Spring Cleaning Tips: Go in with a plan

The key to a successful spring cleaning experience is to go in with a plan.

In this latest installment of our Spring Cleaning Tips series, we lay out a few simple steps for helping you figure out and execute your plan.

  1. Come up with an objective for each room: While this step may seem obvious, it’s actually surprisingly easy to overlook. The last thing you want is to put in all this time, effort and money to get your spring cleaning done, only to discover that you put away things you still need or that you dislike the way your room now looks.

    Avoid that disappointing outcome by compiling a list of expectations for each room and perhaps draw up a little sketch of what you want each room to look like when you are done. Who knows, there might be some rooms that don’t require any spring cleaning.

  2. Make your own cleaning products our use coupons to buy them: Last week, Brandi from The Reali$tic Couponer did an outstanding spring cleaning tips guest blog post for us about DIY cleaning products. As Brandi pointed out, it’s much easier than you would think to create your own products.

    Get everyone involved when doing your spring cleaning.

    If you still prefer to purchase store-bought cleaners, then it is imperative you use coupons. Do some research (Good Housekeeping has some good information), target which cleaners you need and what brands you prefer and then search for coupons of those products on the company’s web site or Facebook page, on PennySaverUSA.com or in your local PennySaver print publication.

  3. Get everyone in your household to pitch in: Spending time, money and effort on spring cleaning and ending up with a rift that makes your living situation uncomfortable is, well, a disastrous result. Prevent that eventuality by including your housemates in all of your spring cleaning plans and asking them to participate. Just make sure to assign roles and responsibilities to help make the process efficient and keep people from stepping on each others toes.
  4. Pick a date and stick to it: We’ve all been there. You say you are going to start spring cleaning this weekend, but then a friend calls with an invite to something fun or a relative calls and asks you to visit and you completely ditch your spring cleaning plans. This inevitably causes the situation to spiral and before long you are left with a mess that seems too overwhelming to attack.

    Stay away from this pitfall by dedicating a day to spring cleaning on the calendar and letting everyone know you are busy and unavailable that day. Unless it’s an emergency, make it a point to ignore all calls, texts and emails until you are done.

Sticking to this spring cleaning tips plan should get you on the right path. Please let us know in the comments if you have other suggestions.

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