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5 Simple Steps for Losing Weight and Improving Health- Brought to You by 1-800-Get-Thin

Every January 1st, we all make lofty promises to diet and exercise like maniacs so we can be ready for beach strutting come summer. But by February first, we’re back to our old bad habits.  Instead of giving up on your resolution altogether, incorporate PennySaverUSA’s five simple lifestyle changes that you can make any time of year and see real results.


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  1. Break your 3 meal routine into 5 smaller portions -  According to Karen Ficarelli, personal trainer and founder of Fitness 4 Her, “When you spread your calorie intake into five smaller meals a day, you create a steady stream of energy that can keep you going without that drag you feel in between meals.” Plus you boost your metabolism and burn more calories.
  2. Walk, walk, walk - Many of us spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen for work, which doesn’t do anything good for our waistlines. To combat this, use your work breaks to take refreshing walks around your office. Not only will you feel invigorated, but you’ll burn calories, too!
  3. Exercise at your desk - While we can’t get out of sitting for hours at work, we can make them productive with these easy, but effective desk exercises from workawesome.com.
  4. Replace sugary snacks and sodas with healthy alternatives - According to Dr. Oz, “Sugar consumption causes fat to build up in liver cells, which decreases the liver’s ability to metabolize fats and sugars and detoxify your body.” Replace your afternoon Diet Coke with a sparkling water (add cranberry juice for a tasty treat) and that bag of chips with carrot sticks, and you’ll actually feel fuller and lose weight faster.
  5. Join a group fitness program – It’s much easier to feel motivated when you’re surrounded by others who are working towards the same health goals. Join a gym with group exercise classes or an after work running club, and you’ll start to look forward to working out. Be sure to check out our partner SaverTime.com, as they’re always running great daily deals for boot camps, gyms, and health clubs.

We hope you’ll start implementing these five simple lifestyle changes that will help you look and feel fabulous long before carolers sing Auld Lang Syne.

This post was sponsored by 1800-Get-Thin. While we were paid for this post, the opinions are 100% our own. Contact 1800-Get-Thin for a free weight loss orientation at a location near you!

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What Is Your New Year’s Resolution? Tell Us To Win $250!

What is your New Year’s Resolution this year? Are you going to try and lose weight? Quit smoking? Travel? Eat better and work out? Go Green? Tell us what your New Year’s Resolution is and you might just win $250 to help you accomplish that goal! Today we begin our PennySaverUSA.com New Year’s Resolution 2011 Contest!

It’s Simple: All you need to do is go to the CONTEST page, log-in with your PennySaverUSA ID or register and tell us in the space provided what your New Year’s Resolution for 2011 is. We will pick a random winner on January 24, and that person will receive $250 to help in accomplishing their goal!

Do you want to commit to run a marathon? Buy yourself some running gear! Do you want to travel more? Put the $250 back for a trip later in the year.  It’s easy to enter and win!

Go to our online contest page and click below to see the official rules.

Happy 2011, everyone, and good luck with those resolutions!

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