What type of NCAA tournament bracket picker are you?

While we didn’t have a NCAA tournament pool here at the PennySaverUSA offices, we recognize how popular filling out the brackets is across the nation. As a result we’ve decided to have some fun and put everyone who fills out a bracket into a particular category.

ncaa tournament bracket

Don't worry, filling out a bracket doens't require any actual basketball skill.

Which one do you fit in? Let us know in the comments …

The Expert: This is the hardcore college basketball fan. They watch hundreds of games each year and study up on each team as soon as the brackets are revealed on Selection Sunday. They are convinced their in-depth analysis and deep knowledge of basketball will give them some kind of edge. Inevitably, they are almost always proven wrong. All it takes is some 5-foot-7 kid from Northern Iowa who has barely played all season to come off the bench and hit five 3-pointers and knock off a heavy favorite, and all that “expertise” goes to waste.

The Poser: They act like they know so much about college basketball and love to toss around names, but in reality they haven’t even watched more than a handful of games all year. This person tends to come up with all sorts of complicated theories as to why they picked the brackets the way they did. You can always tell this person, because they try to avoid the hardcore basketball fans for fear of being exposed and instead choose to show off their limited knowledge to the much more casual fans.

The Casual Fan: They know the difference between a 16-seed and a 1-seed and are familiar with the very best players and most famous coaches, but they haven’t followed too closely and don’t pretend like they have, either. They might watch a preview show or two and listen to Dick Vitale yell “Awesome Baby” and make his picks, but they just fill out the brackets for fun and make educated guesses.

The Homer: If the hometown team is involved in the tournament, this person is extremely pumped up. They know everything about their favorite school and follow it religiously, but are generally clueless about the rest of the tournament field. They pick their favorite to win it all in the brackets and ride or die with that particular team. If (once) that team gets eliminated, however, they tend to lose interest and start on their spring cleaning.ncaa tournament bracket 2

The Front-Runner: Whoever is picked by the majority of the sports media is this person’s pick to win it all. They generally fill out their brackets by choosing the chalk all the way through and they hate the underdog story. They tend to dismiss any school that doesn’t have brand name recognition and love seeing the favorites roll. This person usually roots for either Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky or Kansas.

The Non-Conformist: This person just LOVES to pick upsets. Not necessarily because they even wants the underdog to win, but just because they love doing the opposite of whatever is the conventional wisdom. When one of their surprise picks pans out, they will likely boast about how they outsmarted the masses. Then you can just point out to them the 20 picks they got wrong and the gloating should end.

The Schemer: This person tries to apply mathematical principles or come up with some formula that they claim is a full-proof way of getting the most picks correct. It might seem to work for a while like the “Moneyball” principles did for the Oakland A’s, but just like that team fell short, this scheme likely will as well. Of course, there is always the chance your story will be made into a movie with Brad Pitt.

The Novice: They have no clue about college basketball, don’t really give a darn about the NCAA tournament and pick teams based off of ridiculous concepts like which mascot is scarier or which uniform is more fashionable. Be very, very afraid of this particular bracket picker. More often than not, they wind up winning the whole thing, and mock everyone else in their pool in the process.

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One Response to “What type of NCAA tournament bracket picker are you?”

  1. My husband is the expert. I, on the other hand, do a combination of a couple of very non-scientic/mathemic stuff – even versus odd (seeds numbers) – even for the first round, odd for the next round – for the east, then for the west – start with odd first round, then even, then occasionally put in a long-shot because I like the state…then if I remember a team name, I’ll maybe pick them – all is random – and we each fill out about 10 brackets…and I can tell you, my way doesn’t work ;-) – but usually my husband’s doesn’t either (or we’d have a million dollars)…but he does better than I do – but I have more fun (at least in my mind).

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