Save Money Monday: Dog Grooming on a Budget

Whether you have an active outdoor dog, or a dormant pampered inside dog, you definitely need to factor in grooming. From nail trims to hair cuts, your expenses could end up costing more than your personal trip to the salon! This Save Money Monday, we’re sharing  pet care tips for saving money while keeping Fido nice and clean!

Pet Care Tips for Grooming on a Budget

Fido loves a bath in your tub even better than going to the doggy salon

Brush your dog daily.

One of the first things you should do when you get a dog is to get a nice brush or comb. Brushes are good for shorthaired dogs while combs are good for dogs with medium to long coats. And if your dogs’ fur tends to curl and get matted, a finer comb can help detangle and dematte. Now that you have the perfect brush or comb, use it daily. When you’re watching TV, grab the brush and start grooming away. If your dog is skiddish, it’s best to introduce your grooming tool slowly and reward your dog with a treat for each time they get closer to the brush. By brushing and combing daily, you can help with excessive shedding, and you’ll be able to keep your doggie’s curls free of tangles!

Doggy wipes.

Use unscented baby wipes to wipe down your pup’s face & ears a few times a week. This helps get rid of the stinky dog smell. You can also use wipes on their paws after walks to keep their paws clean! You can save a couple of bucks by making your own wipes! Just use diluted doggy shampoo or baby shampoo.

Clean your dogs’ ears.

Most of the time, the worst smell comes from a dog’s ears, especially if you have a dog with floppy ears. You can use a solution of 1 part vinegar, 1 part alcohol, and 1 part water to make your own ear cleaning solution. Dab it with a cotton ball and run it along the outer parts of your dog’s ears. If you suspect an ear infection, contact your vet immediately.

Bathe your dog.

Hopefully you’ve been brushing, wiping, and cleaning out your dog’s ears on a regular basis now. Your stinky companion should be not so stinky anymore. So maybe you can cut your baths to every other week, or even down to once a month. Either way, you can save a ton of money by bathing your dog yourself. Fill the tub and start scrubbing away. Lather, scrub, rinse, and repeat. Be sure to do an extra rinse to rinse off all the excess shampoo! If you don’t have a bath tub, check with your local doggy groomer to see if they have self-service stations available. For a small fee, you can rent all the supplies and towels you need to make your doggy squeaky clean!

DIY doggy hair cuts.

If you are confident in your handling skills, please proceed cautiously. You can use a hair trimmer on your dog to trim the fur to a desired length. Pick an area to start. It can be at the back of the neck, or at the shoulders. Run your trimmer in one long stroke. If you’re happy with the length, continue throughout the dog’s body. Invest in a high quality trimmer and avoid those huge grooming bills!

For more money saving ideas for the four-legged friends in your family, catch-up on some good reading with our Pet Care Tips blogs.

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