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Make Money Monday: Empty Your Attics and Closets to Sell Your Old Decorations

After an extensive amount of time, holiday decorations can begin to lose their appeal. This doesn’t mean that the decoration wasn’t cherished or enjoyed. As time evolves, so does your tastes. What you once thought was a welcome addition to your home decor is now taking up space in the closet. What can you do with these old holiday and seasonal decorations other than tossing them in the trash? Why not post an online classified ad and sell the decorations to another individual who shares your previous sense of style?

Why Online Classified Ads Instead of Local?

Sell your old decorationsAlthough local classified ads can cover a wide range of people, it pales in comparison to posting a classified ad on the Internet. Instead of a few hundred or so that may view your ad, millions have potential to see it online. You could cover a possible global market to anyone looking for your particular holiday decorations for sale.

Selling your old decorations at a yard sale can possibly unload your goods over a weekend, but some items could bring in far more money by selling them online. What a lot of people don’t realize is the collection value that many holiday and seasonal decorations have. What may be taking up space in one person’s point of view, could easily be a collectible item to another.


A way to find these decoration collectors is to sell old decorations online. Items that are in good to mint conditions could be worth more than you would have thought. In some cases, the value is far beyond what the item was purchased for. You could be sitting on a small fortune as it collects dust in your attic.

For example, you could have a single porcelain miniature holiday house that would complete someone’s collection. You could have a box full of Halloween decorations that a young family could start with. The only way you will know if your decorations are worth something to someone is to detailing what you have to sell.

Old Doesn’t Mean Useless

As long as something is in usable condition, there really is no reason to dump it in the trash. The Internet is full of people who could be looking for your specific items. Millions of users browse the Internet on a daily basis looking for all kinds of random items. As many have seen, a simple auction or classified posting could net an unbelievable amount of money.

Sell Your Old DecorationsFor instance, people are always looking for the Coca-cola Polar Bear memorabilia. Something you picked up at a yard sale for less than $5 could net far more than that to the right collector. However, not everything is a collector’s item. The point is, you don’t know until you try.

Regardless of method, selling your old holiday decorations could help a family or surprise a collector. Why not turn that collection of home decor into something worthwhile? Post an online classified ad today and see what can become of it.

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Make Money Monday: PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest

For this special installment of Make Money Monday, we want to give you a special opportunity to make some money. We’ve just launched our newest contest, the PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest, and it’s a chance for our loyal readers to win up to $250!

PennySaverUSA in print and online are all about connecting buyers and sellers. We want to know that every ad is as successful for the buyer as it is the seller. For our PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest, we want to learn all about the success you’ve had with the PennySaverUSA brand.

Make Money Monday: PennySaverUSA Success Story Contest

Sold your baby's crib on PennySaverUSA? Found your first car? We want to hear about it all!

Send us a short essay (250 words or less) by 10/29/2012 about a successful transaction you’ve had using PennySaverUSA print or online, and you’ll be entered in our contest for a chance to win $250. Our judges will review all of our entries and judge on content, originality, and clarity (save our eyes and spellcheck).

There will be 4 winners, one grand prize winner will receive $250, and 3 “Honorable Mentions” will each receive a prize of $50.

You can submit your entry through our contest page on or through our Facebook Contest Tab.

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