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Announcing the $250 winner of our Penny the Pig Trivia contest

The main reason – this is worthy of being repeated – the MAIN REASON that PennySaverUSA has been able to reach its 50th birthday this year is its loyal readers.

You are the best fans that any publisher could possibly hope for, and your passionate support drives us every day to continue providing the best coupons, deals and classifieds you can find anywhere.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary in several different ways, and we kicked that off with last month’s Penny the Pig Trivia Contest, which asked you to answer a very simple question that was on our Facebook page: What birthday is PennySaverUSA celebrating this year?penny the pig trivia winner

Over 600 entries flowed in – almost all of them with the correct answer – for this contest, but alas, there can only be one winner.

And that winner is … Beth T.!

Please help us in congratulating Beth T. with a friendly comment, and stay tuned for our next 50th Anniversary contest.

It’s coming very soon and we promise it will result in plenty of fun for everyone who participates.

In the meantime, enter our weekly PennySaver Trivia contest for a shot at $50!

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PennySaver contests: Share a Memory; Make a Buck

Time to face a hard truth: PennySaver contests are just totally awesome and when there isn’t one running, it’s very sad.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be sad as we’re unveiling the newest of our PennySaver contests.share-a-memory-make-a-buck-online-contest

It’s called the Share a Memory; Make a Buck Contest and is a perfect way to kick off the 2012 slate of monthly PennySaver contests.

All you have to do is write a short essay (250 words or less) about a memory from 2011 that defined your year and submit your entry here. The winner will receive a $250 cash prize.

Our judges will review all of our entries and judge on content, originality, and clarity (save our eyes and spellcheck).

Baby’s first steps, blushing brides, first glimpse of the Grand Canyon? We want to hear about it all. We’ve got tissues and bubbly toasts standing by.

That’s not all, though! There are two more PennySaver contests for our Florida readers from our partner publication The Flyer:

  1. Enter for a chance to win a 4 Day/ 3 Night Getaway to Grand Golf Resorts of Florida
  2. Enter for a chance to win a 4 day/ 3 night getaway for 4 to Florida’s Space Coast

Happy New Year and good luck in the PennySaver contests.

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Final chance to enter the Craftmas online contest

Twas the eve before Craftmas eve and Penny the Pig’s face was filled with glee … PennySaverUSA’s online contest had so many incredible entries for him to see!

The quality of the submissions has truly made the PennySaverUSA staff proud and in awe of the amazing talent displayed by our readers.


Visit the PennySaverUSA Facebook page to see all the entries.

So far, over 150 entries have been collected and the task of picking the winner will be extremely difficult. But we only expect the job of the judges to get harder over the next two days. That’s because the Craftmas online contest doesn’t end until Dec. 29!

Yep, you heard right, you have until Dec. 29 to submit a photo of your holiday craft. The prize for the winner is $250 – unless you have downloaded our free mobile garage sale app MOGASA on your iPhone or Android. If you are a MOGASA user, you will receive a $300 cash prize.

With the competition so tough right now, your best bet is to make a very unique holiday craft. Not to say that the multitude of wreaths, snowmen and gingerbread houses we’ve received aren’t awesome, because they are, but the more original the idea, the more it will stand out.

Don’t forget to post your seasonal craft photo on the PennySaverUSA Facebook wall and view all the entries on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page photos tab.

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Enter the Craftmas online contest for a chance to win a cash prize

An amazing 2011 slate of PennySaverUSA.com online contests is coming to a close, but not without one last incredible online contest.

PennySaverUSA and MOGASA are pleased to present the Craftmas Contest!

craftmas contest

Win up to $300 by entering our Craftmas Contest.

All you have to do is show us your holiday spirit by sending us a photo of a seasonal craft you’ve created before December 29, 2011, and enter it through our online contest form.

Submissions will be scrutinized by a panel of PennySaverUSA judges (don’t worry, we’re not Grinches), and one winning entry will be chosen and announced on Friday, Dec. 30.

The winner will take home a $300 cash prize if they have downloaded our free mobile garage sale app MOGASA for iPhone or Android and $250 if they haven’t. That should help alleviate those bills coming in around the New Year!

Our previous two online contests were among the most successful in PennySaverUSA.com history and we hope to build that momentum with our Craftmas Contest!

We encourage all participants to also post their seasonal craft on the PennySaverUSA or MOGASA Facebook wall and provide a short description of what it took to make the craft.

Alright, enough yapping from us, you’ve got work to do, creating that seasonal craft masterpiece.

Good luck!

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Vote: Determine the winner of the “Favorite Teachers” online contest

Voting has ended for this contest. Please check back soon for when we announce the winner!

PennySaverUSA.com’s “Favorite Teachers” online contest is in its final leg. The five finalists have been selected, and the winner of the $250 cash prize will be determined by which entry gets the most votes in the comments.

In order to vote in this online contest, please leave a comment on the blog with the corresponding number of which entry you have selected.

