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National Garage Sale Day is Almost Here!

Every year, on the second Saturday in August, there’s a buying and selling bonanza going on in people’s garages, yards, driveways, and even community club houses, all across these good ‘ole United States! It’s called National Garage Sale Day and it’s just a few days away. Don’t wait until the last minute to get organized – a fatal mistake if you want to have the most successful garage sale you can.
I talked about this in my previous blog, 3 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale.
National Garage Sale Day is August 9th!

  1. Be sure to advertise
  2. Organize well in advance
  3. Price every item

Garage sales are big business. According to the website, U.S. garage sales generate nearly 4.3 million dollars each week. Start organizing now so you can get your share of that. It doesn’t take much to set-up and run a successful garage sale, but it does take planning and effort.

Garage Sales this weekend!First, commit to actually having the sale. National Garage Sale Day is a great day to host your garage sale because there will already be lots and lots of garage sale shoppers on the road going from sale to sale. (Note: this does not negate the need to advertise – in fact, you need the biggest, best ad you can afford because you want people to come to your sale first before hitting everyone else’s, so place your free Garage Sale Ad now). If you are at all wishy-washy about having the sale then stop before you even get started. If you’re not fully committed then chances are you will not dedicate the amount of time you should.

Now, the real work begins.

Here are a few tips to setup your garage sale for the best results:


  • Decide what you are going to sell. Don’t leave any nook or cranny untouched. From your garage to your closets, from your basement to your barn, from your tool shed to your attic, don’t miss anything.
  • Bring it all together to one spot, a “staging area”, if you will.
  • Clean the items! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a garage sale and it looked like someone just dug their treasures out of the ground. Ugh!
  • Determine if electrical or battery operated items work or not. This is important because you can ask more for a working item. Have access to an electrical plug so shoppers can test an item and feel confident they bought a working item.
  • Group like items together i.e. tools, toys, appliances, furniture (just like a department store does).
  • Bundle certain items together to sell as a set. For example, got a stapler and a box of staples? Put them together in a sandwich baggie and price them as a single item.
  • Plan out your “sales floor”. You want to be sure shoppers can maneuver through your treasures easily.
  • Get the necessary tables, shelves, racks, etc., to conveniently display your items in advance. Don’t wait until Saturday morning at the crack of down to pull them out. They may be in need of a cleaning, too.
  • Make a bank run by at least the day before and make sure to get lots of smaller bills and coins. The last thing you want is to lose a sale because you couldn’t make change for a $5!
  • Buy price stickers. A lot of people like blue painter’s tape which they tear into strips.
  • Do some research on average pricing for your area. Keep in mind, you want to price to sell! Garage sale shoppers are there for B-A-R-G-A-I-N-S so don’t expect to get what the item may actually be worth. A good idea is to shop some garage sales on the weekends prior to yours to see what the going rates are.
  • Fix your completed price stickers to your items well before the sale. You want everything done before you nod off the night before the sale so all you have to do the day of the sale is put your treasures out.
  • Wake up early on the day of the sale. A nice touch is to make a donut run and have free donuts for people who stop by your sale. If you do this, make a large “Free donuts” sign and put it in a very visible location. However, put the donuts in a spot where the shopper has to come through your merchandise to get to them. Set-up your sale and be ready for a hectic but fun-filled day meeting all kinds of people!

I hope you find these garage sale tips helpful. If you decide not to host a sale yourself, then be sure to be shopper instead and go Garage “Sailing”!

National Garage Sale Day is Saturday, August 9th!

Don’t forget to check out this week’s special Garage Sale-themed PennySaver for all of the local garage sales in your area. Also, download the free Actable™ App for iPhone or Android, and scan the special masthead for a surprise!

Jim Sampson, Private Party Advertising Manager at PennySaver USAJim Sampson is the Customer Support Manager at PennySaver USA, and is also PennySaver’s resident “Garage Sale Expert.” PennySaver USA is California’s leading resource in print, online, and mobile for hyperlocal advertising, local coupons, classifieds, and business listings.

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Tips for Placing a Garage Sale Classified Ad

Tips for Placing a Garage Sale Classified AdThey say baseball is is America’s favorite past time, but everyone knows that’s not true. America’s favorite past time is garage sales! Every year as soon as the first breezes of Spring begin to blow, before the first blooms begin to show their faces, they begin popping up everywhere, bringing millions of people out to search for bargains and antiques, baby clothes and Tupperware, and millions of others setting up sales to rid their homes of all the unwanted stuff that they probably bought at a, well, a garage sale. Like the seasons of the year, it’s an endless cycle.

