Help decide the winner of our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest

[11/4/11:] Hi everyone, we wanted to directly link to the official rules for the Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest. The official rules areavailable on both Little Monsters and the Ghastly Grown-ups contest entry pages. Originally, we planned on picking just three favorites for voting, but when we saw all the awesome entries we received, we couldn’t limit it to just three. They’re all our favorites and we didn’t want to exclude anyone. Voting will end promptly around midnight Pacific Standard Time. Thanks everyone for participating!

We had so many amazing entries that we couldn’t decide which ones should be made finalists. Our solution? We made them all finalists! Please cast your vote now below.

You can vote below for one Little Monster and one Ghastly Grown-Up. And select your vote carefully, voting will be limited to one photo in each category per IP address. The entry from each category with the most votes by Friday at 11:59 p.m. will win the prize!

Bear in mind, there are multiple pages of photos, so please click through to see all of the entries. To see a bigger version of the image, simply click on it. To return to the voting page, just click on the full-size image again to minimize it.

Have fun voting for your favorites and deciding who wins the Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest!

Vote for your favorite Costume for the following Categories:

Little Monsters

Voting has ended. Please check back on Monday to see who won!

Ghastly Grown-Ups

Voting has ended. Please check back on Monday to see who won!

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72 Responses to “Help decide the winner of our Co$tume Bash for Cash online contest”

  1. can we have the finalists?

  2. When will the finalists be posted?

  3. where is the photos of the contest at and where can i find them, and vote for them.

  4. I submitted my costume a couple days ago but it’s not showing up :( I spent the last 2 months working on it and would love for people to see it, so if you want to see my homemade Mr. Rogers inspired costumes you can find them here:

  5. Hello

    I have several people who are trying to vote for the costume contest and for some reason the like button is no longer available. Can you please give me some guidance as to how they can vote.

    Thank you

    • Marisol, in order for your friends to vote, they need to use a different computer network to vote (i.e. a phone, a computer located at a different location, etc).

      If is still doesn’t work, please email, so we can figure it out. Thanks for participating!


    • Andreana, there was a technical error that occurred. We’ve fixed the issue and everyone should be able to see your thumbnail now. Unfortunately, it caused your number of likes to zero out. Don’t be alarmed! We are keeping tally over here and your 7 likes will be added to your final score when the contest closes. Thank you for your participation and good luck.

  7. I’m experiencing the same issue with the “Like” button. Unable to vote.

    • Joe, if you already voted for 1 picture in the Ghastly Grown-up and 1 picture in the Little Monsters categories, the like option disappears.

      Your friends may not be able to vote if they are using the same computer network. Please have them vote from a separate computer network. If is still doesn’t work, please email, so we can figure it out. Thanks for participating!

  8. The boy scout zombie is sick. Amazing!

  9. I don’t see my picture!!! :( I have the confirmation.

  10. There is no voting button on here, therefore friends and family are unable to cast their vote. Please help!

    • Sandra, friends and family must use a different computer network in order to vote. If your family is using the same computer you used to vote, it won’t work. Try using a cell phone or another computer located elsewhere.

  11. The LIKE button wont work!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    • i know im having the same problem too!

      • Sorry guys! But there is only 1 vote per IP Address. Once someone votes on the computer, the like option disappears for the rest. To have the like option reappear, you will need to use a different computer, phone, etc to vote.

  12. not much chance for anyone who is not posted on the first page of pics. Everyone is getting votes on the first page of pics and no one else on the other pages are getting votes. Really is a bummer for these kids since they have worked so hard on their costumes and this site is cheating these kids out of true votes. You should at the very least put every pic on one page and let everyone have the same fair chance at winning. Very dissapointed in the way you handled this contest.

    • Big Dad, thanks so much for participating in the contest and we completely understand your concerns. We will definitely keep that in mind for future contests. The leading-vote getters are currently not on the first page, however, and many entries on the other pages are doing better than those on the first page, so we are confident people are seeing all of the entries. Thanks again for participating!

  13. MS. LADY LUCK!!!! PAGE 7

  14. thanks so much so as of now she has those 7 plus the 5 now which is 12 votes now thanks for being fair cuz i didnt think it was fair that her other votes were gone. now im happy

  15. What is the prize?

  16. Some great costumes!

  17. I have family members calling me telling me it’s not letting them vote it’s for Gene Simmons KISS can you tell me why I have 126 at this time that posted they have voted on my facebook

    • Hi Martha,

      Voting takes place solely on our blog. Voting is limited to one vote per category per IP address so if you’re on a shared network, you won’t be able to cast multiple votes. If you have any additional concerns, please email, so we can figure it out. Thanks for participating!

    • Gene Simmons all the way that’s the best one here out of all of them!!

  18. I enetered my son and I don’t see his picture =(

  19. Never been on this page an noone has an its not letting my vote

  20. Please vote for my kids to win! I hand made their costumes. I paid a total of $4.00 on all three of their costumes! Made with some pillow cases I got from the dollar tree and things we had around the house. We had absolutely no money for costumes so I had to make do with what we had. The $4.00 was mostly pennies and the cashier just looked at me with this angry face! Please vote for us. I would actually like to be able to get the kids good Christmas presents this year instead of Goodwill items we got them last year. Seriously, we got them special spoons and their own mug for hot cocoa. They liked it but it’s really hard for us to not be able to get the kids toys.

