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Enter the Craftmas online contest for a chance to win a cash prize

An amazing 2011 slate of PennySaverUSA.com online contests is coming to a close, but not without one last incredible online contest.

PennySaverUSA and MOGASA are pleased to present the Craftmas Contest!

craftmas contest

Win up to $300 by entering our Craftmas Contest.

All you have to do is show us your holiday spirit by sending us a photo of a seasonal craft you’ve created before December 29, 2011, and enter it through our online contest form.

Submissions will be scrutinized by a panel of PennySaverUSA judges (don’t worry, we’re not Grinches), and one winning entry will be chosen and announced on Friday, Dec. 30.

The winner will take home a $300 cash prize if they have downloaded our free mobile garage sale app MOGASA for iPhone or Android and $250 if they haven’t. That should help alleviate those bills coming in around the New Year!

Our previous two online contests were among the most successful in PennySaverUSA.com history and we hope to build that momentum with our Craftmas Contest!

We encourage all participants to also post their seasonal craft on the PennySaverUSA or MOGASA Facebook wall and provide a short description of what it took to make the craft.

Alright, enough yapping from us, you’ve got work to do, creating that seasonal craft masterpiece.

Good luck!

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PennySaverUSA.com online classifieds enhancements include place an ad on Facebook feature

First and foremost, PennSaverUSA.com is an online classifieds site. We have online coupons, online contests and daily deals, but our core service remains online classifieds.


Place a free online classifieds ad through the PennySaverUSA Facebook page.

As such, we have made and are continuing to make major enhancements to help you sell your stuff through PennySaverUSA.com online classifieds.

There is lots of competition in the online classifieds space, and if we had a penny for every time we heard that Craigslist was the “new PennySaver” we’d have enough money to pay off the national debt. But the fact of the matter is … the “new PennySaver” is actually PennySaverUSA.com!  (the original PennySaver print publication is still going strong in its own right).

PennySaverUSA.com features multiple online classifieds categories in which you can list what you are selling. Even better are the newer enhancements for sellers.

A big one is that you can now place your online classifieds ad from our Facebook page! If you happen to be on Facebook and are chatting with friends or just catching up on your wall or news feed and remember you wanted to sell something through an online classifieds ad, you no longer have to leave Facebook to do so.

Just visit the PennySaverUSA Facebook page and click on the “Place a free ad” tab on the left-hand side of the page located under the “Welcome!” tab. Then just fill out the fields and your online classifieds ad will be published to PennySaverUSA.com. Easy as pie.


Get premium ad placement and paid icons for a discounted $12 price.

Coming shortly we will also have Halloween icons available for your online classifieds ad at the very low cost of $2.50. This will really help set your ad apart.

We will also have a special holiday package deal for $12 that includes premium placement (normally $20 by itself) plus the Halloween icons. In order to take advantage of this great deal, just make sure to click the “Check out today’s bulk deals” on the enhancements page (step two of placing your ad). See the image to the right.

Forget all the competition and go with the trusted source for 50 years when placing your online classifieds ads: PennySaverUSA.com.

Please let us know in the comments about any other enhancements you’d like.

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Enter our contests for a chance to win great prizes

Now is a great time to be a PennySaverUSA.com Facebook Fan (Like our page if you haven’t yet), Twitter follower and blog reader. Why you ask? Because of the multitude of fantastic contests we are running at the moment.

First off there is the Made out of Pennies contest of which the winner will receive a cash prize of $250! We don’t have many entries yet, so your odds of winning are excellent. Plus, it’s just plain fun to make a cool unique creation out of pennies.


Join SaverTime.com now for a chance to win an iPad2.

Then there is the iPad2 contest from our sister daily deal site SaverTime.com. All you have to do is register for the best daily deals in California and you are automatically entered into the contest.

If you are a Florida resident, we have two more contests just for you. Sign up now to have a chance at winning a Sanibel Florida Get A Way or a Hutchinson Island Get A Way.

This coming Monday we will be celebrating Penny Day with an awesome contest on the site anyluckyday.com and through our Twitter account @pennysaverusa, so mark your calendars.

And if you thought that was all, we also have a new crossword puzzle this week! While there is no $50 prize, that will resume soon in the future, so practice your crossword skills by filling out the one for this week.

We hope you enjoy and enter all of our great contests and good luck!

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Enter our “Made out of Pennies” contest for a chance to win $250!

It’s time for our May contest announcement and what a doozy of a contest we have lined up for this month. It’s called the “Made out of Pennies” contest and works pretty much like it sounds.

All you have to do is enter the contest and send us in a photo of a cool creation you have made out of pennies. We then ask that you post the photo on our Facebook wall (not required) and share it with your friends and family through our Facebook wall.


Enter the "Made out of Pennies" contest now.