Without any further delay, here are the five entries:


1. My favorite teacher was in third grade. Mrs. Dickey was amazing. She made learning fun everyday. She was loud, always laughing, a fiery redhead with a heart of gold. She convinced us we could be anything we wanted in life. Mrs. Dickey saw that I loved to read and helped our family buy a set of World Book Encyclopedias, which we couldn’t have afforded otherwise. She brought extra clothes and lunches to school for kids who might need them. She was an angel.


2. My favorite teacher, unknown to her many years ago, ended up shaping my entire life and who I am today when it comes to my career and even many of my values.

Mrs. Hoffman was my English teacher and also the advisor for our Literary Club. I enjoyed writing and she encouraged it every step of the way.  She made me believe in myself and I am forever grateful for that gift from her.

A few years after graduation, I submitted my first piece of writing for publication.  The initial response from the first publication was a rejection, but I remembered Mrs. Hoffman’s faith in my writing and I tried again.  It was accepted by the second publication I tried and I’ve been a freelance writer ever since.

The world needs a lot more “Mrs. Hoffman’s.”  Her encouragement was always the self esteem boost that an extremely unsure-of- herself girl needed.  I tried to find her a number of years after I graduated to tell her that her teaching and encouragement meant so much to me.  Sadly I was not able to locate her but I’m sure she’s still inspiring students to reach for the stars with their creative writing.  Carry on, Mrs. Hoffman!


3. My 3rd Grade Teacher, Ms. Vivis, was my absolute favorite teacher. She was very understanding every step of the way when my parents were getting a divorce. There was a week when I could not bring my books to school because of the games my parents were playing, but she would let me take her teacher editions home with me. She would make sure I had the notes and homework assignments; and would give me extra time when I would miss days. Even years later, when I randomly saw her at a gas station, she came over, gave me a hug, and made sure I was doing alright. She has since passed away, taken much too soon, but her memory lives on in the students she has taught.


4. Have you ever had that one teacher who would always call on you? Every time they did your stomach would turn, your palms would sweat, you would blush ridiculously and you would struggle to get out a response while nervously biting your pen. Every day my teacher would ask me to share my opinion, make a claim and then provide evidence for my statements. I couldn’t understand why this teacher, the first in my entire academic career, would  make me speak in class. When I refused or hesitated to speak, she would calmly look into my eyes and say in the kindest voice ” I think you have valuable input, please share”.

In an attempt to stop her from hasseling me I told her that I disliked sharing my opinion in class because I feared my classmates would judge me. Bad idea, she called on me twice a day instead of once.  Why did she enjoy my misery? For two years this teacher stopped me in my tracks and forced me to argue a position. As my final semester with her came to an end I no longer needed her assistance, I was able to freely and comfortably share my thoughts not only with my classmates but with strangers, at the market and in the workforce. She taught me to think for myself and to eloquently explain my rationale. Deborah Michaels guided me and taught me to value my voice and this is why she is my favorite teacher.


5. This is a story my daughter (9 years old in 4th grade) wrote for her teacher (we framed it and gave it to her as an end of year present)….

My teacher earns 5 stars every school day!
She is always smiling at me ;-).
I learn alot in my class and if
I don’t understand something, it’s okay,
because she will show me how to do it.

I can tell Ms. Hull enjoys teaching,
because she has a passion when she’s teaching.
She is always trying new and creative things to make
every day a fun day while we are learning.
For St. Patricks day we built leprechaun traps -
these are special traps with a simple mechanism (science)
that will catch those sneaky leprechauns!
I can always feel her excitement and
it makes me excited to learn!

Ms. Hull uses her head and her heart to teach us.
I feel she really likes me alot.
She doesn’t have a favorite, she loves us all.
She misses me when I’m sick.
She will always give anyone a hug that needs it.
We love when she reads stories to our class.
Everyone says ‘awwwwww’ when the story is done.
We want the story to go on forever because we
love hearing her sweet voice read to us.

Ms. Hull teaches to all of me.
She makes my brain smarter by teaching me
math, english and science.
She makes my heart bigger teaching me to respect my friends,
love my environment and to celebrate life!

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Enter our “Favorite Teacher” online contest for a chance to win $250!

It’s time for PennySaverUSA.com to build on the amazing success of the “Made Out of Pennies Contest” with our new online contest. All of the incredible creativity you put into making a cool creation out of pennies, we’d like to see put into words in the “Favorite Teacher” online contest.

Just tell us about the best teacher you ever had in 250 words or less, and you could win a $250 cash prize! It really is that simple.

Favorite Teacher contest

Tell us about your favorite teacher for a chance to win $250!

With June being graduation month, we wanted our contest to recognize those teachers who have helped you or your kids get to the moment of pomp and circumstance.

A PennySaverUSA.com panel of judges will determine five finalists, and those essays will then be published on the PennySaverUSA.com blog. Users will vote for their favorite by commenting on the blog, and the essay with the most votes will receive $250!

The online contest is open from June 8-June 26, and voting will occur from June 27-June 30. You guys have raised the bar over the past couple months with your awesome April Fools Rush In videos and Made Out of Pennies creations, so we’re expecting some strong submissions.

Get to writing and enter now!

Also don’t forget about the free $5 credit that local daily deal site SaverTime.com is giving to new subscribers!

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Enter our “Made out of Pennies” contest for a chance to win $250!

