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Final chance to enter the Craftmas online contest

Twas the eve before Craftmas eve and Penny the Pig’s face was filled with glee … PennySaverUSA’s online contest had so many incredible entries for him to see!

The quality of the submissions has truly made the PennySaverUSA staff proud and in awe of the amazing talent displayed by our readers.


Visit the PennySaverUSA Facebook page to see all the entries.

So far, over 150 entries have been collected and the task of picking the winner will be extremely difficult. But we only expect the job of the judges to get harder over the next two days. That’s because the Craftmas online contest doesn’t end until Dec. 29!

Yep, you heard right, you have until Dec. 29 to submit a photo of your holiday craft. The prize for the winner is $250 – unless you have downloaded our free mobile garage sale app MOGASA on your iPhone or Android. If you are a MOGASA user, you will receive a $300 cash prize.

With the competition so tough right now, your best bet is to make a very unique holiday craft. Not to say that the multitude of wreaths, snowmen and gingerbread houses we’ve received aren’t awesome, because they are, but the more original the idea, the more it will stand out.

Don’t forget to post your seasonal craft photo on the PennySaverUSA Facebook wall and view all the entries on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page photos tab.

Rating 2.00 out of 5 gets you into the holiday spirit is most definitely in the holiday spirit and we are delighted to alert you to a number of exciting features we have undertaken to help you get in the holiday spirit as well.

First of all, we wanted to remind you about our unique Christmas gift ideas section. Forget about dealing with the crazy crowds at the mall or spending a fortune on a shopping web site. Get an awesome vintage gifts for men, gifts for women and gifts for kids from!


Visit's Christmas Gift Ideas section.

Make sure to check out our Christmas decorations and Holiday Helpers sections as well, to assist in those last-minute preparations.

You can also post some goodies you no longer have use for, so that others can buy them and give them as gifts to people who will care for them.

BONUS: Add a holiday icon to any classified ad you publish to this month for only $2.50. Including an icon with your ad will really help make it pop and generate more interest from the legions of readers.

If you’d prefer to shop for gifts that are brand new, our daily deal site is the place to go. Each week they have new holiday gifts available for up to 70% off! Check out this week’s offerings.

The PennySaver weekly print publication is also joining the fun. Tweet your friends or loved ones a holiday message @pennysaverusa with the hashtag #pennyshout and we will print it for free in your local PennySaver! (Calif. residents only)

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than creating a seasonal craft? Of course, the possibility of winning up to $300 in our Craftmas Contest provides even more incentive. Enter our online contests here.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Pet of the Week: Etcetera is one wonderful kitty

More story, less introduction. This Pet of the Week installment deserves as much. Here goes.

Etcetera is a 6-month-old, spayed, female Torbie kitten (that’s a combination of Tortoise Shell and Tabby.). She weighs 5 pounds now, so she should grow up to be a medium-sized adult cat.

Adopt our Pet of the Week, Etcetera, today.

Adopt Etcetera, our Pet of the Week, from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

Etcetera was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society from another animal shelter through the FOCAS / Second Chance program. The volunteers in the Cattery tell us that Etcetera loves playing with kitty toys…and that includes fingers. And that she’s been known to burst into “Zooms”…followed by cat naps. (That makes her a normal kitten.)

Remember that pets are not gifts…but if you’re thinking about adding a pet to your home this holiday season, please consider making Etcetera the newest member of your family.

The $175 adoption fee for Etcetera includes medical exam, spay, up to date vaccinations, and microchip identification.

For more information about Etcetera and other dogs, cats, and rabbits that need families call
760-753-6413, log on to, or visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas. Kennels are open Wednesday through Monday from 11 to 5:00.


And now onto our user-submitted pet adoption story. This comes to us from one of our favorite bloggers – Adventures of The Mamma Homemaker, who tweeted @PennySaverUSA this inspiring account of her own pet adoption experience:

It was the winter of 2010, we were looking for a puppy. One Saturday, my husband went to his buddy’s house to help fix a car and his wife came in with a scraggly, ugly looking dog. Her hair was matted, nothing but skin and bones, and missing fur patches.

The poor thing looked like her eyes were going to fall out of her sockets! What a sight she was!


Sandy was saved and now is a key part of a family.

She had bumps on her that made her cry when you touched them, it was horrible!

The friend’s wife had said that she basically took this dog out of someone’s home after witnessing the man beating her with a bat! But they couldn’t keep her and were going to take her down to the pound.

Unfortunately our local shelter is a kill shelter, and this poor dog wouldn’t have a chance there in her condition. Well, my husband and I talked about it, and I had qualms about it, because I had never taken care of an abused animal before, but we decided to go for it.

We took her to the vet to get her proper care. He said that she couldn’t be more than 5 months old. She was definitely dehydrated, but that was fixed quickly. A few bruised bones, but nothing major or serious, thank goodness!