The deadline to enter is May 31, and PennySaverUSA.com will determine the winner through a rigorous judging process (okay, maybe not too rigorous, but there are some rules).

Whoever wins the contest will receive a $250 cash prize and join an illustrious group of champions that includes Ken (watch his winning entry from the April Fools Rush In video contest) and Rumyr (check out her winning entry for our Love Your Pet photo contest), among others.

To give you some ideas, we posted a photo gallery on our Facebook page of different things we and others have made out of pennies. But do remember, there are points for originality, so come up with your own unique creation!

What are you waiting for? Get started on your penny creation today and enter our “Made out of pennies” contest for a chance to win $250!

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Two Ways to Win in PennySaverUSA Online Contests This Week!

Happy Thanksgiving Week, everyone! It’s an exciting time for us here at PennySaverUSA this week as well, because we are giving you two ways to win in our Tweet2Win and Thanksgiving Recipe Contests!

To Enter the Thanksgiving Recipe Contest, you go to the contest entry page, located HERE, and enter your recipe in the fields provided. Recipe must include the name of the dish, the required ingredients and the ordered list of preparation steps. Optionally, you can include how much time it takes to prepare, what equipment is needed, the number of servings provided and what the texture or flavor of your dish is. Then be sure to Like us on Facebook and share your recipe on our Facebook wall. One random recipe will be chosen and the winner will receive $250!  Click HERE to see the details!

To Enter Tweet2Win: When you’re out doing your Holiday Shopping and you see an item that you would really love to own or give as a gift to someone else,  snap a picture of it. You then need to upload that photo somewhere where you can send us a link to it. (Twitpic, Flickr, Photo Bucket and ImageShack are good examples) The item must be a maximum retail value of $250. If it exceeds $250, we will award $250 towards the purchase of the item.

There are always multiple ways to win at PennySaverUSA.com! We hope everyone enjoys their Holiday Week!!!

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Small Business Saturday: Nov. 27

Next Saturday, Nov. 27, in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will be Small Business Saturday, a day meant to encourage people to get out and support the local businesses that keep their communities going strong!

Small Business Saturday, which is being held on Nov. 27, is a national movement to encourage shoppers to make a commitment to go out after Thanksgiving and support local business.  According to the official Small Business Saturday web page it is, “A day to come together in support of the small businesses we love. The shops and restaurants that employ our neighbors and reinvest our money close to home. The businesses that are the heartbeat of our communities and local economies.”

We want YOU to tell us what your favorite local business is and why. Comment below or go to our Facebook Wall and let us know what Small Business that you love and what they do for you! On Nov. 27, we will be Tweeting local business deals and details to help spread the word about local businesses in Orange County and beyond!

You can see more and join the movement by logging on to Facebook and going to the official Small Business Saturday Facebook Page.

To see Small Business facts, advocates for the day and much more, go the official website at http://smallbusinesssaturday.com/

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Submit Your Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe To Win $250!

We all grew up enjoying our family recipes at the Thanksgiving dinner table every year, and now, as adults, we get to make these same dishes for our own families. At PennySaver, we want to know what your favorite recipe for Thanksgiving is, and, by submitting it, you might just win $250! Check out our PennySaver of the Month-Thanksgiving Recipe Contest!

We will be choosing one random winner, and the deadline to have your entry to us is November 30, 2010. Be sure that it is an original recipe, and also a tasty one,  because we will be randomly preparing some of the dishes and posting a little mini-cooking show of our own to give some of the best sounding dishes a try. The actual winner of the contest will be drawn on December 1, 2010.  So give it a try!

Recipe must include the following key components:

- The name

- Required ingredients

- Ordered list of preparation steps

Optionally, include the following:

- How much time to prepare

- Equipment needed

- Number of servings provided

- Texture and flavor of the dish

CLICK HERE to go the contest page to see the official rules and to enter the contest.

Sound good? If you have any questions, ask us below  in the comment section and a member of our team will answer!

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Bruins or Beavers? PennySaverUSA/IWearYourShirt at the Rose Bowl!

On Saturday, PennySaverUSA.com teamed up with IWearYourShirt.com to visit the Rose Bowl and watch the UCLA Bruins play the Oregon State Beavers, and we wanted our fans to be able to participate as well! Over 400 people texted in who they wanted to win the game, but they did have an incentive for their vote: We are randomly choosing 50 of the 440 people and will award them with $50! Those are some great odds!

Evan, from IWearYourShirt.com, and Brett, from PennySaverUSA.com, took to the tailgating masses at the Rose Bowl and handed out PSUSA stickers with the contest instructions on the back of the stickers. The UCLA fans were so amazing to us in the parking lot and made us feel right at home!

