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Muffins! Coupons! Pennysaver! Butter!

Who doesn’t love a good muffin every now and again? We do! We do!

After sending out a coupon for free muffins from Mimi’s Cafe, we decided to try it out ourselves. Brett and Aaron, from the PennySaverUSA Web Team, visited Mimi’s with the Flip Video in hand and had a dandy little meal and walked away with some awesomely free and tasty muffins.

That’s a great deal, we say! Be sure to check out our coupon page or Like us on Facebook to get your own deals delivered to you every day!

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Facebook Coupon of the Day

Who doesn’t love a good coupon? And these days, who doesn’t love Facebook? Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A combination is in order, like peanut butter and chocolate, Milo and Otis, Harry and Potter… okay, that last one didn’t make sense. Now you can check in on Facebook for a special coupon every day just for being a part of our Facebook family!

Here at, we are building our community more and more every day, and we thought we should start giving something back to our pals in Facebook-land. Every day of the week, we will be giving out one coupon from across the web to our friends, and we think that you just can’t miss this opportunity! We are also putting up our custom videos and having a lot of fun, so give it a try!

We have a variety of deals and coupons that we want to share with our Facebooks pals; some will be local savings, some will be national, but you have 7 Days a Week to check into Facebook and see what we’re offering up for that day.

So, come over and click LIKE on our Facebook page and you won’t be sorry!

Also, check on PennysaverUSA’s coupon page to check in on local deals to save you a few bucks.

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Garage/Yard Sale Tips!

A great by-product of spring cleaning every year in many households is the annual garage sale/yard sale.  Many of us experienced this trademark of domestic enterprise that would rid closets of grown-out-of-clothes and toys, old electronics; anything that you can put a price on and a neighbor or passer-by can purchase and enjoy for themselves!  PennySaver would love to supply you with a few tips before your garage or yard sale to help to maximize your effort.

1. Location, Location, Location: When I was a child, we lived in a rather remote area, miles off of the highway, in a low traffic area. A yard sale at our house was sure to yield almost no profit, because, on a given summer day, literally 5-6 cars would pass per hour, and that doesn’t make for the ideal condition to encourage shoppers. If you live in an area without a lot of foot or car traffic, maybe ask a relative or friend if they would want to participate in a joint venture, or if you could just use their prime real-estate for your sale.

2. Pricing: We know that it’s hard to part with certain items that are taking up room, but pricing too high because of your affection for the item doesn’t help anyone. Price things reasonable, and that will encourage people to buy a larger quantity, which serves the exact reasoning for the yard sale in the first place: To Clear Things Out!

3. Bundle Items: Create bundles of similar items to sell in larger quantities. It might encourage people to buy, as it encourages their chance of satisfaction in a single purchase.  If you’re selling books or dvds, group them together in fives; even if the customer doesn’t end up enjoying the first book, they have four other chances and a new book to add to their bookshelf.

4 . Create Bargain Bins: Everyone loves  a good bargain bin! It’s great to sort through merchandise and know it’s all the same price and easy to add up what you’re spending, and the person selling doesn’t have to label every item. Save time and money!

5. Advertise: It is vital to advertise your sale with flyers and ads on…um….PennySaver!  Some people live and die for yard sales and garage sales and are looking for sales in their neighborhoods on a daily basis . It will be worth it when you turn a big profit from a very little investment!

6. Fun Stuff: Why not have some refreshments for your customers? Bring out some lemonade, have some bottled water on hand; on a hot summer day, it will help to create a better shopping experience. Have some music playing, and greet everyone just like you’re running your own little store for the day. A happy customer is the best kind of customer!

7. Raffle: If you have a large item that you need to get rid of that might be a bit much to sell at a yard sale price, but you really need it to go, do a raffle! People will flock to a sale if they think they might win a lawnmower, a TV, a bedroom set, etc.  People might show up just for this and end up buying something else!

We even provide you a little assistance for signage for your sale, Click Here! If you’re a seller or a buyer, it truly is a great place to find a great deal and a great place to make a little extra cash. And these days, that’s a great scenario either way, right?

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Web Team Hot Wingin’ It! Video Shot and Edited on iPhone 4

The Web Team from decided to hit the road for some 50 cent wings being offered at Wing Stop in Fullerton, CA. It was our test run using Aaron’s new iPhone 4 to shoot and edit the entire video.  Let us know what you think!

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Weekly Deals on Twitter

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The PennySaver Snack Drawer!

Everyone enjoys a good snack from time to time, and a little communal snack drawer is a great idea, don’t you think? Yes? No? Maybe?

Every few weeks, the members of the Web Team at PennySaverUSA all go in and buy snacks to keep in this drawer of delicious awesomeness. It comes in quite handy and it gives everyone a chance to gather ’round the snacks for a little office banter. (The water cooler is sometimes taken, so we gather ’round the pretzel/Whoppers/Pringles metal drawer instead.)

