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Online Classifieds Site Celebrates Responsible Pet Ownership Month With New Online Contest Is Holding a New Online Contest for Pet Lovers to Submit Photos With Their Pets in Honor of “Love Your Pet” Day on February 20th

BREA, CAFebruary 14, 2011, a Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS) company, launched a new online contest to celebrate Responsible Pet Ownership month and raise awareness on how to be a loving and responsible pet owner.  Pet lovers have to submit their photo by February 20th in honor of Love Your Pet Day. users will be able to vote on who they want to win and the winner will receive the $250 grand prize.

Following the end of the online contest, the judging panel will select 10 finalists and voting will begin.  Fans and followers can vote by email or text message.  There is no cost to vote and no limit to the number of times each person can vote.  Standard text messaging rates apply and vary by carrier.

“We had such an excellent turnout for our Cutest Pets Online Contest last October, we decided to launch another contest featuring pets,” said Loren Dalton, president of  “Our publication has been known for our pet classifieds so our new “Love Your Pet” contest will give everyone the opportunity to see our readers with their family pets that they may have found through our online pet classifieds.”

The deadline to submit a photo for the online contest is February 20th on “Love Your Pet” Day.  Immediately following the end of the contest, will select 10 finalists for users to vote on.  A list of the finalists along with voting instructions for the online contest will be posted on the blog.  The voting period will last one week and the winners will be announced shortly afterward.

To enter the contest, submit a photo of you and your pet using the online contest entry form at

To view user-submitted entries, visit the Facebook page.

About™ is the leading single print publication together with its sister Harte-Hanks Shoppers Florida-based publication,™.  Since 1962, the PennySaver has helped businesses in California advertise to local communities while connecting buyers and sellers through local classifieds. Now known as, readers are still enjoying the same local values as the publication has been trusted to deliver for decades. On the web, and are advertising portals bringing users local online classifieds, business listings, online coupons, and a range of business products and services like PowerSites™ that help small- and medium-size businesses build websites and establish a web presence to improve lead generation. For more information, visit us online at or

About Harte-Hanks®

Harte-Hanks is a worldwide direct and targeted marketing company that provides marketing services and shopper advertising opportunities to local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers.  Visit the Harte-Hanks Web site at or call (800) 456-9748.

This document may contain trademarks that are owned or licensed by Harte-Hanks, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including, without limitation, Harte-Hanks®,™, PowerSites™ and other names and marks.  All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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PennySaver Memories

PennySaver Memories

I go “yarding” with my girlfriends every Saturday morning and we use the PennySaver to obtain all the houses and addresses for our garage sales. We have met the nicest people along the way and have gotten some real “finds” over the years and there is a story that goes along with each and every one of our purchases. It is our “girl” time together and we thank the PennySaver for listing all the Garage Sales every week! -Farmingdale, NY

I have purchased many items through the Pennysaver including vehicles, furniture, sporting equipment, toys, maternity and kids clothes and lots of baby items. However, I’d have to say that my most memorable item obtained through the PennySaver would be my Golden Retriever dog, Tucker. I bought him through the Pennysaver as a puppy 13 years ago and still have him today. He is a wonderful family dog. My son adores him and calls him the “best dog ever.” They are best buddies and do everything together. We love him so much and wish he’d be able to stay with us forever! -Acton, CA

My favorite PennySaver memory was last year when there used to be “The Never-ending Contest” and I would enter to win each week with no success…until one day I checked my mailbox and discovered I had won four free tickets to the Sacramento Zoo! I was so excited and I took my wife and three children to the Sacramento Zoo. My kids had a great time! Thank you, Pennysaver! -Sacramento, CA

I LOVE going through the PennySaver, especially the Lost & Found ads. One week I noticed that someone had lost a Miniature Pinscher in Sylmar. I remembered seeing a “found” sign while out on a run for a dog fitting the description. I drove to where I had seen the sign and called the number, and they still had the dog. I told them about the ad for the lost dog, gave them the number and asked them to call me back if it was the same dog. I did in fact get a call back, but not from them,  but from the owner of the dog. It turned out to be the same dog, and the owner wanted to thank me for taking the time to get the “lost” and the “found” in touch with each other. Because of that experience, I ALWAYS pay attention to Lost & Found flyers and ads, because you just never know. -Sylmar, CA

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Harte-Hanks Helps Customers Accomplish Their New Year’s Resolutions With New Online Contest

BREA, CA, January 7, 2011 (MARKET WIRE) – Harte-Hanks (NYSE:HHS) starts off 2011 with a new online contest to motivate readers to set their New Year’s Resolutions by awarding $250 to one lucky winner to help accomplish their new goals.  Participants have until January 24th, 2011 to submit their new year’s resolutions on’s online contest form.