We took her home and christened her Sandy (Sandificus). With love, patience, caring, and proper training you would never have known that this dog was ever abused!

She’s still scared of loud noises and occasionally has nightmares, but when she wakes up and sees that we’re there, everything is perfect again. Sandy is a German Wire Haired Pointer and she is no longer the ugly looking dog I described!

She’s my rockstar!

She’s absolutely gorgeous and stands at about 5-foot tall when on her hind legs, but she’s a total lapdog and a mommy’s girl and she loves our human boys!

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Enter the Craftmas online contest for a chance to win a cash prize

An amazing 2011 slate of online contests is coming to a close, but not without one last incredible online contest.

PennySaverUSA and MOGASA are pleased to present the Craftmas Contest!

craftmas contest

Win up to $300 by entering our Craftmas Contest.

All you have to do is show us your holiday spirit by sending us a photo of a seasonal craft you’ve created before December 29, 2011, and enter it through our online contest form.

Submissions will be scrutinized by a panel of PennySaverUSA judges (don’t worry, we’re not Grinches), and one winning entry will be chosen and announced on Friday, Dec. 30.

The winner will take home a $300 cash prize if they have downloaded our free mobile garage sale app MOGASA for iPhone or Android and $250 if they haven’t. That should help alleviate those bills coming in around the New Year!

Our previous two online contests were among the most successful in history and we hope to build that momentum with our Craftmas Contest!

We encourage all participants to also post their seasonal craft on the PennySaverUSA or MOGASA Facebook wall and provide a short description of what it took to make the craft.

Alright, enough yapping from us, you’ve got work to do, creating that seasonal craft masterpiece.

Good luck!

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Save Money Monday: Cyber Monday discount guide

Save Money Monday goes hand-in-hand with Cyber Monday. Here is PennySaverUSA’s guide on the best discounts of the day.

We’ll start out with the Holiday Gift Ideas from our daily deal site They’ve got some outstanding discounts on gifts ranging from flowers to cell phone accessories. Check out the new holiday page today (and get a $5 credit if you are a new subscriber).

Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic are all getting into the Save Money Monday/Cyber Monday spirit with a 30% off code. Just make sure to use the coupon code: HUGECYBER at checkout. NOTE: You can toggle between which store you want to shop at by clicking the icons at the top of the page.

Hurry up and take advantage of the Cyber Monday sale online in the Esprit e-shop as well. The chic clothing store is offering a fantastic 40% discount on all items! Use the code: CYBERMON11 at checkout to make sure you get your discount.

Sally Beauty is also getting in on the Cyber Monday act this Save Money Monday. Save 25% on all orders of $50 or more by using the code 555924 at checkout.

Pacific Sunwear is also joining the Cyber Monday fun with its own incredible sale. Get 30% off purchases of $50 or more PLUS free shipping. You don’t even have to use a code at checkout.

Not wanting to be left out of the Save Money Monday mix on Cyber Monday is Guitar Center. If you use the code CYBRMN at checkout, you can save 15% on any item (up to a $500 discount).

Closing out PennySaverUSA’s Save Money Monday discounts for Cyber Monday is PetCarRX. To get 10% off orders over $50 – use coupon code MONDAY10, to get 12% off orders over $75 – use coupon code MONDAY12 and to get 15% off orders over $100 – use coupon code MONDAY15.

If you’ve found any other great Cyber Monday deals, please leave them in our comments.

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Get a five dollar credit from our new daily deals site

PennySaverUSA is known for its online classifieds, online coupons and online contests, but did you know we now have online daily deals? launched a few months ago in several markets throughout California and it is growing rapidly.

Get a $5 credit from

Get a $5 credit from

As an added incentive to join and start receiving daily deal emails with up to 90% discounts on restaurants, entertainment and more, we are giving new subscribers a $5 credit (don’t take forever to use it as it expires Dec. 18)!

And what’s more … we’ve gone national. We still have amazing deals for the pizzeria, the barber and the gym down the street throughout all of our California markets, but we now also have great weekly national deals. This week’s national deal is $25 for $50 worth of flower arrangements from the Enchanted Florist.

If you sign up for today and get your $5 credit, you can get $50 worth of flower arrangements for only $20. That’s a deal you don’t want to pass up with the holidays fast approaching.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your $5 credit today!

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Pet of the Week: Wookie from Rancho Coastal Humane Society

PennySaverUSA and pet adoption go hand-in-hand and we are very excited to announce another Pet of the Week honoree.


Contact the Rancho Coastal Humane Society to adopt Wookie.

Earning the distinction this week is Wookie from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society (pictured on the right).

Wookie is a sweet 1-year-old terrier mix, who loves other dogs, but isn’t too big a fan of cats.

He’s a happy dog with a wagging, wiggle butt and goofy grin. He weighs 50 pounds and has already been neutered.