  21. I wish this wasn’t such a popularity contest and more considered on the time and effort put into the costumes. Sadly we have a very very small family therefore we are a automatically loss..

    • Hi Tonya,

      We’re sorry you feel that way. We thought this would be the fairest way for our fans to vote on which costumes they like best. We will take your concern into consideration for our next contest. If you tweet about your photo and @Mogasanet, we’ll retweet it to help you spread the word. FYI this option is available for everyone.

  22. page 8 image #11 is a handmade mask, molded and conformed to my little fellas head, plaster gauze and crow feathers and wings. He got “scariest” at his school Halloween contest, and spooked the heck out of the neighbors when he tricked and treated!

  23. I think you should have narrowed it down to the top 10. This contest is now about how many friends you have rather then the cutest costume/photo. Maybe next year you can do it differently. How are you supposed to compete with the guy who has 147 friends liking their picture?

    • Hi SS,

      Thank you for your comment! We do run a new contest every month and we try to give everyone a fair chance. Every time we’ve run a photo contest, people were more interested in seeing all the photos than just our picks so that’s why we went with this method. We’ll definitely change things up with our new contest so stay tuned! Thanks for participating!

  24. I know of over 90 of people who voted for the Gene Simmons costume for he kids group but the votes are not counted for and they all used different computers…

  25. check out the dark purple mermaid on page 8 in the Ghastly Ghouls category!!! Took some real training to swim in that thing!

  26. This whole contest has turned into something that I wish I would have never entered my child into. When first submitting my child’s picture it said they would be judged by a panel of judges. How is it fair to win just by how many people you know? Its it NOT about the costume but about how many people you know that you can get to vote on your picture. There are some costumes that people have bought pre made and other that people have really put some thought into. Good to know that this is the way these contests work..

  27. WOW!! that Gene Simmons costume is awsome!! Rock on!! Hands down my favorite!! :)

  28. i entered my baby bc i thought it was gonna be judged by certain people but obviously it is just a popularity contest :(

  29. I think the Gene Simmons is really good the makeup is what made it..good jod plus come on it’s Gene Simmons. If it was judge by a panel this one win’s hands down P.S. all the babies are cute


  31. my niece is the ladybug in pg 6 and were can i find the finalist? :)

  32. That’s true. My son only had his school vote today after another contestant had over 250 votes.

  33. Personally, I like the contest! We get to see all the photos and how everyone worked really hard. And that kid is such a smartie to get his school involved. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m just throwing some positivity on the wall cause it’s much needed. :) Good work everybody!

  34. I can’t seem to find the Official Rules, but perhaps they could/should have a viewers pick/vote award and the grand prize selected by the editors of Penny Savers. It seems to work for other contests around the web. “Live and Learn” is part of life and I am sure they will do their best to make adjustments on future contests:)If there really is a kid up there with over 200 votes then I am going to stop asking my friends to vote for my daughter. We have already won two online contests, one as a winner and one as a top 10 out of 2,700 entries…BOTH of those online contests were selected by a panel of judges.

  35. Hi Carrie,

    Here are the official rules.

    We will definitely take everyone’s comments into consideration for the next contest.


  36. A few suggestion if the voting is going to be done by the public. Maybe next time instead of linking the IPA address you can link e-mail addresses. This will give everyone more of an opportunity to vote for there favorite costume. By linking the IPA address it restricts family and friends from voting.

  37. Thanks for the suggestion Mari, we appreciate all the feedback and will work on incorporating the suggestions next time. Your family and friends can still vote, as long as they vote from different computer networks. Good luck!

  38. reading the blogs i hope you realize this is all about who u know and nothing to do with the time and effort that was put into the kids costumes.. or even how unique they are. I mean come on there was a dog in a field that had more votes then some of these cute children. I think you should of done the way that was originally supposed to .. really how can people compete when a whole schcol is voting for a child.. was there any thought of the kids costume vs other costumes when those kids were voting.. think not.. if anything pennysaver should of choose the main ones and posted the others if everyone wanted to see the other contestants..

  39. I don’t get why everyone is upset. Let’s be real. I love my kid but looking at all these kids he wouldn’t have made it in the top 3 or 10 or whatever. At least now he has a fighting chance to win. I like it, keep it up.

  40. for everyone thinking that my son (kiss) is winning he is’nt you have to go to page 2 for page 3 to pop up the person on that page has close to 400 votes I also want to thank the people at pennysaver for taking the mean comments that were made about my son off. People need to realize that these are kids just trying to have fun no bad or negative words need to be said.. Since the contest was not based on best I say give the money to Children’s Hospital they can buy toys for the kid’s who will stuck in the hospital on Christmas

  41. So who won the contest for the grown ups??? I was really going for lady luck she seemed to have had the most votes the last time i checked. She was up there with the Zombie and the Joker. Lady luck was taking lead did she win? Or when will the public know?

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