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Steals of the Week: Discounted tools

It’s a time-honored institution here on the PennySaverUSA blog. If you are a new reader, let us introduce you to this esteemed feature: Steals of the Week! In this edition we will cover discounted tools.

Harbor Freight is one of the nation’s leading stores in which to find discounted tools, and they did not disappoint with their latest sale. They have a wide array of items on sale for up to 80% off. Now that’s a Steals of the Week caliber sale right there.

harbor freight tools

The next Steals of the Week entry in the discounted tools category comes to us from a seller in Madisonville, TN. His ad is outstanding and so is his price: $100 (or best offer) for a full-featured Scroll Station Saw from Dremel. Snatch this one up right away.

scroll saw

Any time a brand new grinder – made by Makita, no less – is available for just $80 (or best offer) that’s going to make Steals of the Week. The seller is located in San Bernadino, CA and says he has even more discounted tools for sale.


It’s nice when you can get discounted tools with the original case and charger. A seller in Hermosa Beach, CA is offering his Coleman Powermate Cordless Drill for just $40. A useful item at a Steals of the Week worthy price tag.

coleman drill

We had to include one low-cost Steals of the Week option for discounted tools. This 5-piece Husky nut-driver set is being sold for just $5 in Murrieta, CA. Not bad eh?

husky driver

Please let us know if you’ve found any Steals of the Week quality items in our comments.

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Steals of the Week: Online bargains

Every now and again, it’s important not to restrain our Steals of the Week feature. We usually like to focus it on particular items, but this time we just want to highlight the great online bargains you can find using PennySaverUSA online classifieds.

Steals of the Week hits Oceanside, CA for the first of five online bargains. The seller is offering a Hoover Spin Sweeper for just $65 (or best offer). It’s in excellent condition, according to the seller.

spin sweeper

The next of our online bargains in Steals of the Week is for a Sony PS2 silver with games! The seller has it priced at just $50 and says the controller in mint condition, but admits there is minor cosmetic damage to the frame of the console (even though it still works perfectly).


Online bargains usually don’t come from health care related items, but this one is certainly Steals of the Week quality. A seller in Oceanside, CA is willing to part with a Merits Power Chair (motorized wheelchair) for only $400 (or best offer). The best part … it includes the charger and the owner’ manual.

Miami is home to our next Steals of the Week item. A Homedics Shiatsu Massaging cushion for just $35? Sure that’s worthy of inclusion on a list of online bargains. The seller pledges that it is in great condition.

shiatsu massage

What better to wrap up the online bargains edition of Steals of the Week than a Barbie doll. But not just any Barbie doll. This one is a highly collectible Versace Barbie doll. They often sell for over $100, but this one is available for $70 (or best offer) in Reseda, CA.


As always, please let us know in the comments if you’ve found your own Steals of the Week level item in the PennySaverUSA classifieds.

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Steals of the Week: Used items to make your life simpler

In case you didn’t know, it’s “Simplify your life week” this week. To help support the cause, we’ve decided to devote Steals of the Week to used items that will help simplify your life.

On with the Steals of the Week show:

If you haven’t made the jump to a Smartphone yet (and according to an informal Facebook poll we took recently many of you haven’t), now is the time. There might never have been any used items that will simplify your life more than an iPhone. The fact you can get this iPhone3G with charger and box for just $70 in Citrus Heights, CA is truly Steals of the Week worthy.


Tending to the garden is just not simple, nor fun, without the right tools. It doesn’t matter if they are used items or new, you must have the proper stuff to simplify your landscaping life. That’s what makes this Black & Decker Electric Edger so vital. It’s available for only $55 (or best offer) in Tampa, Fla – a Steals of the Week quality value.


There’s really no other way to put it: When it comes to cooking there are no used items that help simplify your life more than a microwave. It truly was a magical invention. That you can get one for just $35 in Oak Park, CA, Amana no less,  is a testament to sellers and Steals of the Week.


Having jewelry is great, but without anywhere nice for it to go, it just complicates things, instead of simplifying your life. That’s what makes jewelry boxes such great used items to purchase. Especially when they cost just $10, like this one in Anaheim, CA.

jewelry box

Closing out the Steals of the Week intended to make your life simpler is a food processor from Cuisinart. What makes this one so great is that even though it’s not from the store, the seller from Citrus Heights, CA claims it’s not among used items, because it’s brand new in the box! For $125, you can’t beat that.

food processor

Hopefully we were able to make your life a little simpler with this edition of Steals of the Week. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Major enhancements to online classifieds

This is a very exciting time for Things are happening at a furious pace and we have a ton of news to share with you about our online classifieds developments.

PennySaverUSA Facebook

You can now place and view ads on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page.

We recently put functionality on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page that allows you to place an ad right from Facebook. Today, we took our online classifieds to even a higher level: You can now also see listings right from our Facebook page.

If you haven’t “Liked” us on Facebook yet … what are you waiting for?

