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Steals of the Week: Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Forget the traditional Easter baskets filled with Cadbury eggs and other various sorts of candies, here at PennySaverUSA.com we prefer unique Easter basket gift ideas.

In this edition of Steals of the Week, we highlight five Easter basket gift ideas that will wow your kids. You can always just give them the chocolates on the side, after all.

The first of the Easter basket gift ideas comes from a seller in San Gabriel, CA. It’s an adorable little ceramic carrot tree with bunnies swinging from either side. The best part? It’s available for a very Steals of the Week quality price of $5.

Next among the Easter basket gift ideas is a Toland Home Garden Bunny Daffodil Flag on sale in Adelanto, CA. In addition to being a very attractive piece of art that will fit in perfectly on your child’s wall – it’s also cost-effective at only $10.

Steals of the Week heads to Fullerton, CA for the third Easter basket gift ideas suggestion. It’s a brilliant blue Breyer horse – unicorn in an action pose. Well worth the $35 (or best offer) in our opinion.

No. 4 on our Steals of the Week list of Easter basket gift ideas is a video game … but not just any video game. It’s Kirby’s Return to Dream Land (2011) video game for the Wii! If you haven’t played this game, it’s really a blast and is also safe for kids to play. A Tampa, Fla. seller is willing to part with it for only $25.

Closing out Steals of the Week is an Easter basket gift idea for those willing to spend a bit more. A rare collection of five holiday Barbie dolls that are all brand new and still in the box is being offered for $150 in Elkridge, MD. You could make an entire Easter basket with a Barbie theme and make your daughter a very happy camper.

Rating 3.00 out of 5