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Get Lunch Deals Texted To Your Phone with Lunch714!

We all have to eat, so getting a good deal on lunch is necessary sometimes! Because of this, we want to send you coupons for lunch directly to your mobile phone!

We have something very cool for our North Orange County customers! Just by texting the message LUNCH714 to the number 48696, you will get great lunch deals from restaurants in the North Orange County area sent directly to your phone once a week…and it’s Free! We will send you a text every Friday from a selection of coupons from local restaurants that are offering great discounts.

We are just starting with North OC, so if you’re not located here, worry not, we’ll hopefully be expanding out soon!

All message and data rates may  apply, and the texts are easy to turn on and off. Orange County, give it a try!

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It Was a Little Hot Today….

Sept. 27 turned out to be the hottest day in history of Southern California and the extreme temperatures pushed our Air Conditioners to the brink here at PennySaverUSA. The issue was quickly fixed, but we thought that we would have a little fun with it!

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Steals of the Week!

It’s that time again, my friends: Steals of the Week! And in honor of today being National Coffee Day, we have searched the site for coffee tables and we found some interesting and inexpensive finds.

Check out this Cherry Wood Coffee Table in San Fernando, CA for only $35! It has a few nicks and scratches, but for that price, it’s totally worth it! It looks classy, yes?

We love this Expandable Coffee Table in Clearwater, FL. It’s made from from solid wood and it has a semi-circle swivel top. They owners warn you that it’s heavy, but not to worry, it’s on wheels! $100!

We think that this is the first time we’ve ever seen a coffee table with metal palm trees on all sides. If you don’t buy this, one of us is going to buy it! It’s $50 in New Port Richey, FL!

This one located in Quartz Hill, CA is the cream of the crop. This is one of the huge expansive tables that mom would have had in the house when you were a kid. It’s made of maple and comes with two end tables. The owners say it is in great condition and that it was purchased in the 70s, and they are selling all three items for $95! That’s a wonderful price for such a nice piece of furniture.

Have you found any really good furniture deals? Let us know by commenting!

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Tweet2Win Winner-Week 5!

We randomly drew for our week 5 winner for Tweet2Win this morning! Check out the video to see if you won!

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Aaron v. Food: Del-Taco Challenge!

Our UX Designer Aaron Irizarry is still training to replace Adam Richman on Man vs. Food, so he decided to take another challenge last week. While looking through coupons in the PennySaver to save on lunch for the Web Team, we came across a coupon for 39 cent tacos, and Aaron took a challenge from a fellow UX friend of his from Twitter. He was challenged to eat 11 of them. Can he do it? This was our second challenge to Aaron, the first being the Fatburger Challenge, which you can see here.

Aaron, eat those tacos!

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24 Hours Left for Tweet2Win!

Good morning, PennySavers! It’s officially t-minus 23 hours and 20 minutes left until we choose our final winner for our September Tweet2Win Contest!

Tomorrow will mark the 5th week in a row where we randomly draw from our pool of entries on Tuesday at 9:00. You still have such a good chance of winning, it’s crazy for you not to enter! Winners so far have either won or received $250 towards the purchase of his/her rock climbing shoes, 2 iPods and a GPS-Enabled Sports Watch.

It’s easy to play!


  1. Pick a Prize
  2. Take a picture of the Prize with a PennySaver booklet  or the Printed Badge
  3. Tweet the picture to @PennySaverUSA with hashtag #tweet2win


This is your last chance!

Let’s rock!

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Video Montage Part 2!

We have received nearly 600 entries for the Cutest Pets Contest, it’s hard to keep up, but it’s fun trying! Here is the second round of entries in video-form!

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More PennySaver Memories

As many of you know, especially our California readers, PennySaver is a brand that has been a part of millions of lives for 48 years,  is in over 700 local editions, and is mailed to 95% of the residents in California. And because of this, there are a great deal of stories that we hear from our readers about how the PennySaver shaped their lives. We want to share a few of these every week with you here on our blog.