The adoption fee for Wookie is $125. If you are interested, here is the information from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society:

Location: 389 Requeza Street, Encinitas, CA 92024

Hours: Wednesday through Monday 11am – 5pm. Tuesdays 11:30am – 5pm






This week’s pet adoption story comes from none other than our very own PennySaverUSA employee Dannielle. Here’s her heartwarming tale:

I brought home this lovable puppy that I had never seen the likes of before.


Aren't Jessie and David cute?

I brought her by work  and my co-worker named her Jessica. I found out she was a boxer/ lab mix. Over the next couple of weeks Jessie grew bigger and bigger and each time the vet would tell me that  she wasn’t going to get much bigger than that.

Meanwhile, I had my son, who was also getting bigger and bigger. They became BEST Buds, sharing everything from sippy cups to yogurt, to his racecar bed.

Check out their picture on the right.

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Enter PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest

Congratulations to the first winner of our Thanksgiveaways contest: Renee L.!

October’s Halloween Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest was a blast, but it’s time to look forward to November and Thanksgiving. As such, we’re pleased to announce PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest.

We had a vote on the PennySaverUSA Facebook page asking our fans what kind of online contest they preferred and a random drawing won out. We listened to our fans and are pleased to present PennySaverUSA’s Thanksgiveaways online contest.

penny the pig thanksgiving table

Enter PennySaverUSA's Thanksgiveaways online contest.

In order to enter our Thanksgiveaways online contest, simply visit our contest page and follow the instructions.

You gain entries into the raffle by performing certain actions. For example, you get one entry for Liking PennySaverUSA’s Facebook page, another for Liking MOGASA’s Facebook page, another for following PennySaverUSA on Twitter and so on.

There will be a total of four prizes handed out in the form of grocery store gift cards. The first winner will be chosen this Friday (November, 11), the second winner will be selected on Tuesday (November, 15), the third winner on Tuesday (November, 22) and the final winner on Tuesday (November, 29).

The first three winners will receive $50 gift cards and the fourth winner will receive $100 gift card.

Every time a winner is announced, they will go on Penny the Pig’s Thanksgiving table and be placed among the corresponding food item with a value. See the image above.

Please leave any questions you have in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them. Here are the official rules.

Good luck in the Thanksgiveaways online contest and thanks so much for being a PennySaverUSA and MOGASA fan!

Rating 4.50 out of 5

Online contest leader board: Robot and Joker are out to an early lead

The interaction for our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest has been incredible! The votes have come in fast and furious, and some entries are starting to separate from the pack.

That said, there is still the rest of today and all day tomorrow for your entry to catch up, so don’t fret if you entered and aren’t in the top five.

Unfortunately, we had to allow only one vote per IP address (computer network) to prevent unfair voting practices.


Vote for your favorite entry in our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest.

We will not do all of our contests by voting, but we have received many requests for a voting contest over the past few months and are thrilled with the excitement it has generated.

On to the current leader board:

The Little Monsters category has so many sensational entries that it’s hard to vote for just one, but five have risen to the top halfway through our voting period. The lead currently belongs to a really cool looking robot, but a lady bug, a bunny rabbit, a peacock and a rock star are right on that robot’s heels.

The Ghastly Grown-Ups category also features some amazing entries, but the voters have given an early edge to the Joker. The creepy villain from Batman better not get comfortable, though. Lady Luck is making a push and catching up quickly, and a mummy, a mermaid and Neytiri from Avatar aren’t far behind.

Please cast your vote for your favorite costume here and leave us a friendly comment supporting your favorite entry. We love positive and happy comments!

Rating 4.33 out of 5

Help decide the winner of our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest

[11/4/11:] Hi everyone, we wanted to directly link to the official rules for the Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest. The official rules areavailable on both Little Monsters and the Ghastly Grown-ups contest entry pages. Originally, we planned on picking just three favorites for voting, but when we saw all the awesome entries we received, we couldn’t limit it to just three. They’re all our favorites and we didn’t want to exclude anyone. Voting will end promptly around midnight Pacific Standard Time. Thanks everyone for participating!

We had so many amazing entries that we couldn’t decide which ones should be made finalists. Our solution? We made them all finalists! Please cast your vote now below.

You can vote below for one Little Monster and one Ghastly Grown-Up. And select your vote carefully, voting will be limited to one photo in each category per IP address. The entry from each category with the most votes by Friday at 11:59 p.m. will win the prize!

Bear in mind, there are multiple pages of photos, so please click through to see all of the entries. To see a bigger version of the image, simply click on it. To return to the voting page, just click on the full-size image again to minimize it.

Have fun voting for your favorites and deciding who wins the Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest!

Vote for your favorite Costume for the following Categories:

Little Monsters

Voting has ended. Please check back on Monday to see who won!

Ghastly Grown-Ups

Voting has ended. Please check back on Monday to see who won!

Rating 4.45 out of 5