If you’re going to be on the selling end this year and setting up your own sale you should know that there may not be any wrong way to do it exactly, but there are better ways. One of the first things to think about is of course getting people to come to your sale. And one of the best ways to do that is to post a free garage sale ad on Many bargain hunters use the classifieds to find garage sales in their area and devise a plan of attack. Written well, a garage sale classified ad can be a very effective method of getting eager buyers to your door step. Here are a few things to consider when taking out an ad.

  • Include good directions. Nothing is more frustrating to a garage sale hunter to see only an address listed in an ad. Unless you live on a major street most people probably won’t know where the little drive in your subdivision is. Directions should be clear and easy to understand but also concise. Start out with a major intersection or well known landmark close to your home and write as though you were telling a friend how to get there, but again keep it brief and uncomplicated.
  • Make sure the date of the sale is at the beginning and stands out, and include what hours you plan on being open for business. You’re going to have early birds showing up no matter what but that’s just a part of the garage sale reality. It’s also a good idea to include a rain date if you have one.
  • Include a brief description of what types of items you’ll be selling. This doesn’t have to be long, but it should be as diverse as possible and directed at the widest range of interests, and written in a general way. If all you have are clothes, say so and what kind, no sense having folks show up looking for tools if you don’t have any.
  • Pictures aren’t really necessary for a garage sale classified ad. Everyone knows what a garage sale looks like. For most people looking for sales in the classifieds, it’s a “just the facts please ma’am” mentality.

A garage sale classified ad, written clearly and concisely with all the important details included can be the best way to insure you’ll have a successful, and profitable, garage sale experience.

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Enter our latest online contest: Tweet2Win – MOGASA Edition

PennySaverUSA is THE place to go if you have an online contest passion and we’ve got another outstanding one lined up for Wednesday, Sept. 28.

This online contest might be the most fun one we’ve had yet: Tweet2Win – MOGASA Edition.Tweet2Win: MOGASA Edition

PennySaverUSA and our new mobile garage sale app MOGASA are proud to bring you this online contest.

Both @PennySaverUSA and @Mogasanet will be tweeting garage sale treasure photos at 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM pacific time. The first follower to guess the exact price of each item will win a $25 Walmart or Target gift card (you can pick)!

It’s actually quite simple to participate in this online contest. Just follow these steps and you’re in the game:

  1. Download the MOGASA app to your Andriod or iPhone. (Hint, you can use your PennySaverUSA username and password to log in)
  2. Follow @mogasanet and @pennysaverusa on Twitter and check our Twitter feed at 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM for the treasure photos.
  3. Tweet your best guess of the price of our garage sale items to @mogasanet, @pennysaverusa

MOGASA is a FREE app that contains thousands of garage sale listings around the country. No longer do you need to drive around looking for garage sales, you can just pull up the ones closest to you right from your phone.

Reminder: Enter our Penny the Pig Trivia contest for a chance to win $250!

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Free Friday Part II: Nordstrom giving away eye care

Earlier, we highlighted a couple of free comedy shows that you could check out this weekend.

Here are some ideas for the day-time. Sure, you could use that time to take care of errands or do chores, but shopping just seems like so much more fun.

For those of us that are so inclined, Nordstrom is the place to be this Saturday. Nobody wants wrinkly eyes, but thanks to the department store chain, that’s one concern we can drop to the bottom of the list. Nordstrom is handing out a free sample of Lancôme US Génifique Eye Youth Activating Concentrate. No purchase is necessary.

If beauty products aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other great places to shop this weekend, and it’s free to look.

Peruse our garage and yard sale ads and you are bound to find one near you. Few things in life are better than going to a garage sale and discovering that one … or two … or 20 … magical items.

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People Post the Darndest Things Contest!

Ever see an ad on or in the actual PennySaver that made you go…. “WHO WOULD BUY THAT?!” Enter August’s PennySaver of the Month contest by telling us about the craziest thing you’ve seen advertised on the PennySaver. You might win $250!

Click here to Enter!

Here are some entries that we’ve received already:

“The darndest thing I have seen listed in the PennySaver are used teeth! That’s right….DENTURES!!!!! I was amazed and shocked, and possibly grossed out!” – Victorville, CA

“I saw an ad for a used mattress for sale that said, I believe, “slight urine smell” and I was like WHOOOO would ever buy that?!!” – Long Beach, CA

“lightly used undergarments” – Placentia, CA

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen for sale on PennySaver?

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$200 Million Garage Sale Find

As all of our PennySavers out there know, stopping by a yard or garage sale can yield some very cool and unique finds, and it is usually worth a few minutes of your time. But, every now and again, you might come across an item that could be worth more than anything that your imagination could conjure up.

