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Pet Finalists: A Closer Look

Our voting is well underway for the Cutest Pet Contest, and today we want to feature a few brief bios to tell you a little bit more about a few of our contestants. Click here to see all of the finalists and vote via text!

This is Boomer, a 6 year old male French Bulldog. Boomer loves to go on long car rides and spends a great deal of his time practicing his bone chewing technique. He also loves his toy/best friend, Mr. Biggles the Bunny; they go together like peas and carrots, as Forrest would say! His owner says, “Boomer has never met a stranger. Everyone is greeted like a long lost friend.”

Boomer, with Mr. Biggles close beside.Text PET8 to 48696 to Vote for Boomer!

Meet Nina, the 5-month-old female, long-haired Calico Kitten. Nina is very young and playful. She enjoys playing with her mouse-shaped ball and she’s grown quite accustom to afternoon napping. Her current snack of choice is a Pounce Seafood Moist Treat.

I am Nina. Hear me roar. Text PET4 to Vote for Nina!

Our 3rd contestant today is Pandora, the 10-week-old female Chihuahua. Pandora loves to play with her little orange ball and her favorite activity is giving kisses to her owner. She already chewing on a tiny rawhide bone, so she’s on her way to adulthood!

"shhhh....I think I know where they keep the treats. Follow me..."Text Pet6 to Vote for Pandora!

Our next contestant is a 3-year-old Pomeranian Poodle (also known as a Pomapoo or Poopom) named Ziggy. He doesn’t always require glasses, just when reading. Ziggy enjoys a good bike ride from time to time, as well as playing fetch. His favorite toys are bouncy balls and a small dog plush dog toy named Bingo that he’s had since he was a puppy. Ziggy’s favorite treat is duck jerky!

Mom! Yard Sale! Look! Text PET3 to Vote for Ziggy!

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