Another awesome development in the online classifieds category is the creation of our new mobile app for garage sales called MOGASA. We highlighted the app’s features last week, but now we have another big announcement.

In addition to MOGASA’s “Join the Hunt” contest in which you can win up to $350 as a team or $150 as an individual, the MOGASA staff is holding its own garage sale in Anaheim, CA. All the proceeds we make from the sale will to Charity Water, an organization that gives clean water to those in need.

A smaller, yet important notification nonetheless, is that we have added a new dog breed to our place an ad online classifieds feature. You can now place an ad for King Cane Corso dogs.

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Steals of the Week: Discount electronics

Steals of the Week and were just made for each other. It has been too darn long since we ran our Steals of the Week feature and it was about time we brought it back out to the masses. This edition will focus on discount electronics.

And in our best Heath Ledger as The Joker impersonation: Here … We … Go.

Our first discount electronics entry into Steals of the Week comes to us from DirecTV! While not an actual item, their current promotion for $34.99 a month service for a full year is certainly worthy of inclusion.


Next we arrive in Irvine, CA for our Steals of the Week discount electronics. For just $600 (or best cash offer), you can have a beautiful 60-inch Sony HD TV with Glare Shield and TruSurround Sound. The seller is even offering to let you see the TV in action before you purchase the item.


We travel to Tallman, New York for our third Steals of the Week discount electronics item. The seller is offering a Samsung Blue-Ray DVD player and remote for just $65. The unit includes original packaging, cable and instructions and is in excellent condition, according to the seller.

Blue Ray DVD player

Steals of the Week heads back to California for the next discount electronics entry. An Xbox360 4GB console – in black no less – is available for only $150. That’s quite an outstanding price for this item in Newport Beach.


The final discount electronics item in Steals of the Week is found in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is a pair of Samsung SSG-P3100M 3D glasses that is on sale for only $32. As an added benefit, the glasses come with all three Shrek movies. Quite the deal!

3D glasses

We hope you enjoyed Steals of the Week and it will return to its regular schedule next week.

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Get Independence Day holiday icons for your online classifieds ad

It’s been a little while since provided holiday-themed icons for online classifieds. The wait is now over.

july 4 paid icons

Get one of these awesome holiday icons for just $2.50. is proud to introduce Independence Day icons for all online classifieds! For only $2.50 you can separate your ad from the rest with a decorative patriotic icon.

One of the best ways to attract extra attention for your ad is with an icon. Including the “new”, “price negotiable” or “clearance” icons in your ad is sure to get more eyeballs, and cost just $1. But the sleek Red, White & Blue balloons as well as the slick July 4 Sale icon take it up another notch. It’s certainly worth a $2.50 investment.

Perhaps the best deal of all is our American flag enhancement package. For just $12, you not only get the stylish flag icon, you also get a premium listing! Normally, a premium listing will cost $20 by itself, meaning there is a savings of over $10 when you purchase the bulk enhancement package.

July 4 paid icons

Purchase the enhancement package for just $12.

If you are interested in getting the bulk enhancement package deal, just make sure you click on the link that says “Check out today’s bulk deals!” to the right of the enhancements page.

Have a great July 4 holiday everyone and be safe!

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Steals of the Week: Toys for sale

Welcome to the jungle (the jungle gym in this particular case), we’ve got fun and games. This edition of’s Steals of the Week feature covers toys for sale.

Up first among toys for sale in Steals of the Week is this oversized Elmo doll. One of the most famous Sesame Street characters is available for just $25 (or best offer) from this seller in Palmdale, CA. It’s about 28 inches long with a wing span of 24 inches.


The next Steals of the Week toys for sale item is a folding slide made by American Plastic Toys. It’s extremely sturdy and can be used indoors or outside. The seller is located in Miami, Fla. and is asking for just $20.


A seller from Beaumont, CA earns the next toys for sale entry in Steals of the Week. The seller is willing to part with a pink Little Tikes push car for just $20. It looks to be in excellent condition and if so, that is a great value.

little tikes push car

You knew we couldn’t have a Steals of the Week in the toys for sale category without having a doll house! This Fisher Price unit is in excellent condition according to the seller and will cost you just $40 (or best offer). The seller lives in Crofton, MD.

doll house

With the last couple of Steals of the Week toys for sale geared towards girls, we had to include something for the boys with the final selection. A seller in Vista, CA is letting go of this Hot Wheels Wreck n’ Roll racing set for only $25. A fair price tag for such a fun toy.

hot wheels

Remember, there is no need to break the bank for toys when you can turn to Steals of the Week.