Many popular New Year’s Resolutions include: getting into shape, eating healthy, going green, and volunteering for charity amongst many other great goals for the New Year. The winner of this online contest will receive $250 to help achieve that goal.  For example, someone who wants to get into shape could use the prize to purchase new fitness equipment or for a gym membership. Likewise, someone who is training for a marathon, could use the prize to buy sporting goods and training gear to help them reach their goals.

Only one submission for the New Year’s Resolutions online contest per household will be accepted. Participants are also encouraged to post their New Year’s Resolutions on the Facebook Page to share their aspirations for the New Year with other fans.

Read more…

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Merry Christmas From Customers,

During the holidays, we all tend to be grateful for everything and everyone in our lives, and we want to thank our customers for keeping us around. We are truly thankful  for you all.  We hope Everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!

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PennySaver Memories

As many of you know, especially our California readers, PennySaver is a brand that has been a part of millions of lives for 48 years,  is in over 700 local editions, and is mailed to 95% of the residents in California. And because of this, there are a great deal of stories that we hear from our readers about how the PennySaver shaped their lives. We want to share a few of these every week with you here on our blog.

My favorite PennySaver memory was (and is) reading all of the ads every week, especially on Mother’s or Father’s Day. They can be so sweet and sometimes they can be a bit silly or sad. To me, when that section is in the issue, it’s my ‘entertainment’ section of the PennySaver.                                                                        -Corona, CA

I got my first dog with my husband (then-boyfriend) from PennySaver! Lots of really great memories with just us and the dog, like hiking, fundraiser walks, play dates and puppy class! Thanks, PennySaver, for making it all happen! -Alhambra, CA

My favorite PennySaver memory was finding a great cabin to rent!!! We had such a fun vacation, and we’ll have memories forever!!!! Thanks Pennysaver! Palmdale, CA

I remember that I had a very small puppy that needed a home very badly. I put it in the PennySaver and sold it the very next day. I missed my puppy , but I was glad find a good home for him . -Cathedral City, CA

My favorite PennySaver memory was winning Sacramento Zoo tickets last summer, my family and I had a great time!!! Sacremento, Ca

I usually don’t win contests or prizes, so I was skeptical about entering in a PennySaver contest. It was my lucky day after all! The first time I ever entered a Pennysaver contest, I won 2 Tickets to the Pirate Dinner Show in Buena Park, CA. I took a neighbor with me and it was the best show I’d seen in a long time. -West Covina, CA

Do you have a favorite PennySaver Memory? Comment below!

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PennySaver Memories: Garage Sales, Farmers Markets and Amusement Parks

As many of you know, especially our California readers, PennySaver is a brand that has been a part of millions of lives for 48 years,  is in over 700 local editions, and is mailed to 95% of the residents in California. And because of this, there are a great deal of stories that we hear from our readers about how the PennySaver shaped their lives. We want to share a few of these every week with you here on our blog.

I remember as a child checking the PennySaver for garage sales. My mom and I would then go out hunting down great deals in our local neighborhoods. I couldn’t wait for the newest PennySaver to be delivered! We picked up a lot of good finds at the sales and my mom taught me how to bargain for a good deal. Now, as a parent, my young daughters also love garage sales. We head out and find great deals. One of the best finds was a Barbie Dream Hotel that another girl gave to my daughter for free because she wanted someone to enjoy it as much as she did. Thanks PennySaver! – San Mateo, CA

I can remember lots of summers where my dad would look for yard sale ads in the PennySaver and he often wanted to take me to ”help” look for tools and stuff for home improvement. Sometimes I didn’t want to go, but when I saw him look through lots of treasures out on blankets on people’s front yards, he became an excited little kid at a Easter egg hunt. I felt happy that my dad was so happy,and sometimes I would find something for myself, a kid’s book, a old stuffed animal and I would have a big smile that matched my dad’s. And later that day, we would show mom our treasures we found at summer yard sales. -Azusa, CA

