How much is your junk worth?

How much is your junk worth?

Many of the items we acquire may outgrow us, or we may outgrow them. Our junk may end up being a hundred bucks worth of junk. Many oldies but goodies can be resold to make some cash. Items that can often get handed down to a younger sibling, a neighbor, or a friend, are also good items to sell online:

  • Maternity Clothes: Again, if there’s nobody there to hand it down to, sell it! You can group them together by apparel type (dresses, pants, blouses, etc.) and sell it in bulk to an expectant mother.
  • Baby Clothes: New parents are always surprised at the amount of laundry that needs to be done for such a small human being. Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly that parents can often go broke buying new clothes every week. You can group clothing by size (or months) so parents can go each size batch.

  • Kid Stuff: Chances are, your 6 year old won’t be needing that stroller anymore. And your 12 year old is more interested in her teen idol than her Barbie Dolls. You can get rid of forgotten kid stuff while they are still in good condition rather than letting it sit in the garage to collect dust.
  • Shoes and Handbags: New shoes are always exciting. And then you wear them once, forget about them, and now they’re sitting in a shoe box in your closet.
  • Bride’s Maid Dresses: It’s very unlikely that you won’t be wearing a bride’s maid dress again. But the fabric is still great for seamstresses and designers who may be looking for something to rip up to design a new dress!

Getting rid of these items can help unclutter your closet space to make room for new stuff.

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4 Responses to “How much is your junk worth?”

  1. Bad/misleading title. This blog/article doesn’t address how much stuff is worth, aka how much to sell it for at a sale, but merely encouraging you to declutter — which is always a great idea, but zip about “worth”.

    • I agree with Jenn. I already know I need to declutter. I wanted to get more information about the actual process of deciding what to sell and for how much

  2. how much is my junk worh

  3. What a lame article…(or at least title!). CHANGE IT! it should be titled, “Selling Clothing Items”

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