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Steals of the Week: Father’s Day gift ideas

Welcome to the Father’s Day gift ideas edition of Steals of the Week. The following five Father’s Day gift ideas we found in the classifieds. Take a look:

The first Steals of the Week Father’s Day gift ideas item is a 12-inch Dewalt sliding compound miter saw. These normally go for well over $300, even used, but a seller in Johnstown, PA is willing to give it up for just $255. It also has new parts and a newer motor.

miter saw

Steals of the Week now heads into cool territory with this Father’s Day gift idea. For just $80, you can purchase an electric guitar from a seller in San Marcos, CA. It comes with a strap, a wammy bar, the case and the stand. The 2005 Baja model also comes with an amp cord.

electric guitar

You knew it couldn’t be a Father’s Day gift ideas package for Steals of the Week without having a flat-panel television. This 37-inch Vizio is being sold in Carmichael, CA for only $350. If you go to the store, it will cost you significantly more than that.

flat-panel tv

The next of the Father’s Day gift ideas to make Steals of the Week is this pool cue set. The seller says it has never been used and includes carry bags. It is being offered for $75 (or best offer) in San Marcos, CA.

pool cue set

Our final Steals of the Week entry in the Father’s Day gift ideas category is freshwater fishing tackle. If your dad or husband is a big fisherman, this will make a great gift. Included in the package are eight brand new cane poles, bait casting and spinning reels. The Beaumont, CA seller is asking just $100 for the whole set.

fish tackle

Good luck with your Father’s Day shopping, and hopefully one of the Steals of the Week Father’s Day gift ideas is exactly what you were seeking.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Save on Father’s Day gift ideas with classifieds

Figuring out what to get your husband or dad for Father’s Day isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult sometimes. That’s the purpose for this classifieds blog devoted to Father’s Day gift ideas.

Fathers are often a little more complicated to buy for than mothers. Flowers, chocolates or jewelry are usually pretty safe and effective gifts for moms. None of those three is going to necessarily thrill a typical dad, however (maybe the chocolate).

So check out the video above of what dads want for Father’s Day and take advantage of the Father’s Day gift ideas.

golf equipment

Buy your dad some golf equipment through the classfieds.

Golf is a popular activity for many dads, and you can find some great deals on golf equipment in the classifieds. Another pastime that a multitude of fathers enjoy is fishing. Luckily, we also have some phenomenal prices on fishing gear in the classifieds.

Grilling is one of the most classic things associated with Father’s Day gift ideas – and with good reason. Because so many dads love to grill! Get affordable grill tools through classifieds.

If grilling, golf or fishing isn’t your husband or father’s thing, perhaps they are into cars. One of the most thoughtful gifts you could give on Father’s Day might be an old auto part that your dad or husband has been seeking for a while. Check out the classifieds for auto parts.

Should your dad or husband be a big sports fan, you can’t go wrong with sports merchandise of his favorite team. Scan the classifieds to take advantage of this Father’s Day gift idea of sports merchandise.

The one no-brainer that just about every single father in the USA would like is a new flat-screen television! They might cost a lot, but by saving on discount televisions with classifieds, you might be able to make it work.

New daily deal site also has a slew of ideas up on its blog, and purchasing a daily deal to use towards your dad’s gift can save you a bundle.

With these Father’s Day gift ideas and the classifieds at your fingertips, you’ll be ready for Sunday.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

Steals of the Week: Rental properties

Many users come to the site to find rental properties. Whether it be an apartment, a condo or a house, our readers have shown us that rental properties are one of their main areas of interest. As such, we have decided to devote this edition of the popular Steals of the Week feature to rental properties!

Up first among the Steals of the Week rental properties is a gorgeous house in Fort Myers, Fla. Located in the prestigious Gated Golf Community of Herons Glen, this two bedroom, two bathroom home is being rented out for just $1,200 a month and comes with appliances, new carpet and new paint. Other places in that neighborhood are going for $2,000 or more.

fort myers home

A more affordable Steals of the Week rental properties entry comes to us from Whittier, Ca. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit comes with new paint and one covered parking spot and is available for only $850 a month. The complex appears to be well kept and the landscaping looks beautiful. Certainly worth a look if you are in the Los Angeles area.

whittier apartment

The next Steals of the Week rental properties nomination is in Miami, Fla. For just $1,370 a month, you can rent a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in the ritzy Courts at Doral Isles development. The unit includes a washer/dryer, walk-in closet and balcony. It’s also a good spot for families as it has a pool, child play area and 24-hour security.

miami condo

Continuing on our Steals of the Week rental properties tour, our next stop is in beautiful Newport Beach, Ca. The esteemed Dover Shores community has both one and two-bedroom apartment homes available for $1,750 and up a month. The units come with new appliances and are just minutes from the beach. Not a bad price to enjoy the dream SoCal beach lifestyle.

newport beach apartment

The final Steals of the Week rental properties abode is in Glendale, Ca. The Los Angeles suburb is home to several great malls and restaurants and to get a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment there for just $1,195 a month is just not very common; thus the inclusion of this unit on our list. It has brand new Berber carpet, fresh paint and is a decent size at 800 square feet. Even better: It comes with only a $600 security deposit.

glendale apartment

We hope you enjoyed our Steals of the Week rental properties blog, and please leave a comment about some other great rental properties you’ve found on

Rating 3.50 out of 5