You Can Rent That? Who Knew?

It’s not always the person who owns the most toys that wins. In fact, that person is often broke and a hoarder. In real life, it is often better to rent what you need rather than waste your money on space-hogging things that you may only need once or twice in your lifetime. If you haven’t checked lately, you might be surprised to see the interesting list of items you can rent.

Musical Instruments

Your child has suddenly expressed interest in playing the piano or guitar and you don’t want to say no. At the same time, you’re not sure how long this new-found interest will actually last. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that will rent you that tuba or flute, often with an option to purchase the instrument if your child actually sticks with it.

A Horse

You’re an experienced rider who hates head-to-tail guided trail rides, but at the same time, you really don’t have time to get to a barn more than once a week. Besides, the monthly board, horse shoeing and vet bills are way more than you can afford on your limited salary. A better option is to lease a horse. You can lease or rent a horse from a private owner or even some barns for a day or more a week, depending on your needs, for a fraction of what it would typically cost you to own an equine.

Designer Bags

Some designer purses can set you back the cost of a small economy car. Take the Hermes Birkin bag, which retails for $16,500. A true purse aficionado would die to have one of these babies dangling from her arm, even if just for a month. Fortunately, purse rental companies, such as, can lend you that Birkin for $600 a month or a $2,990 Louis Vuitton Melrose for $350 a month. There are also less expensive models to rent, as well. While you may know in the back of your mind that $600 for a month is still an outrageous amount of money to spend on a purse, it may be a way to scratch that handbag itch, if this is truly your one weakness.

Heavy Machinery

If you have construction or landscaping experience and want to do some big jobs around your property, such as digging a trench for a pipe or preparing the ground for a big landscaping or gardening project, then you’ll want to head to your nearest heavy equipment rental outlet. Outlets such as Neff Rentals can get all types of heavy equipment into your hands, including backhoes, compact rollers, mixers and grinders, that can help you complete your next big do-it-yourself project.


Love to hit the highway on two wheels, but don’t really have the time to go riding very often? Then maybe renting a motorcycle on those occasions you do want to hit the road is the answer for you. A number of motorcycle dealers, as well as EagleRider, the largest bike rental agency in the world, rent out bikes to wannabe Easy Riders. In addition, Eagle Rider also carries dirt bikes and ATVs for those times when you’d prefer to go for a jaunt through the wilderness.

Margarita Machine

Unless you enjoy spending your entire evening running a blender, it may be worth it to rent a margarita machine for your next large gathering. These machines, which are available through national chains such as Margaritaman or often through local party rental stores, will keep your frozen concoctions mixing all night.

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