The best job I’ve ever had I found through the Pennysaver. I began working as a “Tiny Tots” AM Coordinator; I was the lucky person who gets an AM shift with a tiny dog group play in a beautiful Dog Resort and Spa!!! Lol, I’m not kidding, its all on the website!!! Thank you Pennysaver, that job led to me owning my very own small(ish) dog named Bullseye! -Anaheim, CA

My favorite Pennysaver memory goes way back to 2001. There was an ad for a company hiring near my home. I had been looking for work for about 2 months. I called the number, went to an interview, and got hired. Began working the very next day. The Pennysaver saved the day!  -Santa Ana, CA

Almost five years ago, I had just broken up with my high school sweetheart and graduated high school and was going through a tough time, not sure where my life would lead me. I had moved in with my biological mom (I was adopted at the age of 7 and had kept in contact with her) and I had begged and pleaded for my mom and step dad to let me have a pet, any pet to help me cope. Not only did I need something to keep my mind busy, they both work full time, so I was home alone a lot! After months of pleading, they said I can have a pet, as long as it was small and child friendly (we have tons of nieces in the family). So, I began my search for this pet. I looked in newspapers, classifieds, Craigslist, etc. My mom always read the Pennysaver, so one day I decided to take a look. Although I had never been a fan of Chihuahua’s, I saw an ad for two 8-week old Chihuahuas. I called the person, and we set up a meet up time. In my mind, I was thinking that if I ever got a dog, I would want a cute little girl. When I got there, the woman took these 2 Chi’s out, a boy and a girl. They were the smallest things I’ve ever seen, almost rat sized. I tried playing and bonding with the girl, and she didn’t care for me. She kept running away. The boy ran right up to me and was jumping and making all kinds of noise. I picked him up and gave him a little kiss, and he licked me. That was it for me, I had to have him! I took him home that day, and his name is Peanut. He will be 5 this year, in October. I read the Pennysaver every chance I get now, as it has brought be the best joy in my life. Peanut had gotten me through breakups, the sudden death of my younger brother, and adopted family drama. He has become the child in me and my husband’s life, and we always say, “we don’t know where we’d be without him” as he has taught us joy, we’ve learned so much from him. I am so thankful that I opened the Pennysaver up that day and took a chance or I wouldn’t be where or who I am today. I will forever be grateful and a reader of the Pennysaver! -Fair Oaks, CA

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Cutest Pets Contest News and Video Montage!


Exciting news about our Cutest Pet Contest for September! We are being flooded with Cute Pets Pictures for our Contest, and we have decided to let YOU vote for who wins!

In the video posted below, we show you a little montage of the first 1/3 of the entries: As you can see, we’re getting lot of pictures and they are 100% cute! Due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to get some help in deciding the winner. We will be narrowing the field down to 10 finalists and then letting all you PennySavers out there vote for your favorite by Texting your vote via your mobile phone. Full details are coming very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our first round of entries in the PSUSA Video below!

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Vintage Steals of the Week!

It’s time for some Steals of the Week, folks! Every Wednesday, we explore the wonderful world of classified ads on and see what kind of amazing deals we can come up with for our loyal blog readers. Today, we want to show you a collection of vintage and antique items that have been posted recently.

In the age of iPads and laptops small enough to hid in your pocket,  the memory of the manual typewriter might just be lost to the ages. We found this Royal Quiet De Lux Typewriter in Lincoln Heights, CA being sold for $200. How great it would be to have this piece of history in your home.

Sitting out on the porch on an autumn evening and relaxing in your very own rocking chair sounds about as good as it gets to us. This Grandfather Rocking Chair in Severn, MD is estimated by the seller to be from the late 1800s. The chair has an illustration of a man and woman on the back surrounded by beads. What a beautiful addition this could be for your home or porch. It is being sold for $180.

This Baby Buggy from the 1930s is like something that we will only see these days on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. It is a Mahr Bufton Motoride Model 1640-k and is an iconic image from a day long past.

All of these items can be found by going to the Antiques and Collectibles section in merchandise. Try it out for yourself, you never know what you might find!

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