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Save Money Monday: The difference between a coupon, a daily deal voucher and a sale

PennySaverUSA’s Save Money Monday coupon blog is back on the scene and we are devoting today’s entry to detailing the differences between a coupon, a daily deal voucher and a sale.

On the surface, a coupon, a daily deal voucher and a sale might appear to be the same. In fact, the distinctions between the three are very important.

A coupon provides a discount for a particular item or service. There are printed coupons, online coupons and mobile coupons. Coupons can range from 25 cents off a box of cereal to $250 off a $1,000 couch.

Printed coupons can be found in publications like the PennySaver and must be brought to a store in order to get the stated discount off the stated product or service.

smog coupon

This is an example of a printable online coupon.

Online coupons come in two forms. Printable online coupons can be found in PennySaverUSA.com and function the same way as printed coupons. E-commerce online coupons, on the other hand, provide a promo code that you can then use when making an online purchase. When you submit the promo code, the stated discount will get subtracted from the price of your online purchase.

Mobile coupons are redeemable from your cell phone and are rapidly growing in popularity. They function the same way as printable coupons, but instead of presenting a printed coupon to the store, you just show them the coupon on the screen of your cell phone. PennySaverUSA has launched the app Cha-Ching (available for both iPhone and Android phones) to provide you a way to use mobile coupons.

While a coupon requires no upfront purchase, a daily deal voucher must be bought. You pay a stated price upfront for the voucher and in return you get whatever the value of the voucher. For example, you pay $5 for a $15 men’s haircut voucher to the local barber shop. You then take that voucher to the local barber and you don’t have to pay for a haircut (aside from the initial $5 outlay to buy the voucher). PennySaverUSA.com now has daily deals available from SaverTime.

A sale is very different from a coupon and a daily deal voucher, because it requires no action. A sale is a discount offered by a merchant on a particular item or service to everyone. A coupon (printed or online) or daily deal voucher is not necessary to obtain the discount. Check out PennySaverUSA.com’s PowerSites directory to find local sales in your area.

Please leave in the comments if you have any further questions about the difference between a coupon, a daily deal voucher and a sale.

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