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Save Money Monday: Black Friday shopping tips

As if Thanksgiving, one of the best holidays of the year, wasn’t enough, it’s followed by Black Friday – the best shopping day of the year. Save Money Monday is here to provide a how-to shopping tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday.

The first key to a productive Black Friday shopping trip is to figure out what items are on your list to buy. That point is vital to remaining efficient in your shopping.

Once you have a list of items, the next step is to scout out which stores have the best sales for the types of items you are seeking. Coupon bloggers can be of great assistance in this matter. Some of our favorite coupon bloggers are The Realistic Couponer, Nifty Mom, Southern Cali Saver, Coupon Katarina and Coupon Mamacita.

Now that you know what items you want and which stores you need to target, you should figure out when each store opens when and plot out your trip. Some kick off at midnight, while others don’t open until the wee hours of the morning. That information is pivotal to your planning.

Use a site like Mapquest or Google Maps to get directions to each store and take that into account as well when deciding which route to take and which stores to visit first.

Finally, with everything planned, set a budget. Even on Black Friday, you can wind up spending a fortune if not careful. The last thing you need is to go into debt, while buying discount merchandise!

Have fun shopping everyone and share with us your strategies in our comments.

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Steals of the Week: Discount merchandise

It’s about time Steals of the Week went back to its roots and found five of the best discount merchandise deals on PennySaverUSA.com, regardless of category. Enjoy this abbreviated journey of the best stuff our free classifieds have to offer.

The first item in Steals of the Week is a cool collection of Nancy Drew books. The books for sale can be had for $2.50 each or $97.50 for 39 total. Not a bad deal for a real piece of American literature. The seller is located in La Crescenta, Ca.

nancy drew

Next up among  Steals of the Week discount merchandise is a Thomsonville Dining Table. It’s in great condition, says the seller, and comes with extender and custom made pads. It is available for only $100, but you must pick up the table in San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

thomsonville table

The third discount merchandise item in Steals of the Week is an Uppababy Vista stroller. The storage basket is a little snagged, but otherwise it’s in great condition promises the seller. It comes with the original instructions and manual and is priced at $400 (or best offer). The seller is in Fontana, Ca.


Now we arrive at discount merchandise in the form of a Black & Decker Hammer Drill. It comes with the case and key and works just fine, according to the seller. The drill will cost you $50 and is located in Hollywood, Fla.


Our final discount merchandise in this edition of Steals of the Week is a new two-tone sectional sofa with free matching ottoman. This whole package is available with free assembly in Los Angeles for just $449. If you live in Orange County, assembly will set you back $99. If you live elsewhere, you’d likely have to negotiate shipping costs.


We hope you enjoyed Steals of the Week: Discount merchandise, and let us know of the great deals you’ve found in our classifieds lately in our comments.

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