In the Spring of 2000, in Fresno, CA, Rick Norsigian, a Fresno School District painter, came across a box of antique glass photo negatives and purchased them for $45. He soon began to suspect that these negatives were the work of legendary and renowned photographer Ansel Adams, and this moved him to begin authenticating the find. The negatives were run through a barrage of tests by a barrage of experts, and all the evidence was reviewed by a former FBI Agent and former Assistant United States Attorney to determine the validity of the work. All findings pointed to authenticity of the negatives, and there has been talk of the find being worth over $200 Million. There is an ongoing fight between the estate of Adams and Norsigian over the validity of the negatives, but the magnitude of this find will never be undone.

If there is any lesson to be taken from this, it might be that you should consider stopping by a local yard or garage sale and taking a good look at the items that someone else no longer needs. They might be sitting on a jackpot and not know it. Or, at the least, you might just find something for yourself that might not be worth millions in dollars, but can become priceless to you.

Come to to check for all of the yard/garage sales in your area!

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Garage/Yard Sale Tips!

A great by-product of spring cleaning every year in many households is the annual garage sale/yard sale.  Many of us experienced this trademark of domestic enterprise that would rid closets of grown-out-of-clothes and toys, old electronics; anything that you can put a price on and a neighbor or passer-by can purchase and enjoy for themselves!  PennySaver would love to supply you with a few tips before your garage or yard sale to help to maximize your effort.

1. Location, Location, Location: When I was a child, we lived in a rather remote area, miles off of the highway, in a low traffic area. A yard sale at our house was sure to yield almost no profit, because, on a given summer day, literally 5-6 cars would pass per hour, and that doesn’t make for the ideal condition to encourage shoppers. If you live in an area without a lot of foot or car traffic, maybe ask a relative or friend if they would want to participate in a joint venture, or if you could just use their prime real-estate for your sale.

2. Pricing: We know that it’s hard to part with certain items that are taking up room, but pricing too high because of your affection for the item doesn’t help anyone. Price things reasonable, and that will encourage people to buy a larger quantity, which serves the exact reasoning for the yard sale in the first place: To Clear Things Out!

3. Bundle Items: Create bundles of similar items to sell in larger quantities. It might encourage people to buy, as it encourages their chance of satisfaction in a single purchase.  If you’re selling books or dvds, group them together in fives; even if the customer doesn’t end up enjoying the first book, they have four other chances and a new book to add to their bookshelf.

4 . Create Bargain Bins: Everyone loves  a good bargain bin! It’s great to sort through merchandise and know it’s all the same price and easy to add up what you’re spending, and the person selling doesn’t have to label every item. Save time and money!

5. Advertise: It is vital to advertise your sale with flyers and ads on…um….PennySaver!  Some people live and die for yard sales and garage sales and are looking for sales in their neighborhoods on a daily basis . It will be worth it when you turn a big profit from a very little investment!

6. Fun Stuff: Why not have some refreshments for your customers? Bring out some lemonade, have some bottled water on hand; on a hot summer day, it will help to create a better shopping experience. Have some music playing, and greet everyone just like you’re running your own little store for the day. A happy customer is the best kind of customer!

7. Raffle: If you have a large item that you need to get rid of that might be a bit much to sell at a yard sale price, but you really need it to go, do a raffle! People will flock to a sale if they think they might win a lawnmower, a TV, a bedroom set, etc.  People might show up just for this and end up buying something else!

We even provide you a little assistance for signage for your sale, Click Here! If you’re a seller or a buyer, it truly is a great place to find a great deal and a great place to make a little extra cash. And these days, that’s a great scenario either way, right?

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Video: How to Spot Garage Sale Finds and Bargains gives some tips on how to find bargains and treasures!

Most people shop garage sales to find a tremendous resale value in other people’s unwanted items. Follow these tips to spot out the best stuff at any garage sale!

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Do’s and Dont’s of Posting a Garage Sale Ad

Do’s and Dont’s of Posting a Garage Sale Ad

You may have noticed the “Garage Sale Finder” on the sidebar which maps out some of the Garage Sales we find listed on While it is not a comprehensive mapper, you can still get a good idea of what’s going on in your neighborhood.

However, some garage salers don’t make it easy to gather information. There are lots of ads that do not clearly list a date or a general scope of the type of items they are selling. So if you want to hold a successful garage sale, here are some tips to help bring more people to your garage sale.

It starts with the listing…

  • Do set a clear date and time. “This weekend” may confuse shoppers who look late in the week and they might show up the following weekend. Be clear with your dates and times, especially when posting a week or two in advance.
  • Do include your address or cross streets. People will look past your ad if they don’t know which neighborhood you’re in.
  • Don’t post complex directions that only you understand. E.g. Head west on Main St. Left three blocks down, another Right at the McDonalds… Although it may be clear to you, it might actually confuse someone else. If you’ve indicated an address or cross streets, posting good signs will help guide their way.
  • Do list prices for bulk deals. E.g. 3 for $5 books, $2 bags of small toys, etc.

Read more…

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