There is a little bit of everything; chips, pretzels and candy within everyone’s reach. It’s quite breathtaking to the snack-minded individual.  Matter of fact, the largest bag of Sour Patch Kids that this reporter has ever seen is right there in that drawer as we speak. We have people in the group that have taken quite a liking to the aforementioned candy. So much so that they may be increasing their likelihood of attending a little dentist session sooner than later. But alas, they care not, for the sour candy just calls their name! There is also talk of a huge bag of pork rinds coming into everyone’s lives very soon; this news being to the delight of 2 people especially that enjoy the spicy treats.

All in all, it’s a great thing to work together for a common goal of chasing the hunger away on those long afternoons in the office. Do you have any good snack ideas for us? Let us know by commenting below!

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PennySaver Mentioned on True Blood!

Yesterday was zombies, today vampires… If a werewolf has anything to do with our Friday, we’ll know something very strange is going down!

Just in case you’ve been watching the new season of the HBO vampire series, True Blood, you might have heard the PennySaver come up in conversation! The vamp fans here at PennySaver rejoiced, although our resident zombie fan did feel a bit cheated.  (And yes, calling them vamps is a reference to the immortal movie, Lost Boys,  starring the future Jack Bauer as a teenage vampire, before he joined the CTU. ) In the series, the fictional Louisiana town has a local Pennysaver and, in the season 3 episode, ’9 Crimes,’ Sam places an ad for a waitress in the Pennysaver.  We think this is so great!

Keep an eye and ear out for PennySaver pop culture references!

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Zombies, Upside Down Gardening and Light Bulbs?

Today on the PennySaverUSA Facebook Page we asked: What is the smallest or least expensive item that you have ever purchased online? We received some diverse answers that sparked a nice conversation about upside down gardening.  (Long story, go check it out for yourself: )

We asked our Web Team here at PennySaverUSA Headquarters the same question, and we found that we do indeed have some individuals who don’t mind paying shipping for a wee-little box with a wee-little item inside.  Some purchases include high priced items like a $6 toy for a daughter, $1.12 for a halogen light bulb, a 34 cent guitar string and used books ranging all the way from $0.01 to $1.00. Matter of fact, one employee even had the smallest item that they have purchased here at work with them, pictured below.  Hug a Zombie, won’t you?

If you have purchased any small items or inexpensive items online, tell us about them by commenting below.

Thanks for checking out the PennySaverUSA blog!

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Weekly Deals on Twitter

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Our Favorite PennySaver Memories

Our Favorite PennySaver Memories

June’s PennySaver of the Month contest was our favorite by far. We got to read about all the personal stories from each of our readers. Turns out, the PennySaver has been a part of some special (and funny!) memories. Here are our favorites stories submitted by our users:

Our winning story submitted by Maria from Sylmar, CA!

“I LOVE going through the PennySaver, especially the Lost & Found ads. One week I noticed that someone had lost a Miniature Pinscher in Sylmar. I remembered seeing a “found” sign while out on a run for a dog fitting the description. I drove to where I had seen the sign and called the number, they still had the dog. I told them about the ad for the lost dog, gave them the number and asked them to call me back if it was the same dog. I did in fact get a call back, but not from them, from the owner of the dog. It turned out to be the same dog, and the owner wanted to thank me for taking the time to get the “lost” and the “found” in touch with each other. Because of that experience, I ALWAYS pay attention to Lost & Found fliers and ads, because you just never know.”

Here are our runner-up entries that each received a $100 cash prize!

“I once placed an ad on PennySaver, for a leather jacket. I actually took the jacket to the interested buyer, as she was unable to drive. I couldn’t believe that it turned out to be an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in years! Not only did I sell my jacket, I was re-united with a lost friend – what a wonderful thing!” – Penny from Bakersfield, CA

“I was really down on my luck. Financially, that is. I decided to sell stuff I had laying around the house through the Pennysaver. I couldn’t believe the response I got. So many people were interested in what I was selling. I easily made the money I needed to pay some overdue bills. I am truly grateful for the free ads offered by the Pennysaver. I now place ads all the time. Thanks so much!” – Risa from San Pedro, CA

“So every week my now 8 year old son will look through the pennysaver for the puzzles, free stuff, and in our area we have a Farmers Market coupon. One day we decided to go to the Farmers Market with Pennysaver in hand. Well, the day we went it happened to be raining. The Farmers Market is always on rain or shine. My son wanted to walk around and look for the perfect item he wanted. The rain was steady and in turn, the coupon had fallen apart in his hands but they still honored it even though no one could tell what it had said. He was so happy and we were both soaked!!! We had a lot of fun and without our Pennysaver we would have never gone to that Farmers Market…thank you Pennysaver!! We are always looking forward to getting our Pennysaver in the mail!” – Jennifer from Ventura, CA

“my husband has been stressing out about money, work, and our little girl so one day i decided to put a message for him saying that we appreciate him very much when the ad came out i told him to look at the first page of penny saver and there was the message for him his smile was so big and his stress seemed to go away for a few days and he also showed it off to his co workers saying that his wife loves him” – Lizette from San Jose, CA

“30 years ago I met my husband at a garage sale that had been advertised in PennySaver.” – Mary from San Jose, CA

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