It’s time for our May contest announcement and what a doozy of a contest we have lined up for this month. It’s called the “Made out of Pennies” contest and works pretty much like it sounds.

All you have to do is enter the contest and send us in a photo of a cool creation you have made out of pennies. We then ask that you post the photo on our Facebook wall (not required) and share it with your friends and family through our Facebook wall.


Enter the "Made out of Pennies" contest now.

The deadline to enter is May 31, and PennySaverUSA.com will determine the winner through a rigorous judging process (okay, maybe not too rigorous, but there are some rules).

Whoever wins the contest will receive a $250 cash prize and join an illustrious group of champions that includes Ken (watch his winning entry from the April Fools Rush In video contest) and Rumyr (check out her winning entry for our Love Your Pet photo contest), among others.

To give you some ideas, we posted a photo gallery on our Facebook page of different things we and others have made out of pennies. But do remember, there are points for originality, so come up with your own unique creation!

What are you waiting for? Get started on your penny creation today and enter our “Made out of pennies” contest for a chance to win $250!

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How-to enter our April video free contest for a chance at a $250 cash prize!

Entries for the PennySaverUSA.com April video free contest are starting to trickle in slowly, but we wanted to take some time to point out to you how easy it is to enter.

Some of you might be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of having to tape a video and upload it onto YouTube. It’s actually quite simple, though.

If you have a smartphone, you can just film a quick little clip with your phone, and upload it to YouTube using the YouTube app. That’s about as easy as it gets.

free contest

If you don’t have a smartphone, it’s only slightly more difficult. Most digital still cameras these days also contain a video function. All you have to do is put the setting on your camera to video, take a quick clip of you doing or saying something funny and save it to your computer using a USB chord. Once you have it on your computer, it takes a matter of seconds to upload it onto YouTube. It’s no different than uploading a photo onto a web site.

Of course, there is also the option of going all out and using an actual video camera to film something funny. Again, once you have filmed it, just hook your video camera up to a USB chord, save it on to your computer and upload it to YouTube. If you don’t have a USB chord, odds are a friend or family member has one or can help you figure out how to get your video onto your computer.

Should you not happen to have a video camera, digital camera or smartphone, someone you know probably does and you can collaborate with them. The cash prize of $250 is plenty large enough to share after all.

The video must be clean and harmless, but it can involve a joke or anything funny. We have provided another example above of when PennySaverUSA when to International Pillow Fight Day of the kind of video that could win you $250!

Have fun filming and good luck.

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Enter PennySaverUSA.com’s free contest for a chance to win a $250 cash prize

Earlier today we announced our March “Your Lucky Day” free contest winner, and Yvette Maclean will take home the $250 cash prize.

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to win that free contest, however, you can enter the April Fools Rush In contest for a chance at another $250 cash prize.

It’s a very simple contest. All you have to do is make a funny video, upload it to YouTube and send us in the link, along with your name, email address and location. See how easy that is? What are you waiting for!?

While PennySaverUSA.com employees are ineligible to win the cash prize, Jason Feller, the PennySaverUSA.com Online Content & Community Manager, made his own entry into the contest and dares you to beat him.

He played a practical joke on three of his co-workers and used a hidden camera to capture their reactions. Watch above.

Please remember to keep your entries clean, fun and harmless. Any offensive videos will be disqualified immediately, and we will not permit videos in which anyone got hurt.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll submit a funny video link and wind up emerging with a $250 cash prize like Yvette Maclean.

Happy filming and good luck!

Rating 3.00 out of 5

“Your Lucky Day” free contest winner announced

PennySaverUSA.com’s “Your Lucky Day” free contest was a rousing success with 350 total entries.

Picking through the significant number of amazing stories to find a winner was extremely difficult. You guys blew away the PennySaverUSA.com staff stories of their lucky day (see the video).

There were epic tales of unlikely survival in a catastrophe, heartwarming recollections of meeting that special someone, cute anecdotes from proud parents and memorable accounts of winning or finding money and prizes.

The quality of entries truly was astounding, but one lucky winner had to be chosen.

Congratulations to Yvette Maclean from El Cajon, Ca. who made the victorious submission and will be receiving a $250 cash prize for her efforts.

Her touching story of finding $45 on the ground, using the cash to buy a bike helmet for her toddler daughter and that helmet protecting her daughter from serious injury when she crashed and landed on her head the following day, struck just the right chord.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the “Your Lucky Day” free contest, and please join us in congratulating Yvette Maclean.

Here is her full entry, for those interested: When my when my son was five we went bicycle riding a lot. The next year his sister was born and we had to walk everywhere and take the stroller. When she was around 3 years old, I bought a child seat for my bike for her but didn’t have enough for her helmet, so even though I though about using the bike we kept walking. On one walk to the store I found $45 on the ground (pretty lucky) so we stopped at Target and got her a toddler bike helmet. Two days later we were out for a ride and the bike hit a hole in the sidewalk and completely flipped over. I fell off but my daughter was strapped in and her head hit the pavement. Luckily she had on her brand new fish covered helmet, and it saved her (pretty lucky).

Rating 3.50 out of 5