Years ago, I won a 4pack of Castle Amusement Park tickets through the Pennysaver. I took my grandsons and they had the time of their life. It was so wonderful for them (and us), considering at the time there was no way we couldn’t afford Disneyland or pretty much anything for them. It was truly a blessing. THANKS AGAIN, we’ll never forget it. -Victorville, CA

So every week my now 8-year-old son will look through the Pennysaver for the puzzles, free stuff, and a Farmers Market coupon. One day we decided to go to the Farmers Market with Pennysaver in hand. Well, the day we went it happened to be raining. The Farmers Market is always on rain or shine. My son wanted to walk around and look for the perfect item he wanted. The rain was steady and in time, the coupon had fallen apart in his hands, but they still honored it even though no one could tell what it had said. He was so happy and we were both soaked!!! We had a lot of fun and without our Pennysaver, we would have never gone to that Farmers Market…thank you, Pennysaver!! We are always looking forward to getting our Pennysaver in the mail!  -Ventura, CA

Do you have a PennySaver memory? Let us know by commenting below!

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Augmented Reality and Frogger at PennySaver!

We had a little video game exhibition this week at PennySaverUSA. Brett is familiar with most tech subjects, but the video games got away from him very early on. Our UX Master Aaron shows him an augmented reality game on his new iPhone and, although quite flabbergasted, Brett still finds Frogger to be more to his liking.

Take it away, fellas!

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Snack Drawer-O-Awesomeness: Part Deux

A sad realization came over all of us on Monday of this week: Our Snack Drawer-O-Awesomeness had become a Snack Drawer-O-Emptiness. We realized that it was time to restock it with a vengeance! We loaded up and headed out to our nearest Wal-Mart to fill our cart with the tastiest of snacks. We also did some poster shopping and found out about Aaron’s Twilight delight and some of the bigger movies that the stars of Star Wars were in.

Behold, Snack Drawer-O-Awesomeness: Part Deux!

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More PennySaver Memories!

As many of you know, especially our California readers, PennySaver is a brand that has been a part of millions of lives for 48 years and is in over 700 local editions and mailed to 95% of the residents in California. And because of this, there are a great deal of stories that we hear from our readers about how the PennySaver shaped their life. We want to share a few of these every week with you here on our blog.

It was a hot summer day and I was without any A/C,  and on a very limited budget. My Pennysaver arrives in the mail, and like a dream come true, there it was. An ad for an air conditioner for only $25. With fingers crossed, I called, hoping it hasn’t been sold already, and it hadn’t.  20 mins. later it was in my car and I was on my way home, my prayer was answered. 3 summers laters and I’m still keeping cool with my Pennysaver bargin. -Antioch, CA

My favorite PennySaver memory happened more than eight years ago. We were living in the city of Orange and we had just bought a 4 bedroom home. My daughter’s bedroom was painted pink and it looked just beautiful, but it was missing one thing only: an armoire. With my budget, I couldn’t afford to buy something expensive, so I looked in the PennySaver and found one for just $20, and it fit perfectly in the bedroom. As my daughter got older and outgrew it, I decided to give it away to a thrift shop in Orange for someone else to enjoy. This thrift shop happens to be my job which I also found in the PennySaver Ad at the time. These memories are truly my favorite PennySaver memories. I love the PennySaver, even though I’m not looking for something specific, I just love looking through it regardless, and thank you for the precious memories. -Yorba Linda, CA

I’ve been reading and posting in the PennySaver since I was about 15 years old. I’m 27 now. Back then, I was posting listings to sell my purebred Mini-Rex and California rabbits. I raised these rabbits through my high school’s FFA/Agriculture program. It was so exciting the first time I saw my ad in print, I think I still have a copy of the issue that my first ad was in. I felt so grown up. I love the PennySaver and hope to be reading and posting in it for years to come. -Lake Elsinore, CA

Our favorite memory is when my husband won a contest with you. 5 yrs ago, he won $1,500 to spend at Don Roberto’s Jewelry Store. It was second place in the contest. We went to the store and were able to pick out $1,500 worth of jewelry. What a trip! -Azusa, CA

Do you have a Favorite PennySaver memory? Let us know!

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