stories that we hear from our readers about how the PennySaver shaped their life. We want to share a few of these every week with you here on our PennySaverUSA.com blog.

Before my daughter was born, I received two wind-up swings as shower gifts. However, my temperamental child would not allow me to put her in either one and both swings sat collecting dust. Solution: Pennysaver. I advertised both swings and immediately the phone began to ring. Within an hour of the Pennysaver hitting mailboxes, an eager customer was at my doorstep thrilled that she had two swings to choose from. A few minutes later a second customer arrived and scooped up the remaining swing. I trust that both of those babies enjoyed their swing time. If not, their moms could always count on the Pennysaver to find a more appreciative customer!!
-Oak Park, CA

It was 4 years ago that I was struggling to get through finals in college. I remember the late night cram sessions and deadlines that had to be met in order to graduate. One evening, I was home and decided to read something else other than Shakespeare for class. There was the usual junk mail filled with coupons and advertisements. I sifted through the pile until I found the weekly Penny Saver. I vaguely remember my mom telling me to open up page 6 when I got the chance. I assumed it was another garage sale ad she wanted us to go to, and with finals and papers, and deadlines, and lack of sleep, it took me 2 days to finally pick it up. I turned to the page in question and there it was. Simple, clear and true: “Good luck on your FINAL finals. Love, Mom” Those words were all it took for the uncertainty to melt away. It was then that I also realized that the journey is just as important as the destination.

-Lakewood, CA

Our favorite memory is when my husband won a contest with you. It was at least 5 yrs ago, he won $1,500 to spend at Don Roberto’s Jewelry Store. It was second place in the contest. We went to the store and were able to pick out $1,500 worth of jewelry. What a trip!

-Azusa, CA

My favorite memory of PennySaver USA is when my husband and I were in escrow and about to close on our 1st home in Chino, but didn’t have a piece of furniture. So what did we do? We turned to the PennySaver weekly ad. We came across this ad where this couple was selling everything we needed. I still have the original PennySaver ad dated 7/20/05 – 7/26/05 from the East Long Beach Shoreline Circular. The ad read: “MOVING SALE! 5-piece wrought iron dining room set, 9-piece king bedroom set. 5-piece living room set. Quality furniture, excellent condition!” We immediately called on the ad to get more information and to see if everything was available and it was. Let’s just say it was meant to be! Everything that we needed for our new home in way of furniture was being offered to us at a great price. We met with the couple selling the furniture and agreed to buy everything! Since we were moving from Long Beach, CA to Chino, CA, we rented a moving truck and pulled in the following weekend to pick up our new furniture for our new home! When our moving truck pulled in the couple’s driveway, their neighbors thought it was their moving truck, but in fact it was ours! It’s been 5 years since we purchased our “PennySaver furniture” and we are happy to say we are still enjoying it today in the same home we purchased in 2005. Our lives have changed a bit since this PennySaver purchase. We were a engaged couple when we purchased the furniture and we now have been married almost 4 years and have a beautiful 10 month old baby girl! We have gotten several compliments over the years on the furniture we purchased and always tell our “PennySaver” story. We love PennySaver USA!

-Chino, CA

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Steal of the Week!

Every week we come across some truly good deals on PennySaverUSA.com, and this week we think we found a doozie!

This deal came to our attention while perusing the furniture section of PennySaverUSA.com. The sellers, located in Oxnard, CA, are renovating their restaurant and are purchasing all new tables and chairs, and have 8 tables and 32 chairs that they want to sell.  They are selling each table with 4 chairs included for $100! That’s a nice package deal, huh? The tables and chairs are wooden and the tables come with an optional glass top. For a small mom and pop restaurant, that could be all the seating that you’ll need for a rather small price. The kicker is that they are even willing to offer a better deal if you take more than one, so click here to see the ad and to contact the sellers through the PennySaver website!

PennySaverUSA is dedicated to helping small business strive, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for great deals for everyone!

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Selling Furniture TIPS!

On PennySaverUSA.com, we have some excellent deals on new and used furniture, and we want to make sure to help the process whenever possible! If you’re currently selling or thinking about selling some furniture on our site, we want to give you some tips on what information to include to ensure that you get the most out of your ad!

When selling furniture, always make sure to not leave any stones unturned when describing the piece that you want to sell. Always make clear how old the piece is or how long that you’ve had it, as well as if kids and pets have spent any time around it, especially with a couch or chair. If the item that you’re selling has been in a household with 3 kids through ages 0-9, chances are it might look like it! Always be sure to mention if there were pets living with the items, just in case the potential buyer has allergies to animals.  Be sure to list any physical defects or damages; tears, broken pieces or stains.

The dimensions of the item is also very important. People can know right away by using a tape measure if they can fit the couch, table or chair into the space that they are thinking of putting it. It would save both parties hassle if they knew for sure that it fit beforehand. Also, a great deal of furniture is not really shipping friendly, so there is a good chance that you will end up selling your piece locally, and PennySaver is the ideal place to do that! When you deal with someone locally, you can discuss when they reply to your ad how they would like to pick it up and transport it if they choose to buy it.

And always, always include a picture!

Once you decide how much that you would like to sell it for, you’re ready to go! Go check out our furniture section and see what kind of ads are out there already!

So, Check List Time!

  • Pets
  • Kids
  • Condition
  • Age
  • Picture
  • Dimensions

Happy selling!

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How much is your junk worth?

How much is your junk worth?

Many of the items we acquire may outgrow us, or we may outgrow them. Our junk may end up being a hundred bucks worth of junk. Many oldies but goodies can be resold to make some cash. Items that can often get handed down to a younger sibling, a neighbor, or a friend, are also good items to sell online:

  • Maternity Clothes: Again, if there’s nobody there to hand it down to, sell it! You can group them together by apparel type (dresses, pants, blouses, etc.) and sell it in bulk to an expectant mother.
  • Baby Clothes: New parents are always surprised at the amount of laundry that needs to be done for such a small human being. Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly that parents can often go broke buying new clothes every week. You can group clothing by size (or months) so parents can go each size batch.

Read more…

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