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PennySaver Mentioned on True Blood!

Yesterday was zombies, today vampires… If a werewolf has anything to do with our Friday, we’ll know something very strange is going down!

Just in case you’ve been watching the new season of the HBO vampire series, True Blood, you might have heard the PennySaver come up in conversation! The vamp fans here at PennySaver rejoiced, although our resident zombie fan did feel a bit cheated.  (And yes, calling them vamps is a reference to the immortal movie, Lost Boys,  starring the future Jack Bauer as a teenage vampire, before he joined the CTU. ) In the series, the fictional Louisiana town has a local Pennysaver and, in the season 3 episode, ’9 Crimes,’ Sam places an ad for a waitress in the Pennysaver.  We think this is so great!

Keep an eye and ear out for PennySaver pop culture references!

Rating 3.00 out of 5