Penny Day Giveaway: Win a $100 Gift Card – Monday 5/24 only!

Penny Day Giveaway: Win a $100 Gift Card – Monday 5/24 only!

In honor of yesterday’s Penny Day, is inviting everyone to share the most interesting purchase they’ve made with just pennies. This contest opens Monday May 24th and runs for one full day. Contestants can  submit their entry on the blog at or on the Contest Page.

Five winners will be randomly chosen Monday morning, who will each win a $100 gift card of their choice from Apple® – iTunes, Target®, Best Buy®, Amazon®, or Wal-Mart®.

To enter, you must comment on the following question:

What is the most interesting purchase you’ve made using JUST PENNIES?

Answer in the comments section below to be entered to win! Our 5 winners will be chosen at random by generating a number on

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Good luck!!!

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50 Responses to “Penny Day Giveaway: Win a $100 Gift Card – Monday 5/24 only!”

  1. I have bought a dvd player before with my pennies! Lol! Cashed them in at the coin star machine!

    • When he was desperate, I was able to pay the monthly fee for my son’s storage with change I had saved for years!

  2. I once used all pennies to pay for a $3.47 purchase at a book store. It was over 16 years ago when I was in high school, and shhh don’t tell anyone but I disliked the girl that worked there, it was kinda a PAYBACK! I was mean, huh?

  3. I used pennies to pay half of the total on my coffee this morning. Lol. McDonald’s worker just laughed.

  4. I retweeted for you!

  5. Gas for my car……I think I had close to four(4) dollars in pennies, and they weren’t even mad!!!!!!!!

  6. I have been savin pennies for my whole pregnancy, I knew it would come to use one day because after all the diapers I’ve received at my babyshower they were finally ALL gon!!! So I cashed in a huge pail of pennies and received at lease $20 dollars and bought a huge value pack of diapers! Times are hard and I thank PennySaverUSA daily for all there great deals!!!

  7. I have saved changed from the store all year then cashed in and purchased all the kids xmas love change every penny adds up.@waterbluffy on twitter

  8. I once used all pennies to pay for a hamburger at McDonald’s!

  9. Tweeted @jillyrh

  10. I made a vest out of pennys and jumprings for a modren art project.

  11. My kids always laugh at me for picking up pennies I find. When the recession hit, we couponed and value shopped a lot. Many of our back to school supplies were purchased with those pennies during the 1 cent sales at the office supply stores. The kids were amazed at the deals they found. This summer they are looking forward to the sales again.

  12. In highschool I was mad when my prom date asked me after the fact to pay for half the ticket ($20) so I gave him 10 rolls of pennies I had been collecting! Knew they’d come in handy for something :)

  13. I used them on those great 1 cent deals for school supplies last year also.
    Deals and reviews from a stay-at-home mother of 1

  14. I was broke and needed gas, bad!
    I rolled to a station and started scrambling around my car scooping up what coins I could. I had a few quarters buy mostly pennies.
    I scooped them all onto the counter and counted them out. I had enough to get home and borrow a twenty from my wife.
    From now on, anticipating another emergency, I always leave my change in my car for emergencies.

  15. catherine turley May 24, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    my favorite use of pennies is to give them to my neighbor’s kids for birthdays. they think it’s a fortune for their piggy banks (and who knows, maybe it is since i never count it). of course, they get a ‘real’ gift as well!

  16. I once rolled $5.00 worth of pennies and spent it on a scratch ticket that won $10.

  17. Back in the day, I bought lots of penny candy paid for with pennies of course.

  18. I saved pennies and bought a plane ticket to NY with them when I was younger.

  19. I bought items at CVS yesterday and after all my coupons/store card savings my total was .18 cents. I paid it with 18 pennies. :)

  20. I used pennies to pay for the parking garage had a validation from the store but I was over by a few minutes, the attendant was such a pain about it i used all pennies that were in my console of the car. $1.00 worth

  21. tweeted as carollann64 :)

  22. hahaha, just candy :) I was a kid….. that candy was delicious :P

  23. When I had my paper route, I rolled up several tubes of pennies and bought lunch.

  24. I used my pennies to buy old magazines for 25 cents at a yard sale once.

  25. Not so PC, but I once bought a pack of cigarettes with all pennies. 700 of ‘em!

  26. Let’s see…well, I bought a whole meal with pennies once when I was broke and living in NYC. Falafel sandwich from Mamoun’s in the West Village. :)

  27. I had seen a clearance table in a department store. It stated 50 percent off all clearance items. When I looked in it I saw this all leather men’s belt that was really nice. It was beautifully embossed around the whole belt. There was nothing at all wrong with the belt either. The original cost was $25.00. It had been marked down several times. The clearance cost was 50 cents. I took it to the sales person telling him the belt was in the table that stated 50 percent off all clearance items. He looked at the price you should have seen his face LOL.. He didn’t believe me about the 50 percent off, but when he rang it up… guess what it rang up 25 cents! You should have seen all of our faces then LOL… A deal I will never forget :)

  28. More than once I’ve used pennies to pay for candy and other junk food!

  29. RT as mzmac510

  30. RETWEETed

  31. I went to an office supply store and bought 5 packages of binder paper (on sale for .01 cent each – limit 5). The amount was so low, there wasn’t even any tax! I paid with 5 pennies!

  32. I bought gummy worms.

  33. victoria lester May 24, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    I bought a McDonalds Hamburger w/ just pennies.

  34. I literally bought penny candy at Columbia State Park. They have a cool candy shop in the old west town. Now the candy is not a penny, but you could feel like the ole west days there several years ago!
    Saving pennys for charity is our focus now!

  35. Roberta Bryant May 24, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    I bought a formal gown that had a price tag of $125 for only 75cents at the thrift store!!! It was my most exciting purchase ever!

  36. I just retweeted as Appreciater, as well as posted above. Thanks PennySaver!

  37. I haven’t made that purchase yet. We recently filled up a very large bank. I sorted all the change to make it easier to count. We ended up with quite a bit in quarters, a shocking amount in dimes. I haven’t gotten to the pennies and nickels yet. All the silver is going into the bank. The pennies are mad money, I will probably buy a pet toy with them.

  38. I used my pennies to buy a bunch of nickels. I got a deal too, only 6 cents each!

  39. I saved up $37.00 in pennies to buy an Amazon gift card. I then treated myself to some books I had been really wanting. Those pennies really add up!

  40. i used them for the toll booth to get home out of state had t raid tge seats t do it

  41. admissin too the movies had a gift card but the movie and drinks were 5o cents more had a roll of pennies the cashier just smiled

  42. went to an auction sale where all the bids were quarters but i took my pennies traded them in for quarters at the registration table the lady didnt want to deeal with it and said i had give her enough for rolls of quarters it was a charity event so was her face red when i gave her 40 rolls of pennies and the other lady there told her she had to take it lol traded them for 2 rolls of quarters guess the ”banker ” for the event wasn’t happy but i was won a $200 dollar gift card