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Zombies, Upside Down Gardening and Light Bulbs?

Today on the PennySaverUSA Facebook Page we asked: What is the smallest or least expensive item that you have ever purchased online? We received some diverse answers that sparked a nice conversation about upside down gardening.  (Long story, go check it out for yourself: )

We asked our Web Team here at PennySaverUSA Headquarters the same question, and we found that we do indeed have some individuals who don’t mind paying shipping for a wee-little box with a wee-little item inside.  Some purchases include high priced items like a $6 toy for a daughter, $1.12 for a halogen light bulb, a 34 cent guitar string and used books ranging all the way from $0.01 to $1.00. Matter of fact, one employee even had the smallest item that they have purchased here at work with them, pictured below.  Hug a Zombie, won’t you?

If you have purchased any small items or inexpensive items online, tell us about them by commenting below.

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