After all of the votes were counted, it looked like our PennySaver peeps out there are slightly bigger fans of California’s own UCLA. The final count of the votes submitted via mobile phone was Bruins-240/Beavers-200. The Bruins fans picked the correct winner; UCLA beat out Oregon State 17-14. Well Done! Thanks for voting! If you were one of the 50 people selected, you will receive a verification text today to let you kn0w that you win 50 bucks!

I Wear Your Shirt was so great to us on Saturday! Click Here check out all of their videos and pictures for PennySaverUSA.com Day!

Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook, we just hit the 4,000 mark today.

Check out Evan’s video from the game on Saturday below!

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PennySaverUSA.com Teams With Iwearyourshirt.com at College Football Event to Promote Mobile Online Contest!

Fifty lucky football fans will have a chance to win $50 by texting which team they want to win Saturday November 6th’s game between UCLA and Oregon State University at the Rose Bowl. PennySaverUSA.com has teamed up with iWearYourShirt.com to interact with football fans at the game and fans watching at home to offer them a chance to win cash prizes.

BREA, CA – November 3, 2010 – PennySaverUSA.com, a Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS) company, has teamed up with iWearYourShirt.com to bring together both the online classifieds brand and the social media sensation to the November 6th UCLA versus Oregon State University game at the Pasadena Rose Bowl through a mobile online contest.

Attendees of the Oregon State-UCLA game will be greeted by iWearYourShirt’s Evan White who will be promoting the online classifieds brand and spreading the word about the online contest. Meanwhile the East Coast half of the social marketing duo, Jason Sadler, will be plugging the online contest to fans watching at home and tuning in through their mobile phones via Twitter and Facebook.

College football fans will also get to participate in voting on which team they want to win the game. Fans will use their mobile phones to vote and receive a chance to become one of the fifty winners to receive $50.  Fans can vote by texting either BRUINS or BEAVERS to 48696, and their vote will automatically enter them into the online contest. Only one vote per person per mobile device will be entered into the contest. Standard carrier messaging rates do apply. This is the latest in a series of online PennySaverUSA.com contests.  PennySaverUSA.com will be announcing the winners exclusively on their Facebook page.

Loren Dalton, President of PennySaverUSA.com, says, “We’re excited to work with the iWearYourShirt team in promoting our online classifieds and online coupons website through social media outlets.  It’s important to us to reach out to the generation who is constantly using mobile and social media to let them know about all the great features our website has to offer.  Whether you are a football fan, a texter, a tweeter, or none of the above, we have something for you on our online classifieds site.”

This is the first text message based online contest from PennySaverUSA.com. Fifty winners will be notified with instructions on how to claim their $50 cash prize. The outcome of the poll will be announced exclusively on the PennySaverUSA.com Facebook Page.

For more information on the online contest and to view the complete online contest rules, please visit: http://pennysaverusa.com/contest.

About PennySaverUSA.com™
PennySaverUSA.com is the leading single print publication together with its sister Harte-Hanks Shoppers Florida-based publication, TheFlyer.com™.  Since 1962, the PennySaver has helped businesses in California advertise to local communities while connecting buyers and sellers through local classifieds. Now known as PennySaverUSA.com, readers are still enjoying the same local values as the publication has been trusted to deliver for decades. On the web, PennySaverUSA.com and TheFlyer.com are advertising portals bringing users local online classifieds, business listings, online coupons, and a range of business products and services like PowerSites™ that help small- and medium-size businesses build websites and establish a web presence to improve lead generation. For more information, visit us online at http://www.pennysaverusa.com or http://www.theflyer.com.

About Harte-Hanks®

Harte-Hanks is a worldwide direct and targeted marketing company that provides marketing services and shopper advertising opportunities to local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers.  Visit the Harte-Hanks Web site at http://www.harte-hanks.com or call (800) 456-9748.

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PennySaverUSA.com On Your Mobile Phone

Yes, my friends, it’s a FACT! You can access PennySaverUSA.com’s 1 million+ local classifieds and coupons while away from your computer. The site allows you to view all items on sale, coupons and offers from businesses nationwide, classified ads specific to your area and you can even place a FREE ad right from your web-enabled mobile phone.

Unlike mobile applications, the mobile version of PennySaverUSA requires no special download and is conveniently designed to be freely accessible from all web-enabled mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and more!

Just go to the mobile web browser on your phone and type in www.pennysaverusa.com and you will automatically be directed to the mobile version of the website. It’s that easy!

PennySaverUSA Mobile Features:

  • Access to 1 million+ mobile classifieds and mobile coupons nationwide to help you save when you’re on the go.
  • Search any location by zip code or City and State.
  • Find mobile classifieds and mobile coupons by category–from Pets and Restaurants to Home Improvement.
  • Search in your current location automatically with integrated GPS technology
    (for iPhone 3.0+ and Android 2.0+ devices only)
  • Save ads and coupons to your own personal clipboard.
  • Share ads and coupons on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Place a free online ad for an item or service you’re selling.
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