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Steals of the Week: Get a fantastic bargain for the family

With gas and food prices going up, and wages stagnant, these are difficult times for most families. Finding a good bargain has never been more important. PennySaverUSA.com will try to help with our family edition of Steals of the Week!

One of the most important purchases you can make for your baby is a car seat. The Chico KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, which is one of the highest-rated car seats on the market and got high praise from carseatblog.com (a good resource to visit), is available for the incredible bargain price of $60. The seller is located in Arleta, Ca. and says it is in excellent condition, very clean and has only been used for four months.


They say a dog is man’s best friend, but in reality, there are few things more capable of bringing an entire family closer together. A few weeks back we highlighted puppies for sale in our Steals of the Week blog series, but as some of our readers pointed out, adoption is another great option. You can rescue a little doggie and save yourself money in the process. This adorable two-year-old mutt is available for adoption in New Brunswick, NJ.

dog adoption

Next up is an astounding bargain on a toy for your daughter (not that a boy couldn’t necessarily enjoy it, either). The award-winning FurReal Pony is on sale in San Marcos, Ca. This large toy typically costs $200 or more, but the seller is willing to part with it for just $79 and says it is in excellent condition. Now that’s a bargain.


It is a time-honored tradition for American families to shoot hoops together in the backyard. It’s a great way to get kids of all ages off the couch and away from the video game console for a few minutes. And it’s affordable. This portable basketball goal is selling for just $25 in Lake Elsinore, Ca. A bargain worthy of Steals of the Week!


The final family-friendly bargain is a Radio Flyer Red Dual Deck Tricycle. This award-winning item is usually quite pricey, but it can be had for just $40 from a seller in Whittier, Ca. It comes with the manual, but the seller does warn that only cash is accepted.


Disclaimer: Thank you for checking out our online classifieds and Steals of the Week. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. When you are shopping for a big-ticket item, make sure to talk with the seller and look at it in person before you buy.  In all cases, especially pets, we strongly recommend not giving any money until you’ve received the item or are just doing the actual transaction in person.

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Tweet2Win Entries!

We are getting a great response in week 2 of our Tweet2Win contest here at PennySaverUSA.com, and while you’re out and about this weekend, you should pick out what you want to try to win and Tweet the picture to us!

In the pics below, you can see the kinds of products people are choosing to take pics of with the PennySaver publication or Badge. It can be an item in a store in the mall, like an iPhone or an Espresso Machine, or you can just take a pic of the badge up next to an item on your computer screen that you want…it’s so easy! We will be conducting the drawing for a winner every Tuesday until Sept. 28! That’s a lot of winners, and you could be one of them! Here are a few examples of entries we’ve received:


1. Pick a Prize

2.Take a picture of the Prize with a PennySaver booklet  or the Printed Badge

3.Tweet the picture to @PennySaverUSA with hashtag #tweet2win


Enter today!!!

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Los Angeles, CA: Aveda Salon Treatment – April Specials

Los Angeles, CA: Aveda Salon Treatment – April Specials

As described in our last beauty post, there are tons of ways to cut back while getting pampered. Aveda Institute of Los Angeles in Westwood, CA is offering 20% off any service! They offer full service treatment from massages and facials to hairstyling cut and color.

Prices start at $19 for a haircut and $25 for highlights.

If you’re hesitant about allowing students to work on your hair, rest assured, they are all under careful supervision and their instructors always do a final check. They also take their time and concentrate on taking care of you, rather than rushing to get you out of there to make room for their next appointment.

Print the Birthday Coupon or the April Coupon (Valid all of April)

Aveda Institute
10935 Weyburn Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Google Map | 310-209-2000

Book your appointment today!

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Jamba Juice: $1 off Fruit Smoothie – Coupon Expires 4/10

Jamba Juice: $1 off Fruit Smoothie – Coupon Expires 4/10

Try the new Five Fruit Frenzy™ smoothie made with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, peaches and mangoes. Without any added sugar, the Five Fruit Frenzy is also an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Print your coupon now to get $1 off a Jamba Juice Fruit Smoothie!

Find a location near you.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Posting a Garage Sale Ad

Do’s and Dont’s of Posting a Garage Sale Ad

You may have noticed the “Garage Sale Finder” on the sidebar which maps out some of the Garage Sales we find listed on PennySaverUSA.com. While it is not a comprehensive mapper, you can still get a good idea of what’s going on in your neighborhood.

However, some garage salers don’t make it easy to gather information. There are lots of ads that do not clearly list a date or a general scope of the type of items they are selling. So if you want to hold a successful garage sale, here are some tips to help bring more people to your garage sale.

It starts with the listing…

  • Do set a clear date and time. “This weekend” may confuse shoppers who look late in the week and they might show up the following weekend. Be clear with your dates and times, especially when posting a week or two in advance.
  • Do include your address or cross streets. People will look past your ad if they don’t know which neighborhood you’re in.
  • Don’t post complex directions that only you understand. E.g. Head west on Main St. Left three blocks down, another Right at the McDonalds… Although it may be clear to you, it might actually confuse someone else. If you’ve indicated an address or cross streets, posting good signs will help guide their way.
  • Do list prices for bulk deals. E.g. 3 for $5 books, $2 bags of small toys, etc.

Read more…

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Bargain Find: Motorcycle Jackets – Fremont, CA

Whether or not you ride a motorcycle, motorcycle jackets add an instant cool look that can turn heads. A tightly-fitted leather jackets gives a more rugged look, especially with matching boots, for those nights out.

It may still be a little too chilly for a bike ride, but some of these secondhand leather motorcycle jackets have removable liners to add/remove layers for warmth.

Retail: $80-$200; Bargain Find on PennySaverUSA.com: $40-$75!

Find more deals on Motorcycle Jackets and other apparel on PennySaverUSA.com

X-Small SPEED & STRENGTH Jacket - $75

Brand New Small AVANTI Leather Jacket - $40

Small/Medium FIRST GEAR Silver/Black Motorcycle Jacket - $40

Small FIRST GEAR White Mesh Motorcycle